[FNZ] Role Madness Season 2 Unofficial- Dragon ball Z

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fyi @Queen i was in the middle of collecting some posts when your mentioned me :goyea:
noted change of tone after a wagon is on u
ur tone really changed from ur opening posts man, what happened?
tone change? ... this is how i normally use to play mafia though mix with a lot of fluff (cut that shit out towards the latter games i played back 3 odd years ago)
Yeah? And you're that active to let an inactive post? How many substantial posts did you do beforehand? Gimme a Quenn activity in the game thread following the train and I'll take it all back.
because I was inactive, I wasn't allowed to pressuring anyone, is that what you trying to imply?
The construction on Knight doesn't look substantially solid, I don't see a high chance he slipped.

T Pein and Flower are advocating for it the most and this is something that doesn't strike well at all to me. Usopp also looking too protective of T Pein.
I will have to say I didn't like how Drago asked us some DBZ questions when this has nothing to do with scum hunting. These are easy posts to make to make it look like you are contributing when you are not.

Vote Lynch Dragomir
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