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Announcer sama is trying to kill me? lmao
This is how we have constantly messed up. Can we please stick together? What reasons do you have to suspect me TAC?
You acting as if you didn't vote for T-Pein. I lynched him cause he sussed me BS reasons which made him scum in my eyes. I already checked out to be town and if people really doubted me that much they would have tracked me. I am town mate.

If anything you're the one who is scummy, trying to go for that last mislynch to seal your victory. If you want my claim at this point I would have no issue in doing so I strongly advice against it though as the less info scum have at this point the better.
Broadcast Message:

We have 2 confirmed scum among us. Possibly a 3rd. This is our last chance town. Focus your hearts. Focus your mind. And for godsake Beta, please, let go of your hate boner for me and vote correctly.

We won't have another chance to win if we fuck this up. It's now or never.
--Final Vote Count--
9. @Natalija >~UwU~
11. @JordyTheSloth >MangoSenpai

12. @Robin > Tpein
8. @Marimo_420 > UDELL
15. @MangoSenpai > Usopp > ~UwU~ > MangoSenpai > UwU
17. @Udell >MangoSenpai > Luthon > T-Pein
9. @Jew D. Boy > MangoSenpai

@Random Asshole > MangoSenpai
3. @Finalbeta > Reborn
13. @LuthonTheDragDown > UwU > T-Pein
5. @Reborn > UwU

Votes (may not reflect actual value)
MangoSenpai - 3
T-Pein - 3
~UwU~ - 3
Udell - 1

No votes:
10. @~UwU~
22. @Lord Genome
2. @T-Pein™

I broke down each person, color coordinated that shit too.

Know what I found out by just... Looking at the votes?

Mango's scum. EASY scum. He admitted to killing another play and Usopp, giving him a bullshit passive. I let that fly, but NO LONGER.

If Mango is town and two confirmed townies [Jew. D Boy & Jordy] tried to lynch Mango, why wouldn't the mafia jump on that lynch?

It is an easy lynch there. Town is putting it on a silver platter for you. And you, as mafia, decide to turn your nose up at that offer? Why let this lynch even get to a 3 way tie if you have town making a bad lynch on Mango?

Why didn't Mafia want to vote Mango?

Because. Mango. Is. Not. Town.

Town!Mango makes zero sense, we have 2/3 scum out there who could swing heavy on his lynch. Instead Udell diverts to T Pein. UwU is the safe default lynch but honestly, 3rd party in our circumstances is such a bad lynch.

Unless Mafia decides to be coy here and not hammer down a lynch on Mango or really wanted RNG to decide for them between TPein and Mango... I'm scum locking Mango.

Udell's OMGUS and WIFOM from the other day at being sussed reeks of a dirty conscience, Light was extremely safe in the earlier days and voted along lines to keep Gambit from being lynched.

If I had to finger Mafia right now?


Iffy on Robin/Reborn. Robin's a miller, has been silent. That's the only insults I can give him. Reborn subbed in the game and pushed for a 3rd party which I think is a little weird. There also might not be a 3rd living mafia, given how careful these 2 were with votes.

But Marimo, Finalbeta and Randomasshole are all town. And they need to join me in voting out either Mango or Udell. Or we lose.

The bottom line is town votes either of those 2. Scum does not.​


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