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well... we lost. Not sure how we’re coming back with only 1 scum dead.​
You were transparent with you vote even though you didn't had to disclose it last DP so I am assuming you are town. If so we should still hold the majority. If Beta is right we have another scum lined up to hang. Also one of the T-Pein voters had to be scum and that's probably Robin. Robin also conveniently prevented Nat from doing anything previous NP and now all of a sudden she dead. Could be delayed kill.


Argonauts, roll out!
3. Finalbeta
4. Sors Bandeam subbed by Random Asshole
5. Sallucion subbed by Reborn
8. Marimo_420
10. ~UwU~
12. Robin
13. LuthonTheDragDown
15. MangoSenpai
17. Light D Lamperouge subbed by Udell
22. Lord Genome

These are the remaining players, with 2 scum dead (1 maf + 1 SK) question is if Town has majority or not now.

13 are dead right now, only 11 players remain.

Finalbeta seems to be hellbent that Reborn is scum, but there are others, I've seen many people sus out both Robin and UwU. I was very critical of UwU, but idk if it's even worth testing his claim. If he's truly neutral then so be it.
--Final Vote Count--
9. @Natalija > ~UwU~
11. @JordyTheSloth > MangoSenpai
12. @Robin > Tpein
8. @Marimo_420 > UDELL
15. @MangoSenpai > Usopp > ~UwU~ > MangoSenpai > UwU
17. @Udell > MangoSenpai > Luthon > T-Pein
6. @Jew D. Boy > MangoSenpai
@Random Asshole > MangoSenpai
3. @Finalbeta > Reborn
13. @LuthonTheDragDown > UwU > T-Pein
5. @Reborn > UwU

Votes (may not reflect actual value)
MangoSenpai - 3
Tpein - 3
~UwU~ - 3

No votes:
10. @~UwU~
22. @Lord Genome
2. @T-Peinβ„’

The people who voted tpein are obviously sus, uwu is probably scum

And the vote was to save him

Vote lynch ~uwu~
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