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He claimed he got blocked for a cycle and was blackmailed. Those are Nat‘s abilities. She doesn‘t used those on her own team.
What if he feigned ignorance and pulled a TMI strategy to look more townish?

I still can't get over what he did yesterday with her.

Though maybe Cult would like to keep Mafia alive assuming they already knew she was, which is unsure however..


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Well, we can lynch Odd this day phase.

Since we got so many failed kills and a failed conversion, Town might still have a chance.

I think Odd bet on the Tris lynch because we lost a townie day 1 and then 1 more to a conversion on Night 1. Then we lynched Luthon on day 2 and we lost 3 townies and Night 2 (2 kills and 1 convert) That's a total of 5 townies gone. So with a Tris lynch making it 6 and one more conversion and 2 kills last night, town would have lost 9 players.

So I think Odd was betting on scum getting the majority.
odds night action claim from last day was a mess and it looks like to me he is bsing. I don't like how Tris got lynched last day during my sleep instead of odd and this makes me think odd's scum buddies tried to save him from getting lynched last day to buy scum another day. I am also not buying this death miller claim which looked convenient to me.

I am now scum reading Kvothe and I did not like her last minute vote on Tris which makes me think she is working with odd who fake claimed survivor on day 1. If Kvothe was a survivor then she would have played passive and voted no one and I see that she is making things worse instead of helping.

Vote Lynch oddoddfruit @Reborn
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