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Theme - Worstgen Mafia Players
Game Type - Super Role Madness
Players - 31

Hosts - @Dragomir @Kiwipom & @Tris

Start Date - Tuesday 8:00 pm EST.
Players [6/31] -
1. @Krogi - [AL Sama] - Lynched D2
2. @Einstein - [Catyberry] - Killed D2 - WINNER
3. @Fridge - [Tris] - Killed N4 - WINNER
4. @Freddy Mercury - [Fujishiro] - Killed D4 - WINNER
5. @Lanjikun - WINNER
6. @42069 - [Melontonin] - Killed D4 - WINNER
7. @TACY - [Natalija] - Killed D5 - WINNER
8. @DeeDee - [RayanOO] - Killed D6
9. @Orihime - [Jew D. Boy] - Killed N6 - WINNER
10. @Clowna - [Janitored] - Killed N6 - WINNER
11. @Jinbe - [LANJI CUCKSMOKE] - Lynched N4
12. @Catty - [Akai2] - Lynched N2 - WINNER
13. @Wayumi - WINNER
14. @Delly - [Go D. Usopp] - Killed N2 - REVIVED D3 - Killed N5 - WINNER
15. @Father - [Queen] - Lynched D4
16. @Usopp's Boyfriend - [Midnight Delight] - Killed N6 - WINNER
17. @Lil Zem - [Novaselinenever] - Banned by [StrictAL] D2
18. @AdmiralBase @SlimCal - [Tobi] - Mod-killed N4
19. @Marrymo - [Finalbeta] - Killed N4 - WINNER
20. @Gagoo - [Zara] - Killed N4 - WINNER
21. @Lady Luna - WINNER
22. @Jewels - [Lindltaylor] - Lynched D5
23. @Bonbon @Lil Zem V.2 - [Light D Lamperouge] - Lynched N5
24. @Lamp @Tiptoe - [Flower] - Lynched D3 - REVIVED D4 - LEFT N4
25. @Lindy - [MangoSenpai] - Killed N5 - WINNER
26. @Rayban @Grammy - [Noctis] - Killed D4 - WINNER
27. @Mister - WINNER
28. @Doffy Downplayer - [Krogothwolf] - Lynched D6 - WINNER
29. @Hotgod - WINNER
30. @Spammer - WINNER
31. @Susopp - [Kiwipom] - Killed N3 - RETURNED N4 - [Kiwipom] - Lynched D7
WINNERS - Town & Finalbeta

Write-ups -
Beginning of Day 0
Day 0 Ends/Night 0 Starts
Night 0 Ends/Day 1 Begins
Day 1 Ends/Night 1 SKIPPED/Intermission Phase
Intermission Phase Ends/Day 2 Begins
Day 2 Lynch/Night 2 Starts
Night 2 Ends/Day 3 Begins
Day 3 Lynch/Night 3 Starts
Night 3 Ends/Day 4 Begins
Day 4 Lynch/Night 4 Starts
Night 4 Ends/Day 5 Begins
Day 5 Lynch/Night 5 Starts
Night 5 Ends/Day 6 Begins
Day 6 Lynch/Night 6 Starts
Night 6 Ends/Day 7 Begins

Game Style -
  • Traditional Setup - This game will prominently feature an uninformed majority against an informed minority.
  • Closed Setup - No game information will be made public to the players.
  • Plurality Lynch - The player with the most votes at the end of the Day phase will get lynched. No-lynch is an option. If there is a tie in votes, it will result in a no lynch.
  • Day Start - This game will begin with a day phase.
  • Phase Length - The game is divided into cycles with each cycle consisting of 3 phases, a day phase, a night phase, and a dawn phase. The day will last for 24-hours, the night for 20-hours, and the dawn for 4-hours. Totaling up to 48-hours per cycle.
  • Dawn Phase - The dawn phase will always be after the night phase and just right before the day phase. The dawn phase is to be used for the hosts to process the night actions and prepare the write-up. It may also be used for posting announcements. There is to be no talking during the dawn phase and no submitting actions either.
  • Quasi-Dusk - A dusk phase will be not be officially recognized in the game, but the players may continue talking after the votes have been locked.
  • Claiming - There are no claiming restrictions set upon the players unless specified in your role PM.
Game Rules -
  • Do not, under any circumstances, reveal any information to any player regarding this game if you are no longer alive.
  • Do not quote Private Messages from me; paraphrase. And no, replacing second-person pronouns with first-person pronouns does not count as paraphrasing.
  • Do not edit your posts; double post if necessary. Failure to comply could result in a mod-kill.
  • Congratulations! You have read the rules! The first three players to PM the hosts the code "cserafico" will receive $$$.
  • Vote towards a lynch by typing Vote lynch <name> or Vote <name>, where <name> is the name of the player you are voting for. You do not need to type Unvote, or [Change] alongside a newer vote. I will always accept votes even with the wrong format, however, it is not my responsibility if I miss them by mistake. Failure to vote results in nothing but shame.
  • You must post at least 5 times per day phase. Failure to comply will result in a warning and a mod-block at the first offense. A second failure will result in a forced substitution or mod-kill. If you think you might not be able to meet the requirement at any given phase, let me know in advance and you will not be affected by the repercussions. Note that posts made for the sole purpose of meeting this requirement will not be considered.
  • If you believe that I have made a mistake, please address the issue with me via Private message. Save any other comments for after the game.

