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Queen Shakky
@T-Pein™ [The Maid] has been lynched!​

You are the Maid! You are part of the Investigative Class and a Blue Dragon

[Active - Matchmake] Test if a player is compatible with the last-checked player. Players are compatible if they win together. The Scorned is incompatible with everyone. Royals are incompatible with each other. You will start off with a random player: Fujishiro Ratchet.
Blue Dragon + Blue Dragon = Compatible
Blue Dragon + Unseen/Cult = Incompatible
Blue Dragon + Alchemist / Mercenary / Inquisitor / Fool = Compatible
Alchemist + Anyone = Compatible
Mercenary + Anyone = Compatible
Unseen/Cult+ Unseen/Cult = Compatible
Unseen/Cult + Alchemist / Mercenary / Inquisitor / Sellsword = Compatible
Neutral Killer + Alchemist / Mercenary / Inquisitor / Sellsword (All neutrals) = Compatible
Neutral Killer + Blue Dragon / Unseen/Cult = Incompatible

[Active - Nosy Servants] Discover if a living player visited a dead player on the night they died. Others will not be able to see who you target. [3-shots]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Blue Dragon
It is now Night 3. You have 23 hours to turn in your actions.


Queen Shakky
@Ekkologix was killed!​

You are the Evil King! You are part of the Special Class, as well as the Cult

[Passive - Privileged] You can talk at all points in a trial.

[Active - Royal Finger] Your current nomination for treason will count twice. Meaning, you will get double vote power that day. This is a day ability. [2-shots]

[Active - Decide Fate] Decide an accused player's fate. If Hunter 'Retribution' is triggered, King will be targeted with an arrow. You cannot use both The Royal Finger and Decide Fate on the same day. [1-shot]

[Active - Improved Safeguard] During the night, have a safeguard protect a player, granting them death immunity for the night. Can target self. This doesn't count as visiting. [3-shots]

[Active - Close Allies] Discover a player's class type and if they are a member of the Cult. Only the Starting King has this ability. This doesn't count as visiting. [3-shots]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Cult

@Light D Lamperouge was killed!​

You are the Prince! You are a Royal and are part of the Killer Class, as well as the Blue Dragon

[Passive - Unstoppable] You are immune to role blocks and redirects. This passive is kept on class change.

[Passive - Royal Blood] In the event that a new King is being elected, votes on you will count twice. This passive is kept on class change.

[Active - Imprison] During the day, choose a target player to imprison tonight, role blocking those targeting your prisoner. You will role block your target, bypassing role block immunity. At night, you may interrogate them via chat. You can only jail the same player 3x. You cannot target the King.

[Active - Execute] You may execute the jailed player. If they are Blue Dragon, you will lose all charges of executing. Not usable until Night 3. [3-shots]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Blue Dragon

He left a logbook behind:
Chose Ratchet as the target of imprisonment for N1.
Demanded that he claim his role. Thus far no answer from him. 7 hours left until the beginning of the day. Shortly thereafter Ratchet claims his role. He says he's The Mystic. Upon checking the wiki, I've found that The Mystic role is a unique role which makes his claim more credible.

Interpretation of events on D2:
Midnight's claim which I assume is the Alchemist.
Rhea's claim points towards her being the Maid.
T-Pein is ostensibly claiming the Princess.

Chose TAC as the target of imprisonment for N2.
With Beta ostensibly being silenced and TAC's push on Mango I've got the idea that TAC might be the Scorned. Lets see what he says in our chat later.
He used the Pretty Princess as a name in the chat. I've demanded he claim his full role as well as his actions. Tac claims the Princess role. He says he investigated Lind and he is either Killer or Offensive. Says he suspects Mango a lot. After Mango, he would like to look into Destoryer and have him taken care of. The aforementioned was a direct citation.

Chose Kiwi as the target of imprisonment for N3. Up until now in the chats the names that would wait for me would be the role names. Kiwi signed in as Kiwiii.. I'll demand she claim her full role and actions. Before I even asked Kiwi claimed the Court Wizard and her actions.

She says she used the following:
N1 - used intensify on Udell

D2 - Icy veins on Rhea and intensify on her N2

D3 - used clear mind on Mango so he shouldn't be converted this night phase.

We had a lengthy discussion on a lot of players and compared reads and thoughts.

After thinking it through I decided not to execute her. I wasn't too sure if she's lying or nah, and I didn't want to lose all the kills on the very first night I received them.

It is now Day 4. But, before town can lynch anyone, they must elect a new King to lead them!

Nomination Phase

It is the nomination phase, players can come to nominate themselves as candidates to be King! Please proceed.​

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