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"In 2020 and 2021 Hololive started to break records after records as an uprising streaming agency. Whoever gets trapped into the world of VTubers might never again see a world without VTubers. That is what a big factor those play in the internet community. Idols, Entertainer and Actors, they found a new platform to reach out to millions of people and inspire them to strive for fun and thus a better future. Sooner or later everyone will be part of this rabbit hole, we are together in this.

Since 2020 Hololive has tackled the english market with their own branch...this gave Hololive the push to a more present, global popularity. The virus has officially started to spread..."

Special Mechanics:

Collaboration Streams:
Each VTuber is allowed to participate in the Collaboration Stream Programm of Hololive! Everyone can apply for it during the day, by sending the name of their wished collaboration partner to the host Yagoo.

Yagoo will be kinda overwhelmed with all the hypothetical collabs, each one having the potential of becomming a true banger and rememberworthy to every Hololive fan. That's why Yagoo will rand 2 collaborations out of all applications, to have them stream during the night:

So every day a player can submit their collaboration partner. During the end of the day those will be randed, only 2 pairs may stream at night. They will be able to post in a separate thread at night, no votes will happen during the night.

Outfit Awards:
During the game our VTubers may earn additional outfits that will empower them.

The Swim Suit:

Model: Akai Haato

The Swimsuit is an occasionally gifted outfit that is given out to any VTuber that can handle it.
The user often spreads a whole new level of memergy increasing their reach and content-diversity by alot. Every fan will like it!

Obtainable after remaining 4 cycles into the game and voting off 3 Vtuber that do not belong to your core faction.

[Reverse Psychology] - Imagine your innocent Idol suddenly wearing a swimsuit, isn't that yabe? On the other hand this is the biggest fanservice to some people... Whoever possesses the Swimsuit will give reversed investigation results.

[Blinding] - The power of Oppai will blind a target of your choice. There is a 40% chance that they will be Ultra Roleblocked for a night. After using this ability restore a shot of any shotrestricted ability that you used this game. [1-shot]

The Idol Outfit:

Model: Akai Haato

The Idol Outfit is representing Yagoo's dream of a seiso idol group. Most girls aim to own one of these on their 3D models and serve a blasting performance to the Hololive audience. You are on the top once you own this!

Obtainable after reaching a total of 100 posts in both game thread and waiting rooms, and after using 5 Night Actions successfully and accordingly to your faction.

[Yagoo's Dream] - Or atleast the closest thing to it in some cases... The owner of an Idol Outfit will return innocent and this can't be changed by role- or faction-related abilities. Sanity will still apply on the result. Additionally they start the day with a -1 Shadow Vote on them.

[3D Live Performance] - At night the owner will announce an impressive upcomming performance. They will have a guaranteed slot in an upcomming Collaboration Stream. Streams with owners of Idol Outfits can contain up to 4 players.

The Kimono:

Model: Akai Haato

The Kimono Outfit will be individually tailored for special occasions, namely Festivals like New Years Eve or Golden Week for example. Kimonos are tradiotional Japanese clothing and they have a certain appeal to them. Want to catch this appeal, grab yourself one of these!

Obtainable after remaining alive in the game for 8 whole cycles.

[Festivities] - It's a special occasion and the numbers are booming. Due to the massive amount of viewers during a festival season, the owner of this outfit will receive an enhanced vote. They will be able to vote once in the game during day, while death. [1-shot]

[Aesthetic Stream] - Kimono streams often follow special aesthetics, and they are extraordinary wholesome. For such an performance a VTuber needs disclosure. You can use this ability alongside other night abilities. The owner can restore one shot of any shot-restricted ability used up to this point. You will be Super Unstoppable during that night. [1-shot]

