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Ghost Princess
The Purple Asshole -

@Random Asshole [Kei Tsukishima] has been lynched.

You are Kei Tsukishima!
"Hi. I'm the normal guy. Nice to meet you."
[Passive - Psychological Warfare] - Tsukishima takes pride in and relishes when his opponents see him as a nuisance due to his smug attitude. He must always reply to people quoting and tagging him in a snarky manner, or he'll be mod-blocked the following night. If they comment on his attitude, he will gain an additional voting power when voting against them that phase.

[Passive - Calm] - Tsukishima is a calm and collected person who thoroughly analyzes his actions. He is immune to role-blocks and possession. Never falling for decoys, Tsukishima's actions will always find their target.

[Passive - Time Difference Attack] - By strategically delaying his attack, Tsukishima is able to bypass any wall against him. If he performs the factional kill, he'll bypass protections.

[Active - Reconnaissance] - The only thing Tsukki trusts is information. Able to quickly process all the opponents informations, Tsukki may target a player during the day and learn their role.

[Active - Blocking] - Tsukishima is immensely proficient at blocking primarily because of his height. Each cycle, he may target a player and shield them from any negative actions including super-kills, redirecting any actions targeting them back.
--- [Block Playmaker] - Twice during the game, Tsukishima may organize his team into a blocking wall and guide them into redirecting back any actions targeting them. The blocking last a phase. This may not be used two cycles in arow. [2-shots]

[Active - Feint] - When not defending, Tsukishima is always ready to attack and he's not a slouch on that end either. Using a feint strategy to trick his opponent, Tsukisha can redirect their action to a secondary target of his choice. This may not be used on the same player twice in a row as they'd get used to his feint.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to The Guardians Mafia.

Night 8 begins.
You have 24 hours to submit your actions (if any).



The Weebs Endgame -

With an astounding 1100+ pages, Worstgen's first Weeb game, and the third of the trilogy, has finally come to an end. The citizens of Weeb Island march to the town hall located in Weeb Kingdom to see the results of this unprecedented game.

Both Mafia teams had their numbers wiped out clean and as a result, the Guardians and the Beautiful Boys have lost the game! With our independents, Clown had no more jokes left to give. Burger King had lost his spot after a food poisoning outbreak. COVID-19 was eliminated as soon as masks and vaccinations started popping up, the "It's just a flu bruh" peeps were seen celebrating. Kurapika couldn't bring justice to his clan before he eventually died. As such, they have all lost the game.

Kool-Aid Man (@SinOfGreed) remains the sole survivor of all the independents and accomplished his mission of having assisted a surviving fellow Weeb with his Kool-aid. He has won the game!

Last but not least, the remaining citizens of Weeb Island had fought the evil that lived on their island and fought to eliminate them all. For their glory, Town has won the game!

Thank you everyone for playing this game! We appreciate your time and involvement. Many memes were created out of this that will provide lots of nostalgia as this game is looked back on later. Congrats to the winners and better luck next time to those who lost!

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