[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

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nah i pass, this game was kind of an exception to get used to ppl for upcoming weeb game

i dont like being mislynched, but not much i can do after i gave u my actions and aether even gave tracker results on me
will prolly just post my reads later before EoD
His results dont clear you at all.
You just gave yourself a role crush?
Big deal...


Critical Overthinker
this is wrong,
If You flip town then I die and so does queen emilia..
this is 2 cult for 1 supposed town.

just give up tbh
T-Pein it makes me a little nervous that you basically confirmed Emilia as cult with you if UB flips Town. If felt a little like TMI and I’m a paranoid person.

ok so this night I will check one of Ekkologix, Ratchet, Dynamite and Queen Emilia.

Dr. let me know who you want to "commute"
Ratchet better not activate that "if someone visits me they get blocked" or insta lynch for him.
Even though I can call my shot, if UB is cult then I’m going to want to be somewhat secretive about who I commute so I can hopefully prevent a kill. I will say that I’m considering Dyna tho so I probably wouldn’t invest them.

If your RC is going to make you vulnerable tonight I may commute you.

If you’re cult and UB is town then things change.

i like my epic town core better
You mean mafia lol? Bc town is green.

idk what to make of this tbh

@Dr_Professor83 @Ratchet what u think about broki now knowing emilia is the poisoner, does that affect anything?
I don’t see how it changes anything about UB today.
Not fraid at all.
If I die I die.

Think I should cough up the info now.

I used aether as bait here.
He is town.
Doctor is also town.
Conquistador is also town.

Sus pool is nice.
Drprofessor should get dynamite.
Misty me

My real susses are ratchet, dymamite and ekko.

If Conq and Prof are Town it probably looks good for me to be Town then as well since I've been helping them out at night.
See this is why I feel like you're scum. You've wanted to hide behind Rot, and flavor, and mechanics talk a ton since you've subbed in. I keep calling you out on shit and you call me ridiculous despite knowing my Mafia career is quite lengthy as well. You've tried to discredit a lot of what I've said since you've subbed in and are trying to treat me like some newbie to this game. If you're Town, then so be it, but I just don't trust you in a Cult game.
I haven't remotely tried to treat you like a newbie. What?
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