[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

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There's no "Tina!"
Have you seen Master Jean lately?
No, something the matter?
It‘s strange, but I feel like something is up with her. I saw her talking to some Fatui Agents at very shady places.
Yes, but don‘t tell anyone.

@Flower @Lindltaylor this is not cryptic
this is telling people that

1. jean is with the fatui
2. jean got culted by fatui
3. jean is somehow helping the fatui, in a shady place

given that we have 4 mafia members out of 25 players, this ability is a game changer for the team because no matter what, rej will be tinfoiled the entire game

and so happens this game his death also lead to LM death sadly, but thats not on the hosts ofc
Yes, we can't be more cryptic than this, Usopp. Emilia's ability is to counter the fake ICs. If it was so cryptic that it became useless, then the ability fails by default.

Fake ICs are very powerful. Especially when you add in the fact of death millers, role copping, controlling and more, Emilia's ability has to counter these abilities perfectly. It can't be too cryptic to the point that players ignore it. The ability wasn't built to function like that.


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Iirc I said smth along the lines of "maybe Rej did target someone who is a Fatui?" , this was basically also an option

This couldve been p much it but ya the WU check ability kinda pointed at Rej being mafia
yea but message specifically kept saying something is wrong with jean, and shady place
and dont tell anyone

its hella incriminating on jean


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No Conq got the bullet proof vest from Dest before you killed Dest.

Also, we needed to give Emilia that ability. You guys were nerfed to 2 abilities along with elementals because the rest of town could also only use 2 abilities along with elementals. If we let you guys use all your abilities, then town would have been stomped since LM's role alone could role mess up half of town's actions.

Also, with your GF able to freely control players without meeting any conditions was too powerful. If you had scanned Emilia in the beginning, then you would not have had this problem at all. She used the information well, and played very well.
i think the ability limit was fine
but like i said, we were sooo hard forced to be on defensive because 3 of us were basically outed by 1 ability
im just being honest here lol


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The Tinkerer ability of LMs role is smth that could be checked

I'd know cause I wanted to snatch his ability to frame someone lmao
yea i would love if town manually checked writeups.

eitherway we only rly had 1 fake IC and 1 guilty frame writeup

tpein ability could help him check the guilty frame so thats good. it makes sense. he has to target the correct writeup to get it. thats balanced

but a passive ability telling u the writeup is fake is basically host gamesolving for the players no?


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i mean we've all played mafia for awhile
we have seen so many fake IC's
and we game solve them just fine

i've never seen a specific passive ability that just tells u nah that IC is fake af


I played a game as an innocent child, but I wasn't really town either. However, the person I could win with who was scum (WAD/MAD), thought I was really town and killed me the next night :milaugh:
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