[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

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Avoiding the subject would count just as much for this, yes.
Well out of the people who were around @TheAncientCenturion ignored any Xlaw talk completely while we were throwing their name around. @T-Pein™ ignored the Xlaw talk mostly but did sheep Ekko’s Xlaw vote, abit hesitantly. At the time he was always voting whoever Ekko voted. Still he did throw his vote there.
I mean I guess
[vote lynch xlaw]
Fruitji also pretty much ignored most of the Xlaw talked despite voting Xlaw with me D1. Drago was against voting Xlaw and said he wanted someone else, until Xlaw claimed Lumine. Drago is actually the only person that really defended Xlaw:

I still suspect Misty even with your mechanical backing for her Nick. Entirely possible she could be immune to whatever you used on her, but of course, that can't be proven yet. Misty straight up has just been too scummy for me to want to town read her, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt for now.

Right now, I still prefer Tris over Xlaw. I'll go iso Juliet's posts and get a look into her vs Misty when I wake up. With that being said, I'll be off to bed. Goodnight.
What are you gonna do if Xlaw is town?

Why does Xlaw's town flip make Misty look bad? I'ma really have to reread their interaction cause it sounds like their alignment is mutually exclusive.
I'm neutral on Xlaw. He hasn't said anything for me to get a read on him. As for Juliet, his predecessor, I never suspected her. I thought she was alright. From what I understood of the suspicion on her, it was largely dependent on how she defended Conq, so there's an assumed pairing there. But I town read Conq so it's meh to me.
However, our one person who verbally didn’t want the lynch is also the other twin so make of that what you will. Doesn’t make much sense for them to enter a suicidal situation where one has to die if they were both cult. Since you’re Drago’s successor I’m sure you especially don’t think he was culted lol.
Fruitji is probably the weirdest to ignore it since me and him tried to get an Xlaw wagon going at the end of D1. Add that with Dyna switching from jailor to rolecrush around that time and it’s pretty weird.


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@Ratchet i claimed i had an immunity passive since day 1 lol, its the only reason why i town read conq so early.
my passives gives me immunity based on being noble, and i asked conq he said his immunity is based on being noble as well
i didnt feet the need to reveal it was immunity to cult since that makes it useless. id rather them waste a convert on me

so far im the only town flip immune to cult, conq is immune to frames
if u read my posts day 1 there was literally no reason for me to claim i have some sort of passive just to clear conq, but i felt the conq vs dest thing was taking up most of the day so had to out my passive and soft clear conq.
Ekko falls in the Top 5 least likely D1 converts imo. He is the one who first threw down the vote on Xlaw to start his wagon on D1. And he’s correct on the Conq/noble immunity stuff. He did say that D1.
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