– Do Not Post –
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Taboo & Trivia

Trivia -
At the start of the day phase, the host will ask a trivia question. The first player to successfully answer this question will receive a prize, or maybe not, who knows.

Taboo -
In each day phase, a certain word will be made taboo. If someone speaks that word, an announcement will be made to notify the players of this transgression. Players are free to guess t any time in their role PMs what the taboo word is. If guessed correctly, the host will announce that the taboo word has been broken. The taboo word will not be officially recognized if it has been broken. That will only be revealed at the end of the game or perhaps, through other means...The player to break it will not learn that they correctly broke the word. If multiple players have guessed it correctly then only the first one to do so gets the credit.

Will that player be given a prize for guessing correctly? I don't know. Will players be punished for speaking the taboo word? No sé. What happens if no one breaks the taboo word? Je ne sais pas.



Magic Knights

Do you wish to be part of the protectors of Clover Kingdom? Do you wish to be a revered mage of the Kingdom and earn the respect of the Nobles, Royals, and even the Wizard King himself? Become a Magic Knight and be part of a squad of powerful mages!

There are 5 Magic Knight Squads. Each Squad is led by a Captain. For the first half of Day 0, the players shall vote for 5 players they wish to be a Magic Knight Captain. In the second half of Day 0, the Captains themselves will then hand-select 5 players they want to join their Squad. Each Captain will receive a slight buff to their role. They will not learn of their buff until Night 1.

The Selection Process -

The process will begin with the Golden Dawn Captain who gets to choose first. They will select 1 player. Next will be the Captain of Crimson Lion Kings. After is the Blue Rose Knights Captain, then Silver Eagles, and lastly Black Bulls. Once the Black Bulls Captain has chosen their first player, then it will go back to the top once more with the Golden Dawn selecting their second player. Each Captain has 1 hour to select a player. If they fail to do so in that hour then their turn will be skipped.​

Les Vice-Capitaines -
Each Magic Knight Squad will have a Vice-Captain. During Night 0, the Captain will choose amongst the Squad who gets to be the Vice-Captain. If the Captain dies, then the Vice-Captain will become the new Captain. However, the new Captain will not be able to choose their own Vice-Captain. This Vice-Captain will not be made public to the thread.​
Headquarters -
A discord server will be created for each Magic Knight Squad. This will serve as its home base for the members to chat in there during the night ONLY. It is possible to be booted from your Magic Knight Squad. Captains and Vice-Captains are, however, immune to that.​
La Squadra -
Here are the Magic Knight Squads with each member and Captain! This list will NOT be updated if a member has been removed. It will, however, be updated if a Captain has died and a new one has arisen.​

Golden Dawn
Captain - @Fujishiro @Flower

- @Flower
- @The Destoryer
- @Hayumi
- @Yagoo

Crimson Lion Kings
Captain - @TheAncientCenturion

- @Zara
- @Natalija
- @TheKnightOfTheSea
- @krogothwolf
- @T-Pein™

Blue Rose Knights
Captain - @Bonbon

- @Melontonin
- @Catyberry
- @Jew D. Boy
- @Marimo_420
- @Van

Silver Eagles
Captain - @Ena @Typo

- @Zem
- @Lindltaylor
- @Light D Lamperouge
- @Seraphoenix
- @Finalbeta

Black Bulls
Captain - @Missy
- @Udell
- @Juliet
- @MangoSenpai
- @RayanOO
- @Midnight Delight
[Captain Perks] - Magic Knight Captains will receive perks that no other players get to have.
[Star of Excellence] - Players will have the opportunity to earn Merit Stars throughout the game for their Magic Knight Squad in order to see which squad is the best.
[Missions] - During the game, missions will be assigned to Magic Knight Squads by the Wizard King. Successful completion of these missions will reward in Merit Stars.
[Star Awards Festival] - In the dawn phase of each even day, the Magic Knight Squads will be ranked from best to worst. The best squad will receive a slight buff to each members' role. The worst squad will receive a slight debuff to each members' role.
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Currency and Clover Market
Magic Knight Squads aren't the only main event around in the Clover Kingdom. Within this Kingdom is a source of currency, Yul. With that money, one can visit the Clover Market and purchase a variety of magical items. In addition to the Clover Kingdom, there are other locations to visit with powerful magic of their own on the map. And of course, with Magic Knight Squads, the protectors of the Clover Kingdom, come Magic Knight Missions!

