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Get banned, bitch
Final Vote Count -

Fujishiro > Flower > Light > Blother
LuthonTheDragDown > Beta > Light
Flower > Light > Marimo > Blother
Lindltaylor > Jew > Blother
LANJI CUCKSMOKE > Marimo > Blother
Marimo_420 > Light
Blother > Lanji
Light D Lamperouge > Blother
RheanaeL > Blother
Juliet > Blother
Salah WG > Blother
Typo > Blother
Jew D. Boy > Blother
Tris > Blother

Blother – 11
Light D Lamperouge – 2

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Get banned, bitch
@Light D Lamperouge [???] has been super-killed!

@LANJI CUCKSMOKE [Crocodile] has been killed!​

You are Sir Crocodile!
[Passive - Precious Weakness] - Ivankov holds a piece of information that is vital to Crocodile. It is the only reason why he's held in line and assisting the Whitebeard Pirates here. Without that, who knows what he'd do. As a result, Crocodile investigates [Guilty] to investigations.

[Passive - Balls of Steel] - Crocodile doesn't hold back against his opponents no matter who they are, whether it's Whitebeard or Akainu, he doesn't give a shit and will talk smack right in front of their faces. Once per day phase, Crocodile must trash talk the person he is currently voting for. If that player replies to them acting offended, Crocodile will gain +1 vote power on them for that phase.

[Active - Sandstorm] - Crocodile's Suna Suna no mi grants him a tremendous amount of desert-like powers. One of those being a sandstorm that can cause great misdirection in the area. During the night, he may create a sandstorm around two players. Players who visit player A will instead visit player B and vice versa.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town

Someone attempted to kill ??? but failed!
It is now Day 3.
You have 24 hours to discuss.



Science Nerd 🌌 🌍 🧬 ⚛️
I protected Fujishiro again and also was rolecrushed for 2 cycles (not sure if this accounts for this very night in which I happened to protect him as well, and so in that case the protection being lost).
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