[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 13 - Harry Potter

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I don’t think we have enough time to get enough people to change it. I was very tempted to vote Alibaba earlier but I’m trying to stop overthinking myself into bad decisions.

I’m hoping at minimum this destroys a horrocrux. If it does then we should be able to vig Rej. Assuming Nick doesn’t have to die. Alibaba is also a vig option for me.
But this thread was dead as hell all day man. This should raise some alarms, so many people “going to sleep” after voting Rej, no one cares and its conerning to me.
If the Lynch fails i want to look into those that encouraged voting Rej and left it at that, like Ratchet.
Ratchet was willing to go with Alibaba for a little while. Definitely not the hardest lynch Rej pusher. That said, I can’t put my finger on it but something about Ratchet makes me wary this game. But nothing I can actually substantiate and it could just be me being paranoid.

To be fair, you do have a point that we may need to be rid of all the Horcruxes for when Rej is lynched. But, I dunno. Convention dictates that you eliminate the confirmed scum here.
In terms of PoE we can *probably* afford a Alibaba lynch before Rej. I'll have to ruminate on this a bit.
Eh, if we lynch Rej today it'll be because we are confident we'll see him flip. Another failed lynch would be pretty bad.
Hmmm. I'm kinda feeling taking a shot and going for Alibaba. Slide a kill onto Rej tonight, if a horcrux is destroyed that tests your theory and then we can go for him after. Thoughts?
At the same time, not lynching Rej here is like, big dumb dumb if this is all just overthinking. Why does Mafia have to be so complicated sometimes.
I'm going to move my vote there, and then use the remaining time to think on it.

Vote: Alibaba

What's driving me here is that the PoE is going to eliminate Alibaba no matter how I read Gram, so really it shouldn't matter if Rej is now or later. Another failed lynch would really suck.
The problem is if we lynch Rej and he doesn't die we've basically wasted today. If we shoot a kill at him and a horcrux comes off we can reasonably assume that he'll be killable once they're all gone, so in terms of order there is an argument to be made for going Alibaba first, then Rej. Buuuuut it's based on an unconfirmed theory.
I understand the arguments, I just don't have a right or wrong answer here. Convention says to take the scum lynch, which is Rej, so convention I will follow.
Xlaw pushed the hardest to go with the Rej lynch.
Not really. He lost horcrux with Lynch (3) and at night (2).
So there is high possibility of him dying with this Lynch.
And that's why we should Lynch him one more time to find out.
And it seems we can't kill him at night either..Super kill failed on someone.

And Lynching town harry for killing Voldie is highly bastard move (set up wise)
The problem is we don't know confirmed that if he lost horecrux at night by SOG or other attack.
But we definitely knows he lost with Lynch..

So I prefer lynch over night kill...Since night kill might have limited for town vig .
His chances of survive this Lynch are really low.
He lost 3 horcrux with previous Lynch..

And I really doubt that Harry need to sacrifice in this set up because that's bastard move from host
That will be really op for trad honestly.

In regular game scum surviving multiple Lynch is common.
Hell in one game we had to lynch scum 3 time to kill..But in trad i really doubt.
This case seems different ! He lost horecrux with Lynch and kill..
So even he don't die , if he lost all horecrux (which he can gift to other)
Is big win for us...
But scum may not have wanted to take such a strong stand on a Rej lynch knowing it would fail. I do think it’s best to look at everyone and see how they handled this lynch whether it fails or not.


Totally Undefeated?

The Lynch on @Rej has failed

"There is no good and evil. There is only power... and those too weak to seek it."


[Helga Hufflepuff's Cup] has been destroyed

[Pseudo-Horcruxes] has been destroyed​


It is now Night 3. You have 20-hours to send in your actions.
Day 4 will start in 25-hours.




The End of The Bonds between The Dark Lord, Professor and Student?

@Rej [Lord Voldemort] has been killed

@DynaMight [Draco Malfoy] has been killed

@Ratchet [Dolores Umbridge] has been super-killed


You are Lord Voldemort!

[Passive - The Dark Lord] - Everyone fear him, you cant be control by any abilities and your roles will not visible to everyone except your team. You will shown as Innocent when investigated.

[Active - Avada Kedavra] - The worst kind of dark magic, intended to affect the target in a strongly negative manner. When you performing a faction kill, it will upgraded to Super-kill. [1-shot]

[Conditional Active - Horcrux] - Voldemort is unbeatable while he still have a Horcrux! You are immune to Death as long as you still have the Horcrux, and 2 of your Horcrux will be destroyed if you get killed or lynched.
--- [Tom Riddle's Diary] - In every night phase, you can send a player to the Chamber of Secret. If your target is a Student : Basilisk will role-crushed the target for a cycle, if the target have [Sword of Gryffindor], the action will be failed. If the target is not a student : It will role-blocked the target for a cycle.
--- [Helga Hufflepuff's Cup] - Once in a game, you can manipulate the vote on Bellatrix Lestrange and redirect the votes to other player by your choose. This ability cannot be used during MyLo or LyLo. [1-shot]
--- [Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem]
- At night phase you can control the player. You can control the target's actions for 1 cycle. [2-shots]
--- [Nagini]
- At night phase, you can send Nagini to attack other players but may failed on certain player. Once the attack successfully hit the target, the poison from Nagini will destroy the target active ability. [3-shots]
--- [Pseudo Horcruxes]
- At night phase you can entered a mind and body of player who have Harry Potter's roles. When someone visiting Harry Potter at night, you can learn that person roles name and abilities. If you submit to a player who is not Harry Potter, it will failed and your ability shots will decrease. [3-shots]
--- [Conditional Passive - Marvolo Gaunt's Ring]
- While this ring is not destroyed, you will be immune to Role-Block.
--- [Conditional Passive - Salazar Slytherin's Locket] - While this locket is not destroyed, You will be immune to Role-Crush.