Waiting Rooms:
During the night chatting will be enable but it takes place in seperate "backstage rooms", the so called "Waiting Rooms".
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Game Style -
  • Traditional Setup - This game will "prominently" feature an uninformed majority against an informed minority.
  • Closed Setup - No information about the setup of this game will be revealed in the game thread until the game has ended.
  • Closed Communication - After reception of their role PM, players will not be allowed to discuss it outside of the game thread or during Night phases, except as specifically dictated in individual Role PMs.
  • Only Mechanical Claiming - This game doesn't allow flavour claiming nor are you allowed to hint towards it. Only claim in strictly mafia terms e.g.: "I roleblocked player X."
  • Day start - This game will begin with a Day phase.
  • Plurality Execution - The player with the most votes at the end of the Day phase will get executed. In the event of a tie, one of the tied players will get executed at random. No-Execution is an option.
  • Quasi-Dusk - In this game, each Day phase will officially end as soon as the 48/24 hours deadline is reached. A Dusk phase will not be officially recognized, and players may continue discussing in the game thread until the next Night phase begins, however day actions and voting sent after the Day phase has ended but before the next Night phase has begun will be ignored. Vote counts will be provided throughout each day as well as a final one once a day ends, however they may not reflect the actual vote value.
  • Phase length - The game is divided into cycles with each cycle consisting of 3 phases, two day phases (Action Day Phase & Execution Day Phase) and a night phase. Each phase will last 24 hours. During the Action Day Phase you can use your day actions and they will be proceeded during the halftime like night actions. During the Execution Day Phase players are prohibited from using actions. The execution will hapen at the end of the day. The night phase will be as usual proceeding night actions.
Rules -
  • Do not, under any circumstances, reveal any information to any player regarding this game if you are no longer alive.
  • Do not quote Private Messages from me/us; paraphrase. And no, replacing second-person pronouns with first-person pronouns does not count as paraphrasing.
  • Do not edit your posts; double post if necessary. Failure to comply will results in severe punishment. If a player is abusing this rule, they will be mod-killed. Take this as your only warning.
  • Vote towards a execution by typing Vote <name>, where <name> is the name of the player you are voting for. You do not need to type Unvote, or [Change] alongside a newer vote. I/We will always accept votes even with a wrong format, however it is not my/our responsibility if I/we miss them by mistake. Failure to vote results in nothing but shame.
  • You must post at least 3 times per 24 hours. Failure to comply will result in a warning and a mod-block at the first offence. A second failure will result in a forced substitution or mod-kill. If you think you might not be able to meet the requirement at any given phase, let me/us know in advance and you will not be affected by the repercussions. Note that posts made for the sole purpose of meeting this requirement will not be considered.
  • If you believe that I/we have made a mistake, please address the issue with me/us via Private message. This goes for questions to the hosts as well, anything addressing the hosts should be sent through role PMs. Save any other comments for after the game.
  • Any slightest form of angle-shooting as minimal angle-shooting as it is will be punished with a instant modkill.
Gameplay -
  • There are three level of abilities present in this game - Regular, Super and Ultra. Regular kills can be stopped by roleblocking the killer or protecting the victim. Super Abilities bypass regular defenses and manipulations. Ultra Abilities bypass anything unless they are Ultra modified.
  • All actions will receive write-ups. Attempted kills will always appear in the write-up, regardless of the reason of failure. However I will not reveal flavour for the sake of excitement.
  • Abilities with limited use are expended upon activation. For example, a one shot can not be used a second time even if the ability failed.
  • Actions are processed at the end of the action phases with priority given to certain abilities.
  • Every role possesses at least one active ability per cycle. You can only perform one action per action phase unless specified otherwise.
  • There are two forms of votes present in the game - Regular and Shadow. Regular votes can appear amplified and will be shown in the final votecount, however I will not show the source of amplified votes. Shadow Votes will not appear in the final votecount and they are an unknown factor.
  • This game is relentless, it means that even when you die you may still have impact in the game through in-game mechanics, so please don't be fully absent and provide atleast a contribution, even if it may be just a sole interaction if any.
  • Any vote related abilities will be disabled during an endgame scenario.
Three-Phase-System -
  • Action Day Phase - This are the first 24 hours during the day. The phase in which you quickly submit your day actions in response to the night or as setup for the day. I will proceed the actions after the 24 hour mark has passed, tho the actions will lock a hour prior at the 23 hour mark because of the procession time. I apologize for inconveniences.
  • Execution Day Phase - This are the second batch of 24 hours in the day. Nothing happens here just the execution will be proceeded at the end of the phase as usual. I will lock the votes at the 46 hour mark because of procession time. I apologize again for that circumstance and if anything changes I will notify you.
  • (Action) Night Phase - This is the usual night phase that will proceed night actions at the end of the night. Same as the Action Day Phase I will lock night actions a hour before the end of the phase.
  • If I have troubles proceeding actions then I might give myself more time to resolve actions accordingly. Some shifts in the phase ends might occur due to this. We all don't want the hose to make mistakes and guarantee a good gameflow, so these circumstances may appear. I apologize if it comes this far but one can never know what occurs. This might also rub off on the vote counts.
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Playerlist -

