[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

  • A) Yes

    Votes: 22 66.7%
  • B) Option A

    Votes: 11 33.3%

  • Total voters
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nothing rude, I always like my posts! of course i think ive been more contributing then yourself. Tis why i have you slight scum. Ive been nothing but polite as i should be
Ngl I'm having a slight scum lean on u because ur contributing a lot, feels very 100% being a good townie

but ya we've been on same page on some occasions so ur actually fine from my pov and I'm just being paranoid I guess
we could start by this

who will u go for if tris flips town or scum?

im going for misty regardless
who would you think leans more scum though if wris is town? idc if you wanna go for misty. i need others.

Id have to look at the wagon. Id say one of the coasters would be a good choice. I mean role wise if its venti town on flip it doesnt really show much on tpein or anyone else. Other then who just joined the wagon.
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