[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

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On another note, I currently am not caught up. I've ready the first 50 pages of Day 1, and received a summary of it that is relatively broad, roughly a third of Day 3, and from my subbing in I'm up to date. Can we list all the claims that have been made so far, and if characters have been attached to those claims? Because if not, we need to finish those off today.
Qualify this claim, please. Because, as someone extensively familiar with the flavour, I don't see it. And I've explained why, from both a flavour, and a game mechanics, standpoint. The ball is now in your court.
Is this the first time we've played together?
You are Aether. Xlaw was Lumine. Lumine was CL. CL died. I think it makes sense that Cult would be able to convert Aether in the scenario where Lumine was dead.


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i kinda still think its better to keep commuting LM over and over and hope prof isnt culted, then lynch cult today if we can find them

otherwise cult gets outta hand and wins like the last ToS game we ignored them too much


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tbh i dont know or might've missed the conversation on the investigative abilities targeting rej, also before his flip i was under the impression that he was ic, so i wasnt paying much attention to him.
T-Pein claimed to have information that Rej targeted someone, indicating either Watcher or Tracker, or Voyeur, or some nicher target-based ability. Emilia claimed what I can only guess is some kind of Journalist role (I'll have to ask my Mafia senpai, Rotaretilbo, if there is any specific role name for this), which heavily implicated Rej (I initially assumed this ability was close to a flavour cop, which could be used to uncover the converts from the Cult, but no further message from yesterday indicates I'm either wrong about this, or there is a lie somehwere along the line). Both were actively pushing for his lynch at that point. I accept your answer though, but it doesn't resolve the suspicion for me.
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