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Host - @novaselinenever
Players - 54
Start date - This Week

Longing seizes people more powerfully than poison and more deeply than illness. Once it catches hold of you, there is absolutely no escape. It is quite a curse, and yet the adventurers all willingly devote themselves to its pursuit. For them, a life without longing is more terrifying than death itself.
Players - [7/55]

1. @ConquistadoR --- [Apple] --- Mod-killed D4
2. @Adam 🍎 --- [Maki] --- Lynched N1
3. @Xlaw --- [Jimmy Neutron] --- Lynched D3
4. @Dragomir --- [Thomas Shelby] --- Lynched D1
5. @Kiwipom --- [Decim] --- Wished Out N6
6. @Juliet --- [Sargeras] --- Killed D6
7. @Don DaSlayer --- [Slave Knight Gael] --- Modkilled D4
8. @Ryu Kishi --- [Makima] --- Killed N5
9. @Worst --- [Mosquito] --- Killed D5
10. @MonkeyD.Luffy ---
[Walter White] --- Killed D4
11. @oddoddfruit --- [Littlefinger] --- Killed D4 --- REVIVED N4 --- DIED N5
12. @TheAncientCenturion --- [Illuminati] --- Killed D1
13. @Random Asshole --- [Regina George] --- Killed D6
14. @Ratchet --- [Mori Calliope] --- WINNER
15. @~UwU~ --- [Alex Jones] --- Killed D5
16. @Destroya --- [Tatsumaki] --- Killed D6
17. @LANJI CUCKSMOKE --- [Grandmaster] --- Left D4 --- WINNER
18. @Fujishiro --- [Teuchi-Sama] --- WINNER
19. @Yae --- [Scarface] --- Killed N4 --- REVIVED N5
--- Died N6
20. @MangoSenpai --- [Julius Novachrono] --- WINNER
21. @Rej --- [JigglyPuff] --- Killed D4
22. @T-Pein™ --- [Orange Peel] --- Removed D5
23. @Grammaton --- [Leonhardt] --- Killed N3
24. @Ekkologix --- [Tohru] --- Killed D4
25. @Kagura Za Warudo --- [Dead Man's Chest] --- Killed N1
26. @Flower --- [T-Bag] --- Killed D2 --- REVIVED D3 --- Killed D4 --- REVIVED N5 --- Died N6 --- WINNER
27. @Ultra --- [Bongs] --- Killed D5
28. @Dr_Professor83 --- [Sung Jin Woo] --- Killed D7
29. @Noctis --- [Gluteus Maximus] --- Killed D6
30. @Lindltaylor --- [Sauron] --- Killed D4 --- REVIVED N4 --- Killed D5
31. @Hayumi --- @krogothwolf --- [Khun Maschenny] --- Killed D6 --- WINNER
32. @MistyCatGoddess --- @Rhea Calliope --- [Battra] --- Lynched D2 --- WINNER
33. @Arondight --- [Darkling] --- Killed D6
34. @Sallucion --- [Tykki Mikk] --- Killed N4 --- REVIVED D5 --- Lynched N6
35. @RayanOO --- [Chocolate Cake] --- Killed D6
36. @Light D Lamperouge --- [Kyuseku Yumeno] --- Killed D7
37. @Kvothe Kingkiller --- [Sussus Amogus] --- Killed D7
38. @RippedCal --- [Ryo Fui] --- Lynched N5
39. @Midnight Delight --- [Ouija Board] --- Killed D6
40. @jinri --- [Severus Snape] --- Killed D3
41. @Cinera --- [The Looney Tunes] --- Killed D6
42. @Nana --- [Thanos] --- Lynched N3
43. @MUUGEN --- [Mahito] --- Killed D2
44. @Michelle --- [Kiwi] --- Killed D6
45. @Alibaba --- [Bloody Mary] --- Killed N1 --- REVIVED D3 --- [Nino Nakano] --- WINNER
46. @Naomi --- [Estelle Bright] --- Killed D7
47. @AL sama --- [Ulquiorra Cifer] --- Killed N1
48. @Salah WG --- [Caligula] --- Killed D5
49. @Nick --- [Dabi] --- Killed N2
50. @Zemmi --- [Cell] --- WINNER
51. @Reborn --- [Blackmore] --- Killed D5
52. @Ariess --- [Nothingness] --- Endgamed D7
53. @Bortolomeo --- [Blackpink] --- Killed D6
54. @Underworld Broker --- [Gudetama] --- Killed N2 --- REVIVED D4 --- Killed D5 --- REVIVED N5 --- Died N6
55. @Thururuzao --- [Chūya] --- Endgamed D7

