[FNZ] Role Madness Season 2 Unofficial- Dragon ball Z

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anyway im gna go sleep

for now

[vote lynch midight]

our roleblocked died so u might be blocked by mafia or a 2nd town blocker
regardless, we need mid to talk anyway


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So Flower and Midnight might indeed be scummates or singular scums anyway if what Dream is suggesting is correct, and judging from whom T Pein suspected, although not extensively confident about the latter point, sometimes frame attempts occur, in that case the compass would point in Usopp's direction.


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Dream is presumably not the kind of player to perform the newbie mistake to off the one player heavily suspected them the previous phase, but it would not prove that bad as a WIFOM strategy.

Midnight.. well.


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So in other words Flower is still the most likely to flip scum, then the other major candidate lies to me in between Midnight and Usopp, leaning more towards the former following my rationale.


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I have an ability that scans for alignment, but I got a inno result instead lmao.
I guess. Anyway Gambit scanned as inno on an alignment check, don't know wtf to make of that.

Also sorry guys for not being very enthusiastic about this game lmao, feels like I'm getting scammed with the joker game lmao

While I don't blame the guys who think I'm scum based off my interactions, it's also an easy pivot to bounce the spotlight away from themselves.

So... I'm gonna guess it's.. Knightofsea

Vote Lynch Knightofsea @aries


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yo @Rej u've also gone under the radar for awhile now

on a scale of 1 to flower how scum r u?
So what? I didnt sign up to make 50 posts per day.
I also didnt sign up to be immediately active during SoD, which is during the time I sleep. So wtf is that ass statement?

I sussed a scum the whole D1 and I will do it again D2.

vote lynch tris @Fujishiro


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Enticing is to notice that the Dream wagon dissolved so consistently, an even worse look for all the players who went for Dream, both the ones who kept it and non.
I'm still somewhat enthralled by this thought. That would point towards:

Flower, Midnight, Mango

Lodging with the most suspicious players category. But on the other hand T Pein factually flipped Town.
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