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fool your allies to fool the enemy :p

i was gna invest u or Lind as well so was gna learn u r cult with me haha

we woulda powerwolfed this hard but udell rekt me lmao

ggs guys u pulled thro lol
Ahahah at least yall still won. TAC choose to side with the last remaining cult member nothing I can do.


Towniest Townie
Had I shot Kiwi we wudda won lmao, but damn, I was naive.

GG Kiwi.
Actually, you wouldn't have. If you had shot Kiwi then everybody would have died last night except for Midnight, leaving the Alchemist as the sole victor. You would have needed to protect Rhea which would have allowed you to kill Kiwi but also keep one BD player alive to win.
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