Yul: Clover Money -

In the Clover Kingdom, the main source of money is Yul coins. Everyone will have a predetermined sum of money to begin the game with. Players will have many opportunities to earn(and lose) money throughout the game. There will be a Universal way that applies to everyone, and a Limited way that applies to only a few players. The system used will not be publicly disclosed. However, they can be discovered through other means...[Secrets]

Clover Market -

With money, comes a shop: the Clover Market. This shop will open at the start of Day 1 and will be open only on day phases. The shop is closed at night. Players have a maximum of 3 purchases each time they visit the shop. Some purchases may have a worth of 2 or even 3. Players cannot visit the shop more than once in a day phase. The Clover Market will not be publicly disclosed. In order to visit the shop, players must post in their role PMs, asking for a visit.

Expiration, Selling, & Trading:

  • Each item purchased has an expiration date of 1 cycle. If it is not used within that cycle then the item will be lost. You will not get your money back.
  • Players are allowed to sell their items to other players. They may charge these items at any price that they want. To do this, a player must say Sell <item> To <user> For <price> in their role PMs. The recipient will be told <seller> would like to sell <item> to you at <price>. Do you accept or refuse? A player can only sell one item per day phase.
  • Players are also allowed to trade items with other players. In order to do this, a player must say Open Trade With <user> in their role PMs. There is a maximum of one trade per day for one player. Players may trade as many items as they want in during that transaction.
  • All selling and trading are to be done during the day phase.
  • It is possible to have an item you have purchased be stolen from you.
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Within the game are four main areas for travel. These locations can be visited by any player during the game. Within these locations may be new grimoires and magical items for players to obtain. Beware though, for these artifacts are not received without a cost, and I don't mean in terms of money. In order to travel to a location, players must tell the host in their role PMs using this format: "Visit <location>" Travel can only be done during the day phase. Players can travel as many times as they want in a day, as long as they have sufficient funds. A player will last in their chosen location until they move again. At a location, there is going to be a travel fee and a residual effect.

Travel Fee - This is a one-time payment for traveling to that particular location. If a player has insufficient funds to pay for it then they will be unable to visit the location.

Residual Effects - These are drawbacks to visiting a location. Most of these effects will last for one phase. However, if a player inhabits a location for too long then a Strengthened Effect will take over...[Secrets]


Clover Kingdom -

Residual Effects - None
Fee - None

- Welcome to the Clover Kingdom! This is where the headquarters for each Magic Knight Squad reside. Every player is a resident of the Clover Kingdom and as such begins the game here. Entry is free of charge and lacks any residual effects.

Heart Kingdom -

Residual Effects - Post Restriction
Fee - 1,500 Yul

- Neighboring west to the Clover Kingdom, is the Heart Kingdom, a place that is bountiful with nature mana. It is rumored that Undine, the Spirit of Water, can be found existing in this Kingdom.

Seabed Temple -

Residual Effects - Loss of vote power
Fee - 3,000 Yul

- Deep underwater, a player can discover the Seabed Temple. An underwater fortress housing beautiful mermaids who have a talent for singing.

Witches' Forest -

Residual Effects - Unable to use any other magical item(store-bought or discovered)
Fee - 4,500 Yul

- Venturing to a specific grand magic zone, one will come to the Witches' Forest. This forest is not friendly to outsiders and will immediately capture or even kill any unfamiliar visitors. Anyone who resides in here must fear the wrath of Witch Queen.

Spade Kingdom -

Effects - ???
Fee - 6,000 Yul

- North of the Clover Kingdom is the Spade Kingdom, undoubtedly the most dangerous location on the map for they here live the Zogratis siblings: Dante, Vanica, and Zenon. All of who are possessed by powerful high-ranking devils. One must be careful when visiting this place. The potential magical items to find are the strongest of all the locations, but the risk is also the highest.​


I strongly recommend that you take this time to read through the mechanics before the game begins and asking any questions that you may have. There's a lot to unpack so having a good grasp of these will definitely help you out in the long run.

I hope you guys enjoy what we have cooked up for you in this game. It's crazy good! Have fun and good luck to you all!



Ghost Princess
Long Live the Wizard King!

After his short-lived monarch, @Ekkologix has once again regained the royal crown. Greet your king of the WG Kingdom....

@Ekkologix is your Wizard King, Julius Novachrono

He shall be refered to by his proper title: Dear Leader, Who is a Perfect Incarnation of the Appearance that a Leader Should Have

In addition to our Wizard King, there are 5 positions to be filled. They will be the Magic Knight Squad Captains. As WG is a place that boasts democracy, players must vote on 5 players to be appointed as captains.

With all that said, have a good game everyone :)
Let the All-Stars Game Begin!

It is now D0.
You have 48 hours to discuss.



𝕷𝖔𝖗𝖉 𝖔𝖋 𝕸𝖔𝖔𝖓'𝖘 𝕾𝖕𝖆𝖜𝖓
Uhhhh hi.....Vanny here. I have no idea what I'm doing so apologies when I inevitably shoot first and never ask questions. This does NOT make me an easy target and I don't trust any of y'all lol

EDIT: Also, vote me for captain. You won't(definitely will) regret it :D
Blame Tac if you fuck up.
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