Write-Ups -

Prologue / Game Starts
Day 0 Ends / Night 0 Starts
Night 0 Ends / Day 1 Starts
Day 1 Ends / Night 1 Starts
Night 1 Ends / Day 2 Starts
Day 2 Ends / Night 2 Starts
Night 2 Ends / Day 3 Starts
Day 3 Ends / Night 3 Starts
Night 3 Ends / Day 4 Starts
Day 4 Ends / Night 4 Starts
Night 4 Ends / Day 5 Starts
Day 5 Ends / Night 5 Starts
Night 5 Ends / Day 6 Starts
Day 6 Ends / Night 6 Starts
Night 6 Ends / Day 7 Stars

Game Style -
  • Traditional Setup - This game will prominently feature an uninformed majority against an informed minority.
  • Semi-Closed Setup - The list of characters potentially present in the game is public. However, no other information about the setup of this game will be revealed in the game thread until the game has ended.
  • Closed Communication - After reception of their role PM, players will not be allowed to discuss it outside of the game thread or during Night phases, except as specifically dictated in individual Role PMs.
  • Open Claiming - This game will feature restrictions on neither role claiming nor character claiming, except as specifically dictated in individual Role PMs. That being said, I advise caution.
  • Day Start - This game will begin with a Day phase. The SoD/EoD deadline will be 3 p.m EST or 6 p.m EST, depending on a pre-game poll. I will try my best to keep the deadlines consistent.
  • Plurality Lynch - The player with the most votes at the end of the Day phase will get lynched. In the event of a tie, one of the tied players will get lynched at random. No-lynch is an option. In the latter stages of the game, a hammer option will be available to the players if accepted.
  • Quasi-Dusk - In this game, each Day phase will officially end as soon as the 48/24 hours deadline is reached. A Dusk phase will not be officially recognized, and players may continue discussing in the game thread until the next Night phase begins, however, day actions and voting sent after the Day phase has ended but before the next Night phase has begun will be ignored unless specified otherwise in your role PM. The first 3 players to send me "Subarashii, Subarashii, Subarashii" in a PM will receive a gift. Vote counts will be provided throughout each day as well as a final one once a day ends, however they may not reflect the actual vote values.
  • Phase Length - The game is divided into cycles. Each cycle consists of 2 phases, a day phase, and a night phase. Each phase will last 24 hours, with the exception of the first 2 day phases. If you do not post or send an action within the time limit, I reserve the right to replace you.
Rules -
  • Do not, under any circumstances, reveal any information to any player regarding this game if you are no longer alive.
  • Do not quote Private Messages from me or others; paraphrase. Replacing second-person pronouns with first-person pronouns does not count as paraphrasing.
  • Do not edit your posts; double post if necessary. Typos are not that big of a deal. Continuous failure to comply will result in severe punishment, including modkills if it is abused to cheat. Take this as your only warning.
  • Vote towards a lynch by typing Vote lynch <name>, where <name> is the name of the player you are voting for. You do not need to type Unvote, or [Change] alongside a newer vote. I will always accept votes even with a wrong format as long as I see it, however, it is not my responsibility if I miss them by mistake. Failure to vote results in nothing but shame. Please do not tag me when voting or unvoting, it is unnecessary as I have to read every post already.
  • You must post at least 5 times per day phase. Failure to comply will result in a warning and a mod-block at the first offence. A second failure will result in a forced substitution. If you think you might not be able to meet the requirement at any given phase, please let me know in advance and you will not be affected by the repercussions. Note that posts made for the sole purpose of meeting this requirement will not be considered.
  • If you believe that I have made a mistake, please address the issue with me via Private message. This goes for questions to the hosts as well, anything addressing the host should be sent through role PMs, do not tag me to respond to questions in the thread. If needed, I will make an announcement to clear up any misunderstandings. Save any other comments for after the game.
Gameplay -
  • There are two levels of kills present in this game - Regular and Super. Regular kills can be stopped by roleblocking the killer or protecting the victim. They consume one life from roles with multiple lives. Superkills bypass regular defenses, role-blocks, bonus lives and can not be redirected.
  • There are two levels of protection present in this game - Regular and Super. Regular protection will stop regular kills, while Super protection will stop regular kills and super kills, as well as downgrade the nature of a hostile attack (ex: Rolecrush becomes a Roleblock).
  • Most actions will receive write-ups, some will not. Attempted kills will always appear in the write-up, regardless of the reason for failure. Alignments colors will not be revealed in an action write-up.
  • Abilities with limited use are expended upon activation. For example, a one shot can not be used a second time even if the ability failed.
  • At night, actions are processed at the end of it with priority given to certain abilities based on a normal resolution action order. Some roles may have abilities that affect the order. Regarding the normal resolution action order, a further post will go into more details and provide examples.
  • During the day, actions are processed using the time-stamp of their submission. They are immediately locked once submitted, so please be aware of that. They may not appear immediately in a public write-up as I prefer to wait for a bulk of actions to post publicly at the same time, if you're awaiting results, you may receive them before a write-up appear in the thread.
  • Every role possesses at least one active ability per cycle. There is no limit on active abilities performed per role per phase unless specified in your role PM. However, an ability (limited and unlimited use) can only be used once per cycle, unless specified otherwise.

