[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

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There's no "Tina!"
A Swan Song for Nobility

She cast a blanket of hope on her team. A blanket that let them sleep soundly at night and still dream of glories next day. She helped them hunt in the shadows and shine under the light.

A thousand stars couldn't illuminate the effort she put into her team and their mission. She laughed, she cried, but above all, she survived. Not for herself, but for her mates, her friends, her fallen family.

Days may break, and nights may end, but her fervor shall be remembered forever. As she now lays to rest, the lovely noble of the Lawrence clan!

Eula be her name!!

@Ekkologix [Eula] has been lynched.
You are Eula

[Passive - Vengeance will be mine!] Your ultimate attack. You will memorize the names of every player who targeted you with a negative action. The next time they visit you they will be blocked.

[Passive - Nobel of the Lawrence clam] Eula is an aristocratic descendant of the infamous Lawrence clan. As a result, she is immune to role crushes and most debuffs such as poisoning, vote draining, and ability destructions.

[Active - Wellspring of War] If Eula performs the faction kill, she can upgrade the kill she performs to a super kill [2-shot]
---[War Lust] Eula can perform an additional kill alongside a faction kill. [1-shot]

[Active - Freeze to the core!] Use your Cryo powers to freeze a random ability of your target each night, rendering it useless for a cycle.

[Active - Unique sense of humor] Despite Eula's familial background, her friends say that she has a unique sense of humor. You can post restrict a player of your choice. Breaking it the first time, will have them be issued a warning. A second time will see their next
action role blocked. A third time will kill them.

[Elemental activation - Cryo] Eula can activate this and block her first visitor at night. [2-shot]

Eliminate all threats to Mafia.



There's no "Tina!"
And everything falls into the Abyss…

It started with one. One little girl, lost, and all alone. She knew neither the depths of the Abyss, nor what secrets lay hidden within. All she knew, was the crown of leadership she was forced to wear.

She carried a heavy crown, and needed support. Once did she die, but not before passing down her crown and powers to her first apprentice. 9 days and nights did her enemies search for the one who sat on that throne in the abyss.

She tried to convert a noble who had already fallen and failed, tried to convert a cook, but was too late. Finally, she tried again, and the cook came to her side. Then came the noble heir, in all her virtue and elegance. No longer was she alone, no longer was she frightened, and no longer were they going to lose.

A veil of darkness covered the day and there was no going back. Silken lies need not be told anymore. They came out of the abyss, and conquered all that was seen.

With that, @Xlaw @DynaMight @Underworld Broker and @ConquistadoR - The Abyss Order- have gained majority and won the game!

Congratulations to them!!

@Flower [La Signora] and @Lindltaylor [Tartaglia] also fulfilled their wincon of hosting the game and won.

From Flower and myself - Thank you all so much for playing the game!
1. @Wris - [Venti] - Lynched D2
2. @Natalija - [Andrius] - Killed N4 - Won on N7
3. @ConquistadoR
4. @Zemmi @Melontonin @Rhea - [Paimon] - Lynched D6
5. @Rej - [Jean] - Killed D3
6. Rayleigh-Sama @Nick - [???] - Killed N2
7. Banchi @T-Pein™ - [Albedo] - Lynched D7
8. @Dr_Professor83
9. @TheAncientCenturion - [Fischl] - Killed N6
10. RippedCal @ALI! - [Scaramouche] - Killed N4
11. h_zorothegoat @Aether
12. @Destroya - [Bennett] - Killed N7
13. @Ekkologix
14. @~UwU~ - [Xiao] - Lynched D1
15. @Lord Melkor - [Dottore] - Lynched D5
16. @Hayumi - [Diluc] - Killed N4
17. @Light D Lamperouge @Underworld Broker
18. @MistyCatGoddess - [Andrius] - Won on N7
19. @Tobi - [Beidou] - Killed N2
20. @Grammaton - [???] - Killed N1 - Won on N7
21. @Fruitji @DynaMight
22. @Night Raid - [Kaeya] - Killed N5
23. @Juliet @Xlaw - [Lumine] - Killed Day 2
24. @Dragomir @Ratchet - [Aether] - Died N7
25. @QueenEmilia
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