Wincon : Kill Albus, Severus and Harry Potter and Eliminate all threats to Mafia

You are Draco Malfoy!
[Passive - The Malfoy Family] - By being part of the Malfoy House, Draco is a pure-blood and can't be touched just by anyone. He is immune to all actions of The Death Eaters.

[Passive - Dolores Umbridge's Inquisitorial Squad] - Each night phase, you will randomly get one name student roles from the current players.
[Active - Dock Points] - Members of the Inquisitorial Squad do have the power to dock points! Each night phase, If you can correctly guess the character to the player then you will gain a random active ability from their role to use as a one-shot.

[Active - Occlumency] - In his sixth year, his Aunt Bellatrix taught him Occlumency to prepare him for his mission. At night phase, you can target yourself or other player and manipulate the investigation result from other player who have investigation action and reversed it. [3-shots]

[Active - Vanishing Cabinet] - If an object was placed in one, it will appear in the other. Draco can bus-drive his self with other player. [3-shots]

Wincon : Eliminate all threats to Mafia

You are Dolores Umbridge!

[Active - O.W.L exam] - At night phase, you can activate OWL exam for the next day phase. When activated, the day lynch will only work for Student player. If the lead votes isn't a student player, then it will continue to second vote count and so on until find student player on votes count to lynch. [1-shot]

[Passive - Senior Undersecretary] - The Senior Undersecretary to the Minister for Magic was a high-ranking position in the bureaucracy of the Ministry of Magic, serving as the principal assistant to to the Minister for Magic. If your OWL exam succeed to expels student player, you will janitor their roles.

[Active - Inquisitor] - Umbridge are also the Hogwarts High Inquisitor. On day phase, you can target a player and you will learn if your target is a Student player or not. [3-shots]

[Active - Blood Quill] - Umbridge owned at least one Blood Quill which she used as a method of punishment. She had students who displeased her write lines using a blood quill. If your target is a Student player and your target is have visited by other student or submitted an action to other student, you will give the target a punishment. Your target will unable to receive and submit any positive actions for 1 cycle. [3-shots]

[Active - Crucio] - Also known as the Torture Curse, was a tool of the Dark Arts and one of the three Unforgivable Curses. At night phase, you can poison a player. When cast successfully the curse inflicted intense, excruciating pain and your target will die on the next cycle. [2-shots]

Wincon : 3 Students roles in the game has been expelled

Unfulfilled vow?

"A thin tongue of brilliant flame issued from the wand and wound its way around their hands like a red-hot wire."

[???] has activated [Unbreakable Vow] to [???]

[???] Triggered [Unbreakable Vow] and super-kill [???]


The Fallen of Hogwarts Headmasters?

@Yo Tan Wa [Albus Dumbledore] has been super-killed

“The truth. It is a beautiful and terrible thing, and should therefore be treated with caution.”

You are Albus Dumbledore!

[Passive - The Headmaster] - They make all major decisions regarding the safety and the day-to-day functioning of the school, and have the power to override any decision made by any other authoritative facilitator at the school. You can learn one random message from Student player if there is any in every 1 cycle.

[Passive - Wandless and non-verbal magic] - Your action that submitted to the Host will be a Priority. Each your action will be executed first than the others. Will be ineffective for certain action for certain player.

[Active - Elemental magic mastery] - Dumbledore was extremely capable in using magic to manipulate the elements, especially fire, water and wind. Each night phase, you can use one of your element magic.
--- [Wind Magic] - On night phase, you can target a player and use your wind magic and make your target action unstoppable . [1-shot]
--- [Water Magic]
- On night phase, you can target a player and use your water magic to make your target action delayed in 1 cycle. [1-shot]
--- [Fire Magic]
- On night phase, you can target a player and kill the target with your fire magic. [2-shots]

[Active - Elder Wand] - The most powerful wand that has ever existed, able to perform feats of magic that would normally be impossible even for the most skilled wizards, such as mending another wand damaged beyond normal magical repair. At night phase, you can target a player and use your powerful magic to Super-Kill the target. [1-shot]

Wincon : Eliminate all threats to Town

@Jew D. Boy [???] has been killed

@Gambit [Ron Weasley] has been revived

[???] has obtained [Resurrection Stone]

[Elder Wand] has been disappeared from [???] and will not appeared anymore in the game


You have 24-hours to discuss.



The Dementors were stationed at Hogwarts!

“You can exist without your soul, you know, as long as your brain and heart are still working. But you’ll have no sense of self anymore, no memory, no . . . anything. There’s no chance at all of recovery. You’ll just — exist. As an empty shell. And your soul is gone forever . . . lost.”

[???] has triggered and summoned [The Dementors]

Starting this Phase, Hint and Flavour Claiming Restrictions set upon The Players. Failure to comply will result in [The Dementors Punishment].

[???] has obtained [Resurrection Stone]
Can anyone reveal WUs in this game?

V could be resurrected through this maybe?

Im guessing its Quirrel that has it now?

Probably from Dumbledore since he was the one using the stone to live long.
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