[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 13 - Harry Potter

Are you satisfied with Rhea's performance as Host?

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It is weird if you make it weird. We've been caling like this ever since i came here
Can’t you just say he is scum. Not pro Jew
bruh stop overthinking things.
literally no one has such an offensive mind,
its just his username.

@Jew D. Boy

thoughts on this?
we cannot call you Jew ?
not really an overthought nor do I think you guys mean it offensively. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look offensive by saying the word pro or anti Jew. Where you can just say Jew is scum or town.


Vote Count :

DynaMight : Grammaton
Seraphoenix : Grammaton -> Ratchet
Grammaton : Jew D Boy
Nick : Sallucion
T-Pein : Xlaw -> Seraphoenix
Rej : Seraphoenix
Gambit : Marimo
Don Daslayer : Seraphoenix

Seraphoenix : 3
Sallucion : 1
Grammaton : 1
Marimo : 1
Ratchet : 1
Jew D. Boy : 1

Please let me know if I made any mistakes with the votes or the tags didn't works.

we all noted your refusal to comply with the reads btw.
You wanna be mean to Ratchet cool but thread wants to see them reads.
You are the #1 sus and you dont wanna drop reads on the #2 and #3.
Ratchet didn't want to give reads when I asked endlessly. So get reads out of him before you come knocking on my door.

I don't care if there is a train on me.

Jew D. Boy

I Can Go Lower
bruh stop overthinking things.
literally no one has such an offensive mind,
its just his username.

@Jew D. Boy

thoughts on this?
we cannot call you Jew ?
Huh?? Y’all can call me JDB if you’re squeamish, but I don’t mind Jew, I wouldn’t have made it my username if I was that sensitive. Call me whatever you want, I’ll answer to anything outside of a racial slur :kayneshrug:
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A wagon on Sera, huh?? Feels too easy, he’s always a target just because he plays aggressively…unless there was a tangible slip, I won’t be jumping on this one :few:


Year of the black beard!
:denzimote: I ask you for your thoughts on the last few pages and you vote for me? lmao
Lmao I literally added some thoughts here and there, for me that is enough. Also adding my case on your post is also a thought. I just didnt decide to take a superficial or lazy approach on it, but rather picky because of a tight time shedule..
theres definitely relevance to it, no doubt, but my point is until we have shared information (ie flips), it’s all just baseless guesswork

for example I posited that the sword may be needed to kill nagini, someone else disagreed and referred to the elder wand … it’s a pointless conversation cause we don’t have any pieces to work with yet.

factor in it being a shortened day 1 (I’ve seriously never played a 24 hour day 1 before) and I’d rather folk got on to the topic of the game
I agree with that, sometimes someone just wants to look better and project "better knowledge" that then adds up to a dominant playstyle. I am also not a fan of it, but it happens from time to time. But I think I can feel you on this one. Just be prepared, because this is a reoccurring thing, game internal and forum internal. :milaugh:

You say I should have been commenting on the content of your posts, but what here is worth commenting on?
What do you think of mine interaction with Ratchet and the approach to form an alliance in this game? Do you think I was genuine with my statements? And if my posts pinged you, did you find anything scummy? Like tone or a malicious approach?

Being superficial is just something that statistically doesn't help, you often have to go deeper one layer.
I know lazy town often play superficial but you don't give off lazy vibes. Gotta show us with some other methods now that you are town. For example by finding a candidate that is scummier than you or other wagons.:endthis:
As much as I don’t really see a full reason for sera push he because he is aggressive, a claim here sooner then later would be good since it’s shorter time


Year of the black beard!
Does SP often engage in pointless semantic arguments when he has nothing game related to say, or is this just a special treat for me?
he def isn't a strong player, I would like to observe him, in worst case he is a town that butchers his own interactions early and then has troubles later on

You emphasized twice he should learn to read, I don't like this kind of agressiveness, I myself also needed atleast one or two years to ripen my reads and I played on 100 different forums and pressured myself to learn and get experience. Not everyone can do that.
Yet you vote the one who posted and had a discussion within those 10 pages? Kinda strange.
nice catch brother Sallu :cheers:

Vote lynch seraphoenix
you come into the game quoting a player that is below Midnight Delight levels of play and the biggest dog water shit I have seen within 5 forums in the past 2 months, do you have more thoughts? because you fixating on T-Pein who is obviously a garbage mafia player is alarming me heavily, explain yourself
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