[FNZ] Role Madness Season 2 Unofficial- Dragon ball Z

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again for like the 5th time beta

queen cannot be mafia. cell is not part of frieza force

i am not lynching mafia today

i am lynching queen because she is a strongly possible independent killer

this reduced the night kills from 2 to 1

why is this hard to understand lol


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You didn't I know but you didn't specify x shot so that's what you probably were suggesting independently from what you will claim from now on.
I have unlimitted vig shots they only unlock after participating in 2 anti town lynches.

Thats why idc about this game anymore since I will never unlock this vig ability. Albeit from that I have an irrelevant passive that makes sure I stay alive for a while. That is my full claim and that is why I wanna be lynched to uncover the vig lies. Because town does not have 3 vigs. If yes then I will never ever again sign up for a game thats coached by AL.

So. Can your Sheldon Cooper head make something out of that?


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Queen has definitely to go. I'm sorry.

Rej might be indeed a Jester who the hell knows. Or really power WIFOMing.

I doubt he is a Mafia with lynch resistance attempting to bamboozle town into lynching him because the SK is probably still around.


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i hardly doubt ill be kept alive tonight so just follow with the plan beta tris

u can try to jail and protect who ever in hopes u guys stop a kill. gl with that
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