[FNZ] Role Madness Season 2 Unofficial- Dragon ball Z

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Host: @Fujishiro

Coach : @AL sama
Claim restriction:
This game includes flavour claim restriction. That means all hints to your character or any flavour mentioned in your abilities are forbidden. You may only claim in General Mafia terms. If you are unsure about what you are allowed to claim, please ask the hosts beforehand.
Phases: This game starts with a Day Phase followed by a Night Phase. Each phase lasts 24h. Votes lock after 23h every day and day actions will only be accepted until then as well.
Plurality Lynch: The player with the most votes on them will be lynched at the end of each day. To vote, please type Vote Lynch Player X in the thread. You don‘t need to unvote, but you need to vote in this format for your vote to be counted.
Post requirement: I expect each player to post at least 5 times during the day. Failure to comply may result in substitution or modkill.
Closed Setup: No information regarding the setup will be revealed before the end of the game.


1 @Flower
2 @Midnight Delight
3 @Finalbeta
4 @Go D. Usopp ™
5 @T-Pein™ -Dead- N1 (Krillin)
6 @TheKnightOfTheSea
7 @Queen
8 @Gambit
9 @Rej
10 @Juliet
11 @Dream
12 @Grammaton
13 @Tris
14 @Dragomir - Dead- D1 (Lynch) (Chiaotsu)
15 @MangoSenpai -Dead- D2 (Lynch)(Bulma)

16 @LANJI CUCKSMOKE -Dead- N1 (Tien- Shin Han)

Sub- @Chevy

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