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Special Game Mechanics -

After the last events on Sabaody Archipelago, the Weebs were finally ready to turn the page on the darkest period of their history. The victors of that fateful day went west to find a new home for their community of weebs. After months and months of travel, they've finally found an inhabitable world that reminded them of their old home. It wasn't long before they started remodeling it in the image of their world in the hope of a better future...

The Abyss - How To Get Around

The Weebs are living on an Island at the center of which is located a colossal pit, also known as 'The Abyss'. The Abyss is divided into sections called 'Layers', each having its own ecosystem and locations. Each player in the game is a [Delver], someone that can enter 'The Abyss' and look for treasure. There are ranks amongst Delvers, and the higher someone's rank is, the deeper in The Abyss they can go without suffering any consequences. Each layer has its own artifacts which are gadgets that work like abilities (Post 4), and during the night phase, a player may send in their action to visit one of the layers the following cycle.
[Delving] - Each night, you may submit an action in your role PM and choose a layer to visit. You will spend the following day canvassing that layer looking for artifacts. Each layer has an associated effect from the curse. (Post 3)
[Curse of the Abyss] - These are symptoms someone may experience when diving into the Abyss. The deeper someone goes, the stronger the effects are. Depending on a player's rank, the effects are either amplified or reduced. Unless specified otherwise in your role PM, you will be affected by it.​
[Seeker Camp] - At night, you will join a [Seeker Camp] specific for the layer you are in, alongside all the delvers in that layer.​
[Party] [Optional] - Players may opt to form a party of 3, and delve together. The skills of the higher ranked delver amongst them will be used for any artifact found by the party. At the end of the day, Delvers will learn about everything found, and divided it amongst themselves.​
[Expeditions] - Starting Day 2, quests will be offered by the [Delvers Guild HQ]. Quests will grant prizes to Delvers that complete them. Each quest will differ from the other through the prizes offered and the number of Delvers needed to accomplish them, as well as the class required. When a Quest is offered through the thread, players must volunteer through their role PM. It is first-come, first-served.​
How Does Canvassing For Artifacts Work?
Each day, Artifacts are dispersed through the game thread behind post numbers. When a player posts on a post number that has an artifact from the layer they're in behind it, they will attempt to retrieve it. The higher ranked delver they are, the more chances they have of successfully retrieving it.​
How Does Forming A Party Work?
During the day, players may make plans and form a team to delve together the following cycle. After forming a team, and agreeing with each other, they can tag the host and confirm their team-up. That night, when submitting action to go into a layer, they also submit the name of their 2 other partners, if all three submit the same things (location & partners), it'll officially form their team. They will canvass together and any artifact found will be shared amongst the group.​
Forming a party isn't obligated in order to dive and explore, any delver is free to go solo.​

