Sign-up [Season 2] Round 7 - Throne of Lies II

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Queen Shakky

Host: @Queen
Coach: @Dragomir

Start Date: Saturday 2:00 PM EST

Welcome to Throne of Lies III. You can check the previous game's signup thread and the ToL Wiki to learn more about Throne of Lies. Please note that some roles have been updated since the previous games.​

Rules and gameplay:
  1. Claiming: all types of claiming is legal and will have no mechanical consequence involved.
  2. Voting: to vote, please just write the word "vote" and the player name with it. All in bold. You do not need to unvote to change your votes.
  3. Cycles: each day and night phase will last 24-hours. In total, a 48-hour cycle. During the write-up, I will post a countdown timer for you guys to keep track of the time.
  4. Posting: you must post at least three times a day to be considered active. Failure to do so once will lead you into being mod-blocked. A second time will yield a substitution or replacement. I will publicly state at the end of the day phase which player has been mod-blocked.
  5. Dusk Phase: at the end of each day phase, there will be a dusk phase for you guys to continue talking while I get the write-up going. You may not vote or submit any day actions during this time. It will not always be officially announced. It begins right after the day ends or the vote cap has been reached.
  6. Majority Lynch: the lynch system I will be using is a majority. To lynch a player, you must reach the majority amount of votes on them.
  7. Whispering: I will be allowing whispers in this game. But, unlike the original game, you may only send 1 whisper per day and only receive 2 whispers per day.
  8. Write-ups and feedback: Every single player in the game will be told whether or not their action failed. They will specifically receive "action fail" as a message. Unlike the previous games, healers will get notified if their targets are attacked.
Players (17/17)
1. @Fujishiro
2. @Ekkologix
3. @Ten Yaksha Blother
4. @Udell
5. @Marimo_420
6. @T-Pein™
7. @Lindltaylor
8. @Melontonin
9. @Finalbeta
10. @Midnight Delight
11. @TheKnightOfTheSea
12. @Nefertari Rhea
13. @The Destoryer
14. @Kiwipom
15. @TheAncientCenturion
16. @Jew D. Boy
17. @Light D Lamperouge


With the exception of the King, all roles will be randomized. I might pull strings here and there if I don't like what I see. Please read all of the above so you can understand how this game will work. I will try my best to be consistent with feedback and write-up system. If there's something that you don't like or wish to be added, please do tell me and I will consider it.

There will be a dead chat in this game. If you do not wish to be added to the chat but would instead be a sub, please tell me beforehand. The priority of substitutions will go like this: Original Sub > Lynched Player > Night-killed Player.

Just say in or pick a number to join the game. It matters not which one you do.

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