[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

  • A) Yes

    Votes: 22 66.7%
  • B) Option A

    Votes: 11 33.3%

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u wud of 100% got shot lmao
if i had a super-kill shot left i wud yeet u as well
I think the only abilities I lied about were the bulletproof and protect, rest was p true to what I did

D1/N1 bulletproof - I couldn't have done anything cause my ability only starts working once someone dies (basically D2 is the earliest I couldve harvested some ability)
D2 take kill, N2 craft kill
D3/N3 rolecrushed /Ali kill attempt
D4/N4 short day, no action sent rip
D5/N5 protect, I took poison from ice wolf and cooked it for myself, then used it on Professor at EoD6
D6/N6 rolecrush from Jean, cooked it for myself
D7/N7 Beidous Bodyguard, cooked for Destroya
D8/N8 rolecrush from Xiao, cooked for myself
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