[FNZ] Role Madness [Season 2] Round 6 - Naruto: Mafia Shippuden

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in all honesty I dont know how to read him
am yet to iso him and the games he was scum I didnt really read the thread to figure out how he played
from others who did like @Kvothe Kingkiller if i recall correctly
they seem to think he's town

is he a scum lean for you?
who do you sus. gonna need reads here matey
about 4 on your head rn. I will tag you once am done trying to read mango.
He's a suspect. I'll give you my top 3 suses in a bit when I'm done watching anime.
Don't like Lind or Kvo after looking through a handful of everyone's posts. They seem off to me.

Not a big fan of Mango either. Feels like he's riding coattails as opposed to legitimately pushing anyone. But he'd be a tertiary lynch as of now. Sera in 4th place because we can axe him whenever, given his inability to be active.

Vote lynch LindT @Dragomir

That is actually a very fair point :gokulaugh: Though I would suggest in the future even if you believe someone is town, and they slaughtered a bunch of town to lynch them :goyea:
Probably should've. It took me a long time to realize he was bad.


Vote Count -

MangoSenpai – Lindltaylor > BleakAsh > Go D. Usopp > Zem > TheAncientCenturion
Light D Lamperouge – Midnight Delight > TheAncientCenturion
Go D. Usopp – Light D Lamperouge > Zem > TheAncientCenturion
Gambit – Zem > Finalbeta > Go D. Usopp
TheAncientCenturion – Natalija > Zem > Lindltaylor
Zem – Natalija > *
Seraphoenix – TheAncientCenturion
Fujishiro – Marimo_420 > Go D. Usopp > Finalbeta
Finalbeta – Go D. Usopp
Natalija – Go D. Usopp
Midnight Delight – Finalbeta > Zem

TheAncientCenturion – 4
Go D. Usopp – 3
Finalbeta / Zem / LANJI CUCKSMOKE – 1
* means the player is currently not voting for anyone.

If I have made a mistake, then let me know, please. Also, to clarify on claiming, I will be counting strong hints as claiming. It won't just be a hard flavor or role claim. And the recommendation to not claim isn't just for flavor claiming. It's to role claiming as well. Role claiming is when you claim a part of your role. That's all I will say about claiming for now. If you have any questions, ask me in your role pm.
Vote Lynch Lind L. Taylor @Dragomir


There's no "Tina!"
After that little squabble I mostly just skimmed

@Lindltaylor @Gambit do you suspect each other or not? Because I'm willing to bet one of you is scum.
I don't have a scum read on Gambit from that. It was me who skipped his vote on Beta. From those 2 exchanges, I noticed that him willing to push Beta further based on his argument of Beta's demeanor being off is better in my opinion. He didn't only indulge in defending himself and even pushed other cases while doing so, and that often is more town indicative.
Usopp guessed a letter from Midnight's passive if I recall correctly. Don't think that counts as getting cleared ability wise. Why are you clearing him so easily?

What are your town reads TAC?
Fourth letter starts with an A. Usopp and Light also recognized it fairly well. So he either was very lucky or has the same passive.

Fuji. Usopp via confirming him. Gambit is slight lean.


There's no "Tina!"
Fourth letter starts with an A. Usopp and Light also recognized it fairly well. So he either was very lucky or has the same passive.

Fuji. Usopp via confirming him. Gambit is slight lean.
from what I read
dont think midnight confirmed anything to usopp
usopp just went off and said he's 99.9 % town

midnight also insisted its not something more than two of them would have so either he misunderstood or light did
seems too much of a convoluted mess to really townclear anything.


There's no "Tina!"
I'm not feeling the TAC lynch. His town reads are similar to mine with Fuji and Gambit and he's even voting me when he's got 4+ votes.

My strongest town read is Zem at the moment. She's not afraid to state her opinions and didn't back down when TAC told her to relax even though she was the first player to break the ice with the fluff when replying to beta. She's reacted to pressure in a way a townie would react and has given better reads imo.

Vote lynch Queen @Dragomir
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