Delvers Classifications -

Delvers are classified with whistles of different colors based on their ability, experience, and achievements. Progressing through the ranks is done through discovering artifacts and completing quests. Artifacts are also classified in grades, as such, the rarer an artifact a Delver discovers, the bigger the achievement. The more experienced a Delver is, the more chances they run at discovering Artifacts and fighting the [Curse of the Abyss].
Depth Limits:
Red - 1st Layer​
Blue - 2nd Layer​
Moon - 3rd Layer​
Black - 4th Layer​
White - None​
[Amplification] - Each whistle class has depth limits, due to skills, body strength, and various factors. When they dive within their limit, they risk the usual strains of ascents (cf Post 3). However, when one goes deeper than their limit, they expose themselves to amplified strains of ascents.​

White Whistle - Life Stones

White Whistles are made of a Life Reverberating Stone, and given further shape by the user's own modifications to the stone, making each and every White Whistle unique. The raw material is human life.​
During D0, each player must find a partner for the rest of the game. Players must form pairs, and the play you choose must choose you back for this to work. When their selection is completed, both players must tag me in the thread, and tag their partner confirming.​
[White Whistle] - If a player's partner dies, their partner will become their White Whistle artifact, and continue living through them. They may continue posting in the thread. The surviving partner will attain the rank of White Whistle and gain immunity against the curse of the 5 first layers. They may also enter the 6th layer if they choose.

Gold Coins - The Value of Money

The game will feature a currency system relating to several mechanics underneath. Unless specified otherwise in your role PM, you do not start with any gold coin and must hustle to get your hands on some. Some roles have abilities revolving around coins, and can thus gain them through other means. For everyone else, the main way to gain coins is by winning these daily awards, as well as participating in the [Contest of Weebs].
  • Useful Weeb - Provided an accurate vote count when requested [2 coins]
  • Towniest Weeb - Received no votes during the day [1 coin]
  • Weeb Leader - Amongst top 3 highest posters in a phase [3 coins]
  • Serious Weeb - No fluff posts in a phase [2 coins]
  • Cum Hunter - Lynched a threat to your faction [2 coins]
  • Good Samaritan - Saved a weeb from certain death [3 coins]
  • Weeb Champion - Win a tournament [4 coins]
  • Weeb Raider - Successfully complete an expedition [2 coins]
[Shop] - After the first cycle of exploration, a shop will be opened and its inventory will be posted below here, and continuously updated. Each new day phase, starting from D2, artifacts that weren't successfully retrieved the previous phase will be put on sale here. There will be a public record of the transactions. There is a guarantee of a [Special Grade Artifact] at each sale.​
[Trading] - Players may trade coins and artifacts with each other in order to pool their ressources. This must be negotiated and confirmed in public. After closing a deal, both players must tag me and tag each other in the thread confirming a transaction.​

The Contest of Champion -

One of the first things they've rebuilt is their famous fighting arena. Here, aspiring weeb warriors can come to challenge each other for the ultimate glory, and some In-Thread-Attacks. These tournaments are held each day phase.

[Contest of Weebs] - Open to the public, each day players may enter the tournament in order to win prizes and money. The registration period will be open from the start of the day phase until it fills or midway through the phase, whichever comes first. At the start of the game, each tournament has 16 spots available, and players will face each other in a best of 3 R/P/S games each round. In each phase, the main prize is an ITA at a super-kill level, while for each victory, a player wins 2 gold coins.​

The Weeb Elders -

After the success of the system last time in preventing conflicts to degenerate, the Weebs decided to continue the tradition in order to prevent the repeat of the chaotic events of the previous Weeb Wars they've heard so much about. This alliance will take care of disputes between them and make sure that peace is respected. They've created a small council whose goal is to lead the alliance.

During Day 0, each player must vote for 3 players they want to be represented by on the council. The 10 players with the most votes will seat on this new Council. Votes must be submitted privately through role PMs, they may be discussed in the thread without any restrictions. Their influence over the Weeb affairs is paramount and limitless, ranging from judiciary action to public health.

