[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

  • A) Yes

    Votes: 22 66.7%
  • B) Option A

    Votes: 11 33.3%

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Usopp is scum if he thinks ThisAncientCenturion is bad at this juncture in the game. @Destroya made a post not so long ago explaining his ill thoughts.

Tbh ThisAncientCenturion wouldn't be shocked. TPein v. Rej is gonna need to be resolved soon too, since ThisAncientCenturion knows thisAncientCenturion was in fact shot. Usopp is lying or ThisAncientCenturion was bus driven. Which could explain Aethers results.

But Rej. v. Tpein is more urgent.
either that or you used multiple abilities on different people, but we'll see, but for now lets deal with melkor
yesterday the message said that scum did something to king of wolves
and said that he will respawn again (so far none respawned)

it then said a gift will be given to someone, and tris sent a gift to tpein for the mafia killing the wofl of north, but ofc the gift turned out something else

we lynched tris and she flipped town, tpein remains a mystery but im starting to get slight scum read off them given nick's death (nick was one of the only players after tpein)

hayumi/tpein/emilia is possible but unliky all 3. maybe 1 of them is scum

rej/misty have a scum or 2 in them for sure. i think these r prio for today imo

ali (cal slot) and aether lean scum but gives no info
such bad reads :whitepress:
Lets presume Ali is teammate with Rej

Tpain comes accusing Rej, do you

A) distance from Rej
B) defend Rej
C) bus Rej
D) ignore Rej

Idk about you but i am going A or C.

Ali going B is mad obvious. Like, so obvious i wouldnt be suprised if his mafia team told him to shut up and he stoppes talking about it

So question is how much Ali defended Rej after thay initial post

Same as, if you are caught as mafia, you first go to Mafia PM to strategize. I doubt Rej woild tell Ali to cover him unless Ali acted alone

Catch my drift?
yea I agree with this post, Ali could be cult though
yea I agree with this post, Ali could be cult though
Possible, Ali panicked and did something that was way too obvious to be scummy

If i was his mafia buddy i would tell him to shut up and distance himself or bus me. Rej's fate was sealed either way, Ali going down with the captain would make no sense - unless Ali panicked really hard

And there is Broker shooting Ali and Ali surviving, then Ali refusing to say I am town too.

Overall Ali doesn't seem friendly bcs of last two, not bcs of Rej situation
if they r bussed that wud mean aether saw misty and not TAC and misty targeted 3 players, including bus herself with TAC hence why it shows TAC targeting himself, and explains why my shot went to TAC, altho doesnt explain how did TAC know he got shot but its w.e

misty rej ali, maybe aether r scum
aether trying to pin it on TAC is sus tbh, and we already have melkor as tracker

man you try too hard sometimes:milaugh:
This ability of Jean

[Elemental Active: Anemo] Activate this to dodge the first kill on you. [2-shots].

Sounds a bit like what Ali claimed no?

Cop who's able to roleblock/rolecrush and can avoid a kill?

Too OP for a town cop, dude scum

the vote should be on melkor guys, i am catching up

I am also busy today and not fully caught up but what exactly is your case on me.

And did anyone sort out why your results on TAC did not match what he claims?

Also i should not have vote power today anyway. I was told to target two specific people tonight under pain of losing vote power and i did not do so.
I feel opportunistic vibes here, specially the shading of Ali, that shit was confusing for me as well, along with others I believe. There is a possibility that you and rej could be scums unless you can point out something strong to deny that, specially because you got healed. With all the overwhelming evidence against rej, this feels like last ditch effort to distance and gain town credit before the inevitable Rej lynch/kill

as for me, if you think I am telling the truth, that must imply that Melkor is lying? What do you think of that?

Dragomir has the main progonist role and he outed cult leader yesterday, so it is very unlikely he is anti town. Are you aware od this?
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