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There's no "Tina!"
Regarding the restaurant.... I have nothing to say since it's been debated already. Regarding the announcer message that warned us against visiting the restaurant, that isn't important yet imo. Beta was the only one who completely reacted in a negative way to it, so we can assume that the restaurant is his ability like Light mentioned in the beginning.

Also, I know nothing about Yugioh for the third announcement.
14. @Lindltaylor - Natalija
7. @Go D. Usopp ™ - Marimo_420
1. @Fujishiro - Luthonthedragdown
17. @Light D Lamperouge - Finalbeta
20. @RippedCal - EmperorJoelinton
12. @Robin - ~UwU~

Natalija - 1
Marimo_420 - 1
Luthonthedragdown - 1
Finalbeta - 1
EmperorJoelinton - 1
~UwU~ - 1
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Haven't voted:
2. @T-Pein™
3. @Finalbeta
4. @Sors Bandeam
5. @Sallucion
6. @Jew D. Boy
8. @Marimo_420
9. @Natalija
10. @~UwU~
11. @solis
13. @LuthonTheDragDown
15. @MangoSenpai
16. @Gambit
18. @Rej
19. @Juliet
21. @Emperor Joelinton
22. @Lord Genome
23. @Midnight Delight
24. @Grammaton
I don't expect a lot of activity here soon seeing that 5 of the players here just got out of a day phase in a different game, which might make things more difficult for us when it comes to the activity and discussion.

Anyway I think it's Finalbeta that opened up that restaurant. Look at his reactions to it. Here he basically invites people to join by asking is someone not hungry

As soon as I pointed out that the restaurant is shady and those who went in it without a thought are shady

He started his OMGUS thing

I think the restaurant ability is very suspicious so I'll be placing my vote on him

Vote lynch Finalbeta
Lets try this

Vote Lynch Luthonthedragdown

He was around earlier but didn't post yet, i don't like it.

I'd say lets wait a bit more, hopefully more people will come in, the good thing is this phase lasts 48hs so plenty of time for activity.
so do we have any wagon formed rn? day is passing fellas

too many inactives

nothing personal kid

vote lynch @Marimo_420 @Flower @Kvothe Kingkiller
Good evening.

vote ~UwU~

Most of you know I'm not much for day ones, but I'll try and help stimulate activity.
Vote: EmperorJoelinton

mods can I get a vote count pls

Saint Donquixote Imu

𝕬𝖓𝖉 𝕷𝖊𝖋𝖙 𝕿𝖍𝖊𝖘𝖊 𝕻𝖎𝖊𝖈𝖊𝖘
I’m thinking it could be a passive where he has to vote someone who already has a vote or is leading maybe.
I don't think so lol. He ostensibly misread the vote count and thought there was another vote on the guy
wait who else is voting Emperor lol :pogba
after that he unvoted. What I want to say is that he thought he was the only one to vote for Emperor but then said that and later unvoted.

All these posts....there’s too many of them.
This game's been very slow actually.
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