[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 6 - Naruto: Mafia Shippuden

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I am not certain of it.
But he is bussing them all for us if scum.
Didn't I just say he visited Natalija and marimo together?

But why would mafia redirect my actions to ussop if he is mafia as well?

Unless he can absorb whatever he gets hit by.
Is that a thing?

What is the point?
Just say what it is.
Mafia knows it.
Why are you keeping it secret from town?
I'm just reading backk so I will say some random things likely until it's 3 and I can go home. I am just trying to understand your firm belief in him.

Unless I find something very surprising moving forward from what I read so far


all look good to me from their interactions with the confirmed Nat & Tac.


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I think this might be the sheepest thing you ever said, considering you know me the best compared to everyone playing right now :seriously:
And exactly that‘s why you didn‘t feel like your Town self first day. You seemed so passive and reserved. Now it‘s better, though.


Tatakae... Tatakae... TATAKAEEE !!
Having to iso some of Usopp's posts again, this post from him makes me paranoid of him and Natalija ended up flipping Kakuzu with similar abilities to what Usopp said.
looks like the admirals abilities isn't enough lol
when will u realize i dont just leak my team abilities

I will put this out there right now.

Last night i copped Gambit too., he's guilty. How can i cop and kill? Well I can use a one shot ability with my basic ability which allows for 4 unique one shots. Kill and cop has been used. I have a rb and protect left.

Anyone who has used action on me last night (the first action only) would have failed due to my hashinshin dodge.

Why can I use 2 abilities in one night? Due to my shadow clone.
rrrriiighhhtt throough the counterstrike bb

get rekt

Not open for further replies.