[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

  • A) Yes

    Votes: 22 66.7%
  • B) Option A

    Votes: 11 33.3%

  • Total voters
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There's no "Tina!"
Vote Count

Destroya: UwU -> Night raid -> Conquist -> TACy
Lord Melkor: Fuji
Natalija: Light -> Wris -> Fuji
MistyCatGodess: Night raid -> Nat
Fruitji: Lord Melkor -> Ekko -> Conquist -> Ekko -> Conquist -> Fuji -> Conquist
Wris: Tobi
Ekko: Fuji -> Conquist -> Misty
ThisAncientCent: Fuji
~UwU~: Fuji -> Nat
Hayumi: *
Tobi: Light
Dr_Professor: Bogard
Dragomir: Fuji
Grammaton: Hayumi -> Fuji
Conquistador: Fuji​

Fuji - 6
Nat - 2
Conquist/TACy/Tobi/Misty/Light/Bogard/Hayumi - 1

Please let me know if I made any mistakes with the votes.

Any why I should trust this?

[Vote lynch Fruitji]
I mean, there's no wrong in lynching eternal scum Light.

vote lynch Light
Vote Lynch Night Raid
No need to panic over one vote lol or are you scum :beckmoji:

vote lynch Night raid
Vote Lynch Lord Melkor Too eager to gain townie points.
You mean scum again.

Vote lynch Tobra :catblush:
ok enough fluff u dip shts :endthis:

[vote lynch fuji]

hes scum
ThisAncientCenturion thinks it's time
@TheKnightOfTheSea @T-Pein™ @Natalija @Zara
Execute order 66

[Vote lynch Onikaido]
Sure bb. But you need to follow my lead.

Vote Lynch Conquistador
[Vote Lynch Fuji]

but if he flips Town I'll just kill you

karmic debt must be repaid
[Vote lynch nobody] :shocking:
vote lynch light he talked shit about sanji today therefore he’s scum
Lets lynch him.

Vote lynch Ekkologix
Omega Vote Lynch Conquistador
vote lynch Wris

Vote lynch Ekkologix
I really think he’s scum and i am not memeing this time.
Vote Lynch Conquistador
im down to see where this goes [vote lynch conquis]
aight moving on till conquis proves himself or not with that action

[vote lynch @MistyCatGoddess ]

u reek of scum :sus:
I stayed up to nearly 4 am for this game :tiredpepe

I'll be heading to sleep now.

Vote Lynch Fuji
Vote Lynch Natalija
well well well, things are moving, and I do agree on your read, I think Nat leans scum as well..

Vote lynch Natalija
Vote lynch Hayumi

might read something that changes that, on page 32 now
AH thats interesting, Fuji claims to have put Ekko on ignore

Think we can safely rule out him actually thinking Ekko is scum in that case, which begs the question, why make up the case in the first place?

Vote lynch Fuji
:pepeanger: Qui-Gon is far too cool to be AL.

I would also like to lynch UwU though, and hear more from @ConquistadoR. But since you asked so nicely in Jedi lore

Vote lynch Fuji
Vote Lynch Fuji

Ciao :gokulaugh:
accusing fuji for the way he reacted =/= defending ekko.

considering this game might have multiple mafia factions, they might both be anti town and in different factions.

that being said,

vote lynch Fuji @Lindltaylor @Flower
So I have to test something here and this is purely for my own role and not a real vote at all. I'm doing this to someone I Town read.

Vote Lynch TAC
Vote lynch Conquistador


I don't trust TACy even in real life, let alone in games :happinesspunch:

Why were you? He tends to buddy with me for town cred when he is scum. He's a hebi

But I love lord Sesshomaru
Lord Sesshomaru is my favorite too from that series xD

However, I found that the last games you two were easy to read as town from y'alls interactions with each other, that is why I buddied with you guys.
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