[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 13 - Harry Potter

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you come into the game quoting a player that is below Midnight Delight levels of play and the biggest dog water shit I have seen within 5 forums in the past 2 months, do you have more thoughts? because you fixating on T-Pein who is obviously a garbage mafia player is alarming me heavily, explain yourself
Real recognize Real.

@Don DaSlayer has me pocketed.

It seemed like town sus-ing each other to me. I lean town on all three slightly atm. Although I wouldn't rule out the possibility that it was an elaborately planned exchange between 3 mafia to trap the first town who walks into it.

He basically walked in and accused Grama of losing his cool and overreacting and then proceeded to overreact himself when he was called out for sheeping. He's either scum who got caught trying to curry favour with Dyna or played very poorly as town. Refusing to give his reads/help in game solving/claiming also looks bad.

This post looks incredibly stupid when the Grama-Dyna-Ratchet exchange literally took place right before that and Ratchet was giving his opinions/reads out. This is just OMGUS without Ratchet voting for him and just for calling him out on sheeping/not participating in game solving. His entire case on Ratchet is "You're saying the thread has been productive and not entirely fluff. Give me 5 noteworthy points else you're scum" and that looks even more ridiculous when Ratchet was actively giving out his opinions on Dyna, Gramma and Sera just minutes ago lmfao.

Yeah but I'd like to wait and look at what and how they're posting before jumping into conclusions.
Giving random numbers without any substantiation is credible insight?

If Ratchet had had anything worthwhile in those posts, then he could have easily quoted the posts you seem to think exist. Instead he/she deflected continuously.

I'm being sussed for 'overreacting' and 'losing my cool' while Gammaton actually called someone a retard?:seriously:

You people are clowns:whitepress:

@Seraphoenix thoughts on Don voting you and admitting to sheeping T-Pein?
Bother someone else. If someone is voting for shitty reasons, why do you need my opinion on it? You sus me for 'sheeping' when I voted for the guy strictly because he sussed Jew D Boy for not being calm under pressure, but then having a meltdown when pressured himself. That is entirely different from sussing him because he was living under Ratchet's shadow.
Yo Tan Wa generally has a good assessment on how I play. Here however, I do think there is something to your deflection. I thought contrarian at the start, but then you doubled down.
Vote Count 2:

DynaMight : Grammaton
Seraphoenix : Grammaton -> Ratchet
Grammaton : Jew D Boy -> Seraphoenix
Nick : Sallucion
T-Pein : Xlaw -> Seraphoenix
Rej : Seraphoenix
Gambit : Marimo
Don Daslayer : Seraphoenix
Ratchet: DonDaSlayer.
Conquist: Seraphoenix.

Seraphoenix : 5
Sallucion : 1
Grammaton : 1
Marimo : 1
Ratchet : 1
Don: 1

Please let me know if I made any mistakes with the votes or the tags didn't works.


Adam 🍎

Pretty Boy
After sleeping on it. I am still confident in Gramaton despite Sera fuckery.

I just dont see how can someone act like that and be townie.

The only thing going in hid favor is Sera jumping on him. No mafia scum buddy would do it so early so at least i can conclude they arent same scum team

Ratchet having Gramaton in her good look POE is w/e. Dont think ratchet as scum duo with gramaton would be so blatant as buddies

Sallu is playing like he is just happy to be here. Tho i didnt lpay much attention to him, need to go back on that

Rej and few others are foggy to me bcs i didnt pay much attention to them

Tpain is throwing shit around

Hope others joined in while is was napping
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