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Here are the roles that didn't show up:

"Don't be an asshole, just go about your day and don't bother anyone."
You are Gawr Gura!

[Passive - Shark] - Hailing from the Lost City of Atlantis, Gura has an affection for marine life. She knows the identity of [The Lord of the Coast - Ratchet], and shares a Mason chat with him.

[Passive - VTuber] - As a Virtual Youtuber, Gawr Gura is more comfortable interacting with the game through her digital avatar, keeping her identity secret. She may not claim her role in the thread or reveal any information relating to her role. Investigations targeting her will fail as her identity is well protected.
--- [Youtube Channel] - As a Youtuber, she relies heavily on views and subs to keep her channel growing. During the game, ‘Likes’ and ‘Quotes’ are the equivalent of views. If player quote her 20 times throughout a day phase, they will be automatically subscribed to her channel for a cycle. The number required to subscribe a second time is 30, and she needs 10 more quotes at each stage. She is immune to the votes and actions of her subscribers. She earns money through the number of likes and quotes posts related to her content, earning 10k Belly for each Like/Quote her posts get, or her action write-ups. Actions performed by her receive their own write-up in order to track their views.

[Passive - Left and Right] - Gura has sometimes telling left from right which often leads to her getting lost. On even day, Gura will find herself in the [General Mafia Chat] instead of the game thread, making her unable to post in the game thread that day. She may post in the other thread and play the game as usual there.
--- [Idol] - Gura has many fans, and her actions may influence people to imitate her. Players that interact with her in the [General Mafia Chat] instead of through the game thread and break the rules will not be punished. It is her responsibility to prevent them from breaking the rules, for each player that posts game relating content in the [General Mafia Chat], she will face repercussions that will hurt her channel.

[Active - Introduction] - At the start of the game, Gura must introduce herself to the thread through the host asking people to sub for her. It can be a message or an audio file using [Vocaroo].
--- [Ad] - Each cycle, she may purchase an ad slot in a write-up for 50k belly to promote her channel.

[Active - Stream] - On odd days, Gura may start a gaming stream and take control of a dead revealed townie role to “play it”. She will gain access to its abilities as they were at its death, and she may use them during that cycle. The stream must be setup the previous night to give a heads up to her fans. On even days, she may post a [Vocaroo] audio message to the thread through the host.
--- [Chat] - While setting up the stream for the following night, she will invite her fans to join her in a private chat the following cycle that will last the duration of the stream. She gains 100k Belly for each presence.

[Active - Shrimp] - Gura is grateful for all her loyal fans that support her monetarily. If a player spends 3 cycles subbed to her, they will be permanently subbed to her granting her permanent immunity against their actions and votes. She will learn their full role, and each cycle, she may control the role and vote of one of her permanent subs. She may not control the same player more than once.
--- [Bloop] - The first player to permanently sub to her channel will become the Mascot of her channel and her own 'emergency food ration'. The first time she's targeted by a kill or a role-crush, it'll affect them instead.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​

"Greetings from the prettiest tower on the planet."
You are the Eiffel Tower!
[Passive - Symbol] - The Eiffel Tower is a global cultural icon of France and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. Her identity will be revealed at the start of the game, but not her alignment.
--- [Attraction] - The Tower can be seen from around Paris and its suburbs. It is photographed, drawn, filmed, and replicated in all kinds of circumstances. At the start of each day, the list of players that visited the Eiffel Tower the previous cycle will be made public.
--- [Copyright] - Due to the tower's various illuminations being protected by copyright, any player that visits it at night must pay a 100K Belly fee. If they do not have enough funds, their vote will be used as payment.
--- [Paris, you have my heart] - One of the most beautiful landmarks in the world, the Eiffel Tower often takes the breath of its visitors. If a player visits it three times, they will be charmed. The tower is immune to the votes and actions of charmed players.

[Passive - The Iron Lady] - Constructed with special iron refined to obtain almost pure iron, the Eiffel Tower was from the best and most robust of materials. As such, she is immune to any kind of debuffs, poisoning and role-crushes.

[Passive - Visitors] - The Tower has three floors that are open to the public: the 1st floor, 2nd floor and summit. Restaurants are located on the first two floors, and there is an observation deck at the top. Alongside it's identity reveal at the start of the game, the tower must also broadcast a message to the thread inviting them to visit and promoting its services. Each player that visits her will have the option to use one of its services.
--- [First Floor Restaurant] - Players may come here to dine. Thanks to the amazing food and the breathtaking view, your visitors actions will bypass any role-blocks. A visit costs 35k Bellys.
--- [Second Floor Restaurant] - A Michelin star restaurant, patrons of this restaurant may perform their action twice the following night. A visits costs 50k bellys.
--- [Observation Deck] - Visitors of the summit may target a player and watch them. They will learn the identity of anyone that visits them (if any). A visit costs 75k bellys.

