[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 13 - Harry Potter

Are you satisfied with Rhea's performance as Host?

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Bumping this back up since we are currently narrowing the people of interest down and these people are still among the current pool of suspects. Fuji is now in Conq’s slot though.
POE after that is: Sallucion, Conq, and Dyna. Though Dyna is a decent ways behind because Rej came in and voted Dyna first thing + the Draco stuff.

The thing the 3 all have in common is that all 3 said they thought both were Scummy but preferred Sera first. That’s a good way to distance a little while also getting a mislynch.

Also I am taking note that Ryu looks even scummier this game than he did in my other two games with him.
These are the post I was talking about with Sal & Conq:
Honestly, this is hard to say.

We have Sera who doesn't want to give out any information about his role when asked. (Sus).
We have Rej claming Fleur and BD himself with Sera. Knowing Sera's position, It wasnt the best idea to BD yourself with Sera. I mean. Also like someone already mentioned, Rej is an very experienced player and it bothers me that this is his 'claim' if he was scum. The moment we lynch Rej and he turns out to be scum, we can also look in Gramma again, who said a lot of times he puts Rej in his town read. Gramma targeting Destroya, who got killed and janitored? Really?.
If we decide to Lynch Sera, and Sera turns out to be town, there is is a high chance Rej is scum. So enough info to gain with both lynches,

I think lynch either of them is fine to me, leaning more Sera because of D1, but if you guys decide to go for Rej, I wouldn't mind either.
I'm down to lynch either Rej or Sera for info.

Sera seemed scummy with his thread play since D1 and I wanted him lynched last DP. Rej still hasn't provided a good explanation why he BD'd himself with Sera.
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