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Argonauts, roll out!
Winning through the harder win con has its appeal.

How about you tell me about your team?

I was certain about you since day 2 you probably told your team not to target me.
Well today will end in the luck of draw, so if you vote with us, you will find your winning team based on RNG!
Broadcast Message:

@~UwU~ you can join us and fight for your victory. Isn't that more satisfying than letting Mango dab all over the game and simply letting you win? Why even bother playing mafia if you're just going to be given a victory.

A man like yourself wants the thrill of the hunt and the satisfaction of the kill. Help me kill Mango and town will be forever grateful. 2 Days to win isn't that bad either. We have the advantage if only 1 of them die here.

If it's another stalemate, Robin's going to be cucking them with his moves all night, they might not get another kill for several days at this rate. If you want the quickest and most enjoyable victory, it's with town.​
Yeah I'm pretty free to chose, nothing in the game can kill me in 1 cycle. Especially not at this point.
Claim restriction: This game includes flavour claim restriction. That means all hints to your character or any flavour mentioned in your abilities are forbidden. You may only claim in General Mafia terms. If you are unsure about what you are allowed to claim, please ask the hosts beforehand.

@~UwU~[King] has been modkilled

You are King!

[Passive Ability - King of Horrors] - Bulletproof and dodge the first lynch on you. Immune to redirects and rolecrushes.

[Passive Ability - Knowledge] - Knows the identity of all marked players in the game. Some players start as marked.

[Passive Ability - El Dorado] - Absorb the first harmful action directed towards you each night as long as Mafia is alive and gain a one-shot of the ability.

[Active Ability - Horror Creation] - Pick a random player who isnβ€˜t marked and mark them as a Horror each day.

[Active Ability - Self-preservation] - Hide behind a marked player each night. This only works on players targetted by [Horror Creation].


All living players must be marked.


Win with Mafia.
Broadcast Message:

To Town:
(I ran out of Erwin moments, so settle for a Rohirrim moment moment)

@TheAncientCenturion @Robin @Finalbeta @Reborn

They fucked up. Even if there's 3 scum left, we now outnumber them. I'm confident via actions and votes you guys are all town. Make sure you vote end phase too before mafia can somehow fuck with us.

We stick on Mango, tomorrow Udell. And if the game doesn't end, Randomasshole.




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I'm a treestump now LOL
Reborn claimed Psychic-like but that sounds appalling. A Psychic coming up with useful results in such a morbid manner looks extensively broken on average, the time elapsing to find a scum appears to be seemingly too little considering they are generally meant to bypass even inno scan; and on top of this mandatory basic knowledge he would never prove more useful to the Town until he recently claimed, strange for such a role, too bad he didn't even dare to full claim actions and results. Claiming Fuji is locked scum doesn't strike as enough. It could be based off meta and used to fake claim, or even post tracking fakeclaim etc. As I inferred vigs would have not really shot Fuji in general, unlikely. And no consistent reason he would be busdriven too as an indie.

Reborn should be also scum.



Science Nerd 🌌 🌍 🧬 βš›οΈ
Reborn allegedly believing we can rather easily buy that he is supposed to have visions that can pinpoint a specific guilty result that easily, when usually it's a whole poll of players to appear in the vision.

Welp at least this is what he personally implicated during his claiming with that Fuji reference. So...

I doubt he had multiple visions and Fuji was the only useful left, why not claiming things properly for once and keep being so secretive.
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