[Council Meeting] - On odd nights, the 10 Elders will convene in the game thread. They may post at night and vote, the player with the most votes at night will be lynched by them. As the game progress, the frequency of their meeting may increase.​
--- [Emergency Meeting] - Anytime an [Innocent] player is mislynched, the Council will convene the following night, and take action.​
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The Abyss

"The allure of the abyss is inescapable. Even so, no one has managed to reach the end. A golden city that sleeps at the bottom of the Abyss. Relics that surpass understanding. For 1,900 years, we have ventured into the darkness hoping to make greater and greater discoveries. The romance of a lost age and the arcane. Drawn to the great unknown, the Abyss devours us..."

The Abyss is a gigantic pit possessing a unique ecosystem, wherein lie the remnants of an ancient, yet advanced, civilization. Many have challenged the mysterious Abyss, pursuing countless hidden treasures and relics of immense value. It is divided in 7 layers, each more remarkable than the other.

  • Delvers - Adventurers that dive deep into the Abyss. Each day phase, [Delvers] may dive into one of the many layers of the hellish pit. They run the chance of discovering hidden artifacts/relics, that would grant them unique abilities.
  • Curse of the Abyss - The greatest challenges facing delvers is the ascent from the abyss. This mysterious phenomenon refers to a series of symptoms that manifest upon ascending while inside the Abyss. The deeper one delves, the more severe the symptoms are, ranging from dizziness and nausea to intense pain throughout the body, loss of senses and even death. Each layer exhibits its own curse, and escaping it is impossible. Through conventional means, that is.

First Layer - Edge of the Abyss

Strains of Ascent - Light Dizziness and nausea
Effects - None

  • The first layer is the most shallow section of the Abyss, right below the town of Orth. The environment is consistent and sunny, full of hollows in the grassy rockfaces and petrified trees. The wildlife consists of fantastical and mostly harmless animals, though occasionally predators from the 2nd might ascend in search of food. There aren't many relics found here, unlike deeper in the abyss.

Second Layer - Forrest of Temptation

Strains of Ascent - Heavy nausea, headache and numbness of limbs
Effects - Loss of voting power

  • The Forest of Temptation is the first truly dangerous section of the Abyss. The fauna and environment suddenly change, turning into a tropical rainforest with huge vegetation. It is filled with dangerous creatures and ascending becomes increasingly difficult, making it a place where only experienced adventurers can delve into.

Third Layer - Great Fault

Strain of Ascension - Vertigo combined with visual and auditory hallucinations.
Effects - Abilities become compulsive, and get randomly redirected for the cycle.

  • The third layer consists of a 4-km vertical cliff, making it a highly challenging area to cross, save for the large cave network around the main shaft. Countless methods have been implemented by many in order to attempt a descent, to varying effects. Aerial predators are common here.

Fourth Layer - The Goblets of Giants

Strains of Ascent - Intense full-body pain, dizziness from pain and varying amounts of internal and external bleeding across the body
Effects - Role-crushed for the cycle.

  • This is where the curse gets truly severe. It could potentially kill a person, if one is already injured or weak. It is invaded by absurdly overgrown vegetation with some shaped like cups filled with hot water, that earn this layer its name.

Fifth Layer - Sea of Corpses

Strains of Ascent - Complete sensory deprivation, confusion and self-harming behavior.
Effects - Abilities become compulsive, and get self-redirected for a phase, then role-crushed for another.

  • The 5th layer is a world where only white whistles can delve into, and you can count the numbers of people who successfully returned alive from it with the fingers of your hands. It is the thinnest layer, but also the widest of the Abyss. It consists mostly of a large monster-filled sea with some crystallized sections. At its point, a fort 'Idofront' has been established, and it serves as the gateway to the 6th layer. It can only be opened through a White Whistle's artifact.

Sixth Layer - The Capital of the Unreturned

Strains of Ascent - Loss of humanity or death, or very rarely, the Blessing.
Effects - [???]

  • The 6th layer is the point of no return, since it becomes humanly impossible to survive the ascent. A dive to this layer is referred to as 'The Last Dive'. Rumors of a Golden City sleeping at the bottom are vaguely spread at the surface. At any point during the game, a White Whistle may undertake a [Last Dive].

Seventh Layer - The Final Maelstrom


Strains of Ascension / Effects - Certain death.

