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nope its not

do something so that I can trust you
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like I care for it
claiming is allowed

no not for you tac
nothing on them except it looked like jinni didn't like the mechanical talk but didn't push enough to stop it either which I m not sure what to think of

why me and flower tho??
not for a troll nope
I'll answer you anything once you start to play tacy

zem can ask me directly if she feels like it

@everyone how do you feel about mich vs me??
I can explain but it'd be better if you check it yourself

someone shoot this guy at night
well at least you don't sound like new
did you read our interaction??

also yes currently I m focusing on mich
no I never said she was being fluffy
and your point is??

I m focusing on mich not him
oh I missed this

yo tinky got something??
this might be nit picking but why did you say always??
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except your fluff
not my point but I m not willing to push my "you're not new" agenda for now
not exactly a suspect I m not liking her play
would it be possible to explain your guts??
These quotes are picked up from Al's Iso first 5 pages
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