[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 12 - Genshin Impact

Is Flower always scum?

  • A) Yes

    Votes: 22 66.7%
  • B) Option A

    Votes: 11 33.3%

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Highest Town Reads: @Dragomir & @Night Raid if I had to have a gun put to my head. Night Raid claiming Miler like they did both seems like something a new player wouldn’t come up with as Scum on their own & also something their teammates probably wouldn’t advise. Especially when Night Raid accused @Hayumi of fake claiming if there was only one Miller allowed in a game. Dragomir has made some post I like, and more importantly hasn’t done anything I really disliked yet. I kind of want to put @TheAncientCenturion and @Zem in here too, but I’m gonna wait a little longer on them.

As far as highest Scum reads, I truly don’t know right now. It was you & @ConquistadoR but I don’t feel as strong about either right now. Conq’s frame immunity claim doesn’t sound like something Scum would naturally claim to clear themselves. I still think your play looks Scummy, but I can see where maybe you really were setting up lie detection traps earlier with the Town core stuff. That doesn’t make it any less weird the way it ramped up after @TheAncientCenturion made a comment about lie detects. I’m a little curious whether you & TAC both hinting at lie detection knowledge indicates that one of you may be Scum.

I definitely don’t like @Light D Lamperouge ’s inactivity this far in. As we get further in I’m going to get more and more suspicious of the players that I’ve seen be active before that are “coasting” currently.

There’s a lot of people I don’t feel great about that I’m not ready to call scum leans necessarily, and not a lot I feel “great” about that I’m willing to call Town leans. It’s hard for me to feel very good about D1 stuff in general.

I’ll also mention that I Town read @Natalija strongly as long as you aren’t Town. By that I mean I’ve felt like Nat is Town but my one reservation is that if you’re actually Town then maybe Nat is the one who isn’t in yalls little back and forth. Just in isolation I want to call Nat one of my strong Town reads, but before I do I want to mull over what I think you are. But even if you’re Town I could see that interaction being TvT. If you were to flip Scum at some point I’d feel really good about Nat.
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