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Is Flower always scum?

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The End and the Beginning
I don't really feel like claiming, but @Dr_Professor83, @TheAncientCenturion, and @Ratchet should all be able to confirm that they received something similar over the course of the game. I'd rather keep quiet about everything else, but surely three people knowing my role should be enough, yeah?
Uhhh... no? Though, honestly, I have information all over the place right now, so I can certainly act.
Lol, youknow better than this X. They are not interchangeable MC's. Players, at the start of the game, are given two options. To play as Aether, or to play as Lumine. Given that Lumine flipped Cult, we can assume that the narrative of this game follows the one that is spun when the player choses Aether.

In this case, Lumine is sent to the world of Teyvat years before Aether is, and completes her journey as a Traveler. At the end, she decides to join the Abyss, because her journey has jaded her to what we traditionally consider as "good". The player character, Aether, enters the world, and begins their journey as a Traveler. With his last memory being seperated from his sister, Lumine, your motivation is to go and search for her. At this point, you are not aware of the time discrepancy. In Chapter 1: Act IV, Aether finds Lumine, who reveals the whole time discrepancy thing. Lumine then outright states that Aether must complete the journey as a Traveler, just as she did once before, and then he will understand her choice. I will also add, both Aether and Lumine have a pre-established history of world-hopping. The story then heavily suggests that Aether, instead, will be searching for a different, better answer than his sister found, with his companion, Paimon (who shares the same trait as all the Archons in the game in that she shares a name listed in the Ars Goetia, and thus implying she is at least a fraction of a more powerful being), being a large reason for this.

So are you going to keep giving me generic, irrelevant theories that aren't relateable to this context, or are you going to find a way to properly substantiate this "gut feeling" of yours? Because I can debate the flavour all day, up to what I have played at least (approximately 20% through the newest content released 6 weeks ago).
You subbed in as Culted Aether and got super excited, that's good to see.
Well Nat flipping Indie is interesting. I guess we know now why Town has so much power, because there are quite a few anti town roles in this game.

Ali flipping gives us a ton of information. The fact that he was the one who could make three players target each other probably looks good for people he targeted? For example, don't see why Wolf Ali targets any of his teammates with that ability, so me, Fuji, and Ekko really should be clean here. Not sure about the N2 targets because we're still figuring out what happened there.

Also, @Ratchet you're Cult now, that's got to be tough.

A bit busy on a trip but i mentioned yesterday i was targetted by this ability and even the people i was asked to target (Nat and Nick).
You think Mafia wa
So with a Neutralish Indie in Nat and Harmful Indie in UWU dead, that's for sure all the Indies we're dealing with. That's mean we have left:

1 Wolf Member
2 Cult Members
12 Town Members

Still going with this amount of anti-town because the fact that we had another Indie and a Wolf who could buck the lynch, means anymore anti-town players than that feels like overkill.

You think Mafia is only three people in game that size?
Also something that ran through my mind for the people sussing TAC. TAC also survived a kill N2 that no townie claimed, meaning that scum tried to shoot him.
been saying that for a while, i also want to hear your opinion on me getting melkor, tac and nick, after tracking tac and nick dying


The End and the Beginning
I just combed my entire PM. I see something pertaining to Day 2, and so on, but nothing Day 3. I will still ask, though.
Dude, finding whoever was converted in D4 will be TOUGH. You got to try something. Right now you're giving off some interesting reactions to me saying you've been Culted.
Sure, you have to try something. Coming out with half-baked flavour theories for a theme you don't know is a poor approach to that, I think. And given you treating it as confirmed fact, then I think I'm well within reason to combat it, especially when I have flavour on my side and I'm knowledgeable enough of the flavour to use it as a defence.
Ratchet one thing as well, why was there no conversion attempt D3 but there was in D4?
I dunno X. You tell me. I mean, Dragomir was active throughout that period, and a mechanic that activates 2 cycles after the original cult leader dies seems extremely arbitrary to me. In fact, it feels like you're coming up with a theory, disregarding the absurdity of said theory, and then are using that theory to push whomever you feel like. Which I obviously will have an issue with, regardless of if it pertains to me, but I'm even more likely to have an issue with it if it direclty pertains to me.
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