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im catching up with this thread rn and seeing the amount of bullsht queen is saying to survive

reminds me when nocits 2.0 said rayan has 2 roles and nzoth is one of them to live

listen @Queen

if u wanna pick some beef with someone, do it to someone on ur level thats active enough and can defend themselves. not some inactives like rayan that you frame for something fake to save ur ass. cuz i checked their name too and its gura

first zem's passive saw 3 scums in ur wagon. assuming rayan is one of them (tho highly doubt gura is scum), then who r the other 2?

why dont ur smartass talk about those??

this was ppl in ur wagon fyi: Lanji, Fuji, Krog, Flowa, Tris, Pantheos, Kiwi, Juliet, Zem, Random A, Naomi, Luthon, Smiley, Michelle, Salah, Rayan

and 3 of those r supposed to be not town, so if you wanna be useful, tell me who r these 3, else nothing u say amount to much to me cuz I know its straight up lies like noctis 2.0
you used cover on rayan and you are protecting him like you protected lind, throwing shades wont save you
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