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Shit Mafia Player
Well if Udell is NK then I find it hard to believe Kiwi is scum.

Though fair enough, Cult also benefits from getting NK out.

Ratchet is def not the cult though.. And it's not Blother who I also had in my PoE, so..

I suppose it's looking worse for Kiwi than anything.. Because there is always a CL.. right?
The Queen decided to execute @Udell! He was [The Reaper]!​

You are the Reaper! You are part of the Killer Class and an Independent

[Passive - Consume Soul] You will start the game with 2 souls. If you die at night, you will consume 1 soul to revive. This ability will be used no matter what the cause of death, except being executed by The Prince. You will only ever consume one soul in a night you are attacked, regardless of how many times you were attacked.

[Active - Icy Touch] Silence a player and block their voting for the day. They will be unable to talk or use their abilities for the phase. [2 souls]

[Active - Gather Darkness] Consume two souls during the day phase to make Reap bypass death immunity tonight. [2 souls]

[Active - Reap] Reap the soul of target player at night, killing them and leaving an empty body for 1 day (Unhealable). The reaped player will appear to still be alive to court but cannot vote, give information to court or use abilities. Essentially, they are dead, but only they know it.

[Active - Circle of Death] Kill everyone visiting target player. [1 soul]

Wincon: Kill all members of the main factions

It is now Night 5! I will start the next phase as soon as everyone submit their actions.

@Ratchet @Udell @MangoSenpai @Midnight Delight @Nefertari Rhea @Kiwipom @Queen TAC
@Ratchet [The Apostle] was killed!

@Queen TAC [The Good King] died from bleeding!

@MangoSenpai [The Knight] was killed!

@Nefertari Rhea [The Maid] was killed!

The only players alive are: @Kiwipom [The Cult Leader] and @Midnight Delight [The Alchemist]!

The Cult (@Marimo_420 @Kiwipom @Lindltaylor @Ratchet @Ekkologix) and The Alchemist (@Midnight Delight) have won the game! The Blue Dragon, The Fool and The Reaper have lost the game.

MVP: @Kiwipom

@Ratchet @Ekkologix @Ten Yaksha Blother @Udell @Marimo_420 @T-Pein™ @Lindltaylor @MangoSenpai @Finalbeta @Midnight Delight @TheKnightOfTheSea @Nefertari Rhea @The Destoryer @Kiwipom @Queen TAC @Jew D. Boy @Light D Lamperouge

town definitly had a chance

the prince almost destroyed 2 of us

non hostile indie and mango could kill us

mango already got the first cult leader

kudos to cult for pulling this off lmao
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