[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 6 - Naruto: Mafia Shippuden

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I understand saying I am naruto means I am town but saying I am a roleblocker ?
How does that break the game?
Could be scum
That‘s why there were abilities specifying the requirement if somebody must have role claimed or flavour claimed for them to work. Obviously flavour claim punishments were harsher. The point is, you can‘t just go on and have a claim fiesta. This would literally make Mafia unable to win. And almost did because what the fuck can you even fake claim what Town doesn‘t already have? Play through reads and not claims, that‘s the spirit of the game.
And the fake claims provided weren‘t that strong. And Gambit took Sai, the strongest of the claims away from us. Another thing is we couldn‘t coordinate our fake claims either. We had to count on the team to figure out the hints to not get cucked by ourselves. The Mafia team was always at risk of destroying itself. The only reason we didn‘t have any friendly fire kills was because our team mates were smart enough to understand the others. We put a fuck ton of effort into solving this thing, too.


Eh I have that mindset as well.
Just as @Go D. Usopp ™ said you should clarify about role claiming and flavor claiming...
I was not aware it was the same tbh ..
It wasn't that it was one and the same. It's just that there were mechanics to punish involved to punish both.

And yes, I did make a clarification that role claiming could warrant punishment as well.
If I have made a mistake, then let me know, please. Also, to clarify on claiming, I will be counting strong hints as claiming. It won't just be a hard flavor or role claim. And the recommendation to not claim isn't just for flavor claiming. It's to role claiming as well. Role claiming is when you claim a part of your role. That's all I will say about claiming for now. If you have any questions, ask me in your role pm.​
Probably should have tagged everyone so they can see it. I auto-assumed everyone would have read that post.
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