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Glossary of Actions -

Cycle 0 -

The Slacker
The Tally, and ELI5

Cycle 1 -

The Moratorium
Egg-cellent Announcement
The Spawn Campers
The Maid, and the Resistance
The Control Devil, and the Princess
The Special Curse
The Contest of Weebs
The Darklord, and the Ripped One
The Little Ones
The First Casualty
The Trillion Dollar Company
The Egg and the Tornado
The Final Vote Count
The Switcheroo

Cycle 2 -

The Long Night
Good News Flying By
The Spirits, and the Curses
The Two Emperors
The Four Weebs
The Weeb Mobster
The Bracer
The Comback Kid
The Cursed Weeb
The Sneaky Ones
The Special Move
The Kaiju, and the Puffball
The Final Vote Count
The Fallen Believer, and the Mad Orange

Cycle 3 -

The Scheming Weebs
The Jobbers
The Vitamin C
For Peace and Town Domination
The Comeback Kid Vol.2
The Hero of Hell, and The Weeb Champion
The Artists
The Emperor Strikes
The Grandmaster
The Rainman, the Mad Emperor, and the Little Boy Genius

Cycle 4 -

The Faceless Weebs
Wanna be my 1+?
The Spawn Campers, and the Jobbers
The Unstoppable Force, and the Immovable Object
The Benevolent Dictators
The Disciple, and the Maid
The Raging Pokemon
The Fallen Idol
The Sage, and the Arrancar
The Ultimate Combo
The Egg, and the Chef
The Night of the Fallen
Gudetama & The Final Vote Count
The Fallen Host

Cycle 5 -

The Continuous Jobbing
The Judgement
Lie to Me
The Jobbers, and the Definition of Insanity
The Curse, and the Bongs
The Influencers
The Dreams, and the Devils
The Gravity, and the Rain
The Fruit, and the Bracer
The Gravity Man, and the Esper
The Doctor, and the Emperor's Judgement
The Final Vote Count
The Rumbling
The Impossible Boy
The Two Conquerors
The Fallen Chancellor

Cycle 6 -

The Jobbers, and the Recruit
The Cosmic Energy
The Show Must Go On
The Special Grade Artifact
The Total Erasure
The Post-Annihilation

The Pleasure of Noah
The Deepstate Awakens
The Controllers
The Fallen Titan
The Alien, and the Emperor
The Eviction
The Tipping Point

Cycle 7 -

The Living, and the Dead
The Begining After the End
The Ping Pong Game, and the Final Move
The Last Weeb: Endgame

Post-Game: Roles -

The Two-Time Mafia
The Believers Mafia
Independents A
Independents B
Town A
Town B
Town C
Town D
Town E
Town F
Town G

[Megumi ; Makima]
[Jack the Ripper ; Blackmore]
[Ulquiorra Cifer ; USN 7th Fleet]
[Al Capone ; Napoleon Bonaparte]
[Gudetama ; Ryo Asuka]
[JigglyPuff ; My Melody]
[Kyusaku Yumeno ; Lucy]
[Chocolate ; Klein Morettie]
[Jeff Goldblum ; Siegfried]
[Meng Hao ; Tyki Mikki]
[Sin ; Bongs]
[Esdeath ; Caligula]
[Buddha ; Julius]
[Yotsuyu Go Brutus ; Estelle Bright]
[Leonhardt ; Joshua Bright]
[Littlefinger ; Tanjiro]
[Mahito ; Geto]
[Sargeras ; Arthas]
[Zombies ; Bloody Mary]
[Illuminati ; Atila The Hun]
[Tohru ; Hayase Nagatoro]
[Alex Jones ; Tucker Carlson]
[Mori Calliope ; Fire Star]
[Sususs Among Us ; Memes]
[Walter White ; Gecko Moria]
[Maki ; Chuuya]
[Kiwi ; Melon]
[Cell ; King of Lightning]
[Thomas Shelby ; Adobe Photoshop]
[Cthulhu ; Sauron]
[Tatsumaki ; Merlin]
[Rimuru Tempest ; Snape]
[Ryo Fui ; Lu Bu]
[Mosquito ; Cornfield]
[The Dead Man's Chest ; Jack Sparrow]
[Namor ; T-Bag]
[Darkling ; Blizzard]
[Teuchi ; Walk, Texas Ranger]
[Battra ; Dean Moriarty]
[Girl's Generation ; Black Pink]
[Khun Maschenny Zahard ; Elizabeth Atanaxia Evatriae von Habsburg]
[Barney ; Regina George]
[MuuBa ; Jimmy Neutron]
[Thanos ; Red]
[Dabi ; Sendoh]
[Fridge Monster ; Looney Tunes]
[US Election 2020 ; Apple]
[Slave Knight Gael ; Agent 47]
[Orange Peel ; Potato]
[Ouija Board ; Magic 8 Ball]
[Sung Jin Woo ; Cheon Yeo Woon]
[The Last Weeb ; Nothingness]
[My Left Little Toe ; Gluteus Maximus]
[Kieran White ; Decim]
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The Great Slacker

