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Nat votes UwU, Robin votes T-Pein and AFk and somehow I am scum?

You are contradicting yourself Mr announcer. You didn't vote for Mango and based on your list you also casted a vote on UwU before hand. Now all of a sudden lynching UwU is a waste of time (he wanted it last DP), Lynching T-Pein makes me scum (he also voted for T-Pein). This is how you plan for your mislynch announcer sama? I actually wanted you dead since last DP I had a hunch you were scum but your confession threw off my read so well played.
@Marimo_420 [Sister] has been killed!​

You are Sister

[Passive Ability - Martial Artist] - You will learn about your visitor every night and has a 50% chance of roleblocking them.

[Active Ability - Caretaker] - Once during the game, you may choose to stop the lynch on a player and save them. The following night you will gain a one-shot of one of their active abilities.

[Active Ability - Self defense] - Roleblock a player at night.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town
Please explain also we all over the place again. How can you know for sure he is mafia just based off that?
I explained this ability a couple of days ago, but I'll explain again. I have a role crush that works only if my target is a Horror. I used it on Genome last night, and he said it worked, which means he must be a Horror. I'm certain he is guilty.
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