[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

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But you think we have 2 jailors and a cummuter?
It's bizarre. But again, the 3 super-kills that UwU had makes it possible. Cause I'm thinking that the hosts had in mind that scum would have a really hard time killing players in this game with the sheer number of blocks and protects, so those 3 super-kills were put in place as a balancing act.
Okay finally caught up. Two things stick out:

1. It really bothers me how many people we have on this Wris wagon

2. I think Drago may have been poisoned when Lumine dies. Xlaw outing himself as Lumine and also vanilla was a pretty crazy play. Might make sense if he wanted to take Aether with him one way or another.
If scum saw Wris was going to get lynched, which felt like the vibe once Xlaw was Vigged, then I wouldn't be shocked if scum bussed.
lol We need to get our roles under wrap here. If Dest was commuted his role would fail. Thats just facts. And so its be either Dest is lying or whoever said their ability on dest lied. So who said they targeted dest and failed?
u were supposed to be roleblocked last night but never claimed ur ability failed
does ur ability not return a result? will fuji feel it?
I was RB'd? By who? Yeah I did a positive thing to Fuji that he wouldn't have gotten a message for anyway. Just means Fuji didn't get the good then. Not going to out my abilities.
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