[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 13 - Harry Potter

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How is Nick still alive with killing Harry in Rej’s wincon?
I think they were terrified of visiting him incase they were seen
T-Pein should be good. Other two haven’t claimed as far as I’m aware and I just did a quick scim after you asked to check to be sure. So if they did I missed it somehow.
I did not claim yet
Scums were trying the sold idea of we need to Lynch/Kill Nick harry Potter to kill Voldie.
Whoever come up with that idea and supported it , will be questioned , and I might vote for them

Going offline...It's work time !
It does fit with flavour well tho, but you may be right about it in this game. It made some sense to me but as someone pointed out, it would be very bastardish imo

Do you know who suggested it?
Them scums are pretty obvious in this game aside from Ratchet, doing a great job facilitating the thread plays...

Before my death... welp my targets are dead now... And I am basically outed so I think I could say that, my invests were spot on. That being said, I think that the 3rd mafia is Ryu who hadn't done a single shit. Otherwise, Misty will be the one...
It says flavor claim and hints.
I checked with the host and ability plus actions are allowed.
I still can't believe how massive the kill spree last night... Someone got an alerted veteran.

Rej got nuked. Lmao. That's a helluva role sheet...

Misty is like one of the best players I've seen and yet I haven't seen any plays that stands out off her.

Rej was also defending Ryu's lack of activity and difficulty of being read. I guess that's our hint forward...

@Ryu Kishi
I subbed in from a very inactive player and I am a little sick atm. Doing my best, but this game you really shouldn't expect too much from me
Because of Ryu we cleard Sera..
I'm down with his claim (whatever is allowed)
@MistyCatGoddess have you catch up ?
Good morning to you to, and yes now I am caught up

Ppl really don't know my time zone lel
Im fine with claiming my abilities.
- I can check who visited a dead player the night he died (not who died N1)
Last night I visited Gambit's (still) dead body. And I saw Nick, Rej and dr_professor visited him the night he died
- I can check the veracity of a write up. I can confirm that the dementor's are real. Please refrain from flavour claims and hints.
I gotta say, I half agree with them, and it often makes sense to defend someone you know as scum will flip town. I'm not sure players like them would lean out of the window so far for their buddy.

I mean now I look like I'm defending Ryu lol.

Thing is I sus Sallu more. I feel his calls to action, while himself doing nothing for it screams scum from miles away.

Dont mind Ryu ability claiming either tho
Thing is I sus Sallu more. I feel his calls to action, while himself doing nothing for it screams scum from miles away.
Also, besides me explaing what Dyna meant with his 'Dont focus on Rej, but catch other scum' post, can you qoute me my post you are sus about. And with this I mean not the posts I explained what Dyna said about moving away from Rej.

At that point I didnt know he turned mafia, but some kind of Indie, but I do agree he was right to move away from Rej, because we knew Rej was 100% scum and there was no use discussing Rej for another DP.
Claim it, there are plenty of ppl who want it and the it'll make this easier to solve

I have a Passive which makes me immune to any negative abilities from any Ex-Azkaban Player

Active Cop ability.
I used this on N1 on Nick. Nick must know why lol.
I used this N3 on Alibaba, because I was still sus of him. He came up Innocent tho. Still don't trust him knowing Draco had the ability to manipulate Invest results, but let's see.

Protect ability. I can protect someone for the night, protecting them against any kills, this included Super kills (X-shot ability).
I used this on N2 on Nick, after Gramma told us all he is HP. I expected Scum to use any kind of killing ability on Nick.
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