1. @Ekkologix - [Minato Aqua] Executed D2
2. @Alwaysmind - [Shirogane Noel] Executed D7
3. @Juliet - [Oozora Subaru] Killed N6
4. @Flower - [Moona Hoshinova] Killed N2
5. @Ratchet - [Tsunomaki Watame] Killed N7 Won D10
6. @Finalbeta - [Nekomata Okayu] Killed D3
7. @Naomi - [Pavolia Reine] Killed D10
8. @Ena - [Sakura Miko] Executed D3
9. @Poison @RippedCal - [AZKi] Killed D8
10. @~UwU~ - [Tokino Sora] Killed D1 - Revived D2 - Killed N6
11. @TheKnightOfTheSea - [Shishiro Botan] Killed N3
12. @Catyberry - [Amane Kanata] Endgamed D10
13. @TheAncientCenturion @BleakAsh - [Amelia Watson] Mod-Killed D4 Won D10
14. @SakuraMikoNWord @Dragomir - [Kiryu Coco] Killed D5 Won D10
15. @Midnight Delight - [Momosuzu Nene] Mod-Killed N5
16. @T-Pein™ - [Calliope Mori] Executed D6
17. @Ryu Kishi - [Haachama] Killed N6 - Revived D8 - Won N9
18. @Sky - [Inugami Korone] Killed N8
19. @Natalija - [Ninomae Ina'nis] Killed D3
20. @Typo - [Shirakami Fubuki] Killed N2
21. @Gambit - [Uruha Rushia] Killed D2
22. @Xadlin - Abducted D1 Reappeared D3 - [Yozora Mel] Mod-Killed D5
23. @Marimo_420 @Fujishiro - [Usada Pekora] Killed N4
24. @Hayumi - [Gawr Gura] Killed D3 - Lost N3
25. @Lindltaylor
- [Ayunda Risu] Killed N1
26. @LANJI CUCKSMOKE - [Ookami Mio] Killed N8 MVP
27. @insomnia - [Omaru Polka] Executed D4
28. @MUUGEN @Melontonin @Michelle - [Takanashi Kiara] Executed D5 Revived D8 Killed N9
29. @MonkeyD.Luffy - [Aki Rosenthal] Killed D4
30. @Udell - [Kureiji Ollie] Won D10 MVP
31. @krogothwolf - [Houshou Marine] Executed D10
32. @The Destoryer - [Nakiri Ayame] Executed D9
33. @Akai Haato
- [Akai Haato] Left Game D1 - Rejoined D7 - Killed N7

Write Ups -

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Roles have been sent out! Please check them out, do not chat yet! And keep in mind to keep everything to yourself!
The game will start in about 21 hours ~ stay tuned ladies and gentlemen!
Note: I will still upgrade the rules and gameplay section of the thread, so please check it out again later or during game start!



Oshi hunter
The First Story Arc: A Spooky Beginning!

"We are on the road to finish another epic and successful year for Hololive! Time is known to be forging legends over time and we all will continue to witness the rise of new legendary idols! I want everyone to celebrate and love each other as we enter a new festivity alongside our journey. It is the 31st October, which means: Halloween! I know everyone is teased by the sole fact that this unholy day came upon us, but wait...what is that? One of our idols seemingly went missing and there is no hope to continue this event with her present. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Hololive, where idols and dreams may rest in peace..."

@Akai Haato [Akai Haato] has been killed.
@Akai Haato has left the game.

You are Akai Haato!
You are the Center Town!

[Tsundere] - Akai Haato is a selfproclaimed tsundere, noone knows tho how harmful she really can be. Whoever votes her has a 33% chance to be killed by her at the end of the day.

[Haunted] - Akai Haato is haunted by Haachama, whenever she feels this haunted present then she freezes by shock. There is a 50% chance that Haato will be abducted during the beginning of a cycle.


[Red Heart] - Haato's trademark is a Red Heart; she keeps one with her at any time given. At any night Haato may borrow her Red Heart to a player of her choice, Super Protecting them that night.

[Haato's Blessing] - Haato is known to be not the best gamer and if she ever tries and fails then she may start to rage scream. Her fans see this as cute and entertaining calling her earrape "Haato's Blessing". If a top-aligned player dies last night then Haato may use this ability to make a player unstoppable that day and immune to shadow votes.

[Haato's Feet] - It's said to be the better feet between Haato and Haachama, as why Akai Haato likes to sniff her own feet and make fans go crazy with that gimmick. At night Haato may stomp on her target sending them to paradise with a Super Kill. If the kill fails she will still try to Super Rolecrush her target. [3-shots]

Win Condition:
Defeat all Bottoms.

I am wishing everyone joy, please keep the rules in mind. And with that: Happy Halloween!
Day 1 Starts, it's the Action Day Phase!

>>>Click for Countdown<<<
This is so exciting omgg. I haven’t played like an actual pretty well sized mafia game in a while.


Nice to see so many familiar players in the player list. To those of you who aren’t familiar with me, hey there~


[Haato's Feet] - It's said to be the better feet between Haato and Haachama, as why Akai Haato likes to sniff her own feet and make fans go crazy with that gimmick. At night Haato may stomp on her target sending them to paradise with a Super Kill. If the kill fails she will still try to Super Rolecrush her target. [3-shots]
Hololive's more degenerate than I thought :tchpepe:
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