The price paid for victory and freedom was a hefty one. Once again, the Weebs had to leave what they called home after an uprising by a few of them which almost destroyed their community. It created tensions never seen before, even their beloved Kumamon, a hero for many, was embroiled in a major scandal. Slowly but surely, things were getting better. Each new day, new weebs keep coming in and joining the community, helping build it anew, stronger, and better than ever.

It was a beautiful day on the island. A bunch of Weebs was preparing to dive into the Abyss for the first time. It has been five months that they were waiting, every few weeks, an old head kept telling them to wait, that it was wasn't the right time just yet. The weebs were restless. The old head was supposed to be their guide down the Abyss, to show them the ropes and everything. That morning, two of them were bickering as they picked through the remnants of an abandoned store near the diving. Scavenging had become a daily routine for the survivors of the Great Weeb Wars. They had heard earlier around the town rumors about the old man having some special-grade artifacts. Although the information was leaked about it, no one knew how he got his hands on it as he kept telling them not to dive and didn't seem to be in shape to do much diving without a party.

It was very strange. It was a special grade artifact, after all, they are items that can change the world. Has he perhaps been stalling them while going on diving attempts on his own? Thoughts were running through their heads. They decided to try once more to get him to guide them down. One of the Weebs had a feeling something was off when the old man kept avoiding them and making excuses as if he was hiding something. He knew he had to take matters into his own hands as these special-grade artifacts were worth fortunes. He just walked in the back, waiting for his opportunity. He also had heard rumors himself about the man, but they weren't very good. He was warned off multiple times about him. The parc where he hanged out was barely T in their line of sight when the enraged weeb, tired of having waited 5 months, sprinted to the front and fired 5 consecutive bazooka in its direction. Where did he hide the bazooka, or where did he even get it from? I have no idea.

As the rubble cleared, we could see the silhouette of the old man. He was heavily bleeding, a dead-man walking. As the weebs approached him, he uttered "All I have to say is why man? I'm not a sacker, I was busy :pepehands:" said the old man to the weeb that attacked him. He didn't let him respond before getting his stuff together and accepting his fate. He has slacked as long as he could, it was the end of the line for him.

@novaselinenever [A Slacker] has been killed.

[The Weeb Elders] has been activated.​
During Day 0, each player must vote for 3 players they want to be represented by on the council. The 10 players with the most votes will seat on this new Council. Votes must be submitted privately through role PMs, they may be discussed in the thread without any restrictions. Their influence over the Weeb affairs is paramount and limitless, ranging from judiciary action to public health.

[White Whistle: Life Stone] has been activated.​
During D0, each player must find a partner for the rest of the game. Players must form pairs, and the play you choose must choose you back for this to work. When their selection is completed, both players must tag me in the thread, and tag their partner confirming.

[White Whistle] - If a player's partner dies, their partner will become their White Whistle artifact, and continue living through them. They may continue posting in the thread. The surviving partner will attain the rank of White Whistle and gain immunity against the curse of the 5 first layers. They may also enter the 6th layer if they choose.

Day 0 begins.
You have 40 hours to decide on a council, and form pairs.

Note - During Cycle 0, actions may not performed unless specified otherwise. There is no abilities to submit, unless you've been informed about them. Read the two tasks above, and get familiar with the general mechanic post. If you need clarifications regarding anything, use your role PM and I'll answer everyting to the best of my capabilities.
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