[Active - Restriction] - The Eiffel Tower management firm handles everything related to the tower. Each cycle, they may deny access to 3 players of their choice and offer free entry coupons to 2 players of their choice.

[Active - Keep Fighting!] - At night, the Eiffel Tower may be illuminated to pay tribute to the fallen townies. She will role-block all players in the game due to dazzling show she will putting up. [1-shots]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town​

You are Ulti!
[Passive - Mean Girl] - Ulti is a bold and aggressive girl. Always ready to snap back at anybody that displeases her, even her own boss. As such, during the day phase, she must be sassy at all times. If she can maintain this short-tempered attitude for the lengthy day, her vote will count as 2 at the EoD vote tally.

[Passive - Pay Pay] - Ulti has quite a violent and overprotective relationship with her younger brother Page One, whom she calls Pay Pay. <@name> will be your Page One in this game. If during the day phase, he or she is being suspected, you must defend them at all costs.

[Passive - Tobi Roppo] - As a member of the Flying Six, Ulti has gained a lot of authority over people around her. As such, it takes one more vote to get her lynched.

[Passive - THAT DAMN YAMATO] - Yamato is nowhere to be found and Kaido is desperate to have her be returned! This is an absolutely golden opportunity to land an All-Star position by finding Yamato! A player in this game will be coined your Yamato. It is your job to find them. If you do, you will be able to take a spot in the Weeb Council.

[Active - UI-Zugan] - One of Ulti's classic attacks. A basic-ass headbutt. Instead of once per cycle, she may target a player once per phase to headbutt them. That player will be role-blocked the whole phase.

[Active - Pay Pay, give me a piggyback ride!] - Whenever she wishes, Ulti may call upon her younger brother to give her a piggyback ride. If you activate this ability, <name> will carry out your next UI-Zugan action. If he is role blocked or redirected, your action is will be affected. If you instead are role blocked or redirected, then the action will still go through normally. [4-shots]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​

You are Dr. Ivo Robotnik, otherwise known as Eggman!
[Passive - 300 IQ] - As a man of extreme intellect, Eggman can't be fooled by simple tricks and gimmicks. As such, he is immune to vote manipulation.

[Passive - Overzealous Courage] - One of Dr. Robotnik's greatest attributes is his astounding courage. Always putting himself headfirst into danger even when he doesn't need to. During the day phase, Robotnik must have a vote placed on someone at all times. During the night phase, he must always perform at least one action. He can't abstain.

[Active - Escape Artist] - Eggman has an absolute knack for escaping from the trickiest of situations no matter the predicament. After activating this ability, Eggman will spend one whole phase to create an escape route. He may not do anything else in that timeframe. After that phase has gone by, Eggman's escape path is fully set. If he is attacked or lynched then he will survive it and then he'll have to do it all over again. Super-kills will not bypass this. Eggman may target one other player to bring with him during the escape. They will be protected from the same things. [4-shots]

[Active - Highly Advanced Glasses] - Ivo's glasses are a remarkable piece of technology, capable of many wonders. Eggman is free to target a player using his glasses to discover if they are [Innocent] or [Guilty].

[Active - Hidden Jetpack] - With a press of his golden shirt button, Robotnik can unveil his jetpack and fly away at a moment's notice. He will be role-block and redirection immune for that cycle. [3-shots]

[Active - Ultimate Life Form: Shadow the Hedgehog] - Eggman's grandfather created this counterpart to Sonic. It's locked up away in a capsule and only Ivo knows how to unlock it. At any time during the game, he may unleash Shadow the Hedgehog. In the current location that he is in, Shadow will go on a rampage and permanently role crush any and all who visit Robotnik during a 1-phase timeframe. However, if Robotnik were to unleash this beast, then he will permanently lose his aforementioned abilities for the remainder of the game. [1-shot]

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​

You are Bouya Harumichi!
[Passive - Four Kings] - By the end of his senior year, Bouya was part of the Four Kings, the Four strongest boys in the country. He wasn't just part of this, he was the strongest of the Four Kings. As the strongest, Bouya has 4 votes to spare. He must split these votes individually to 4 different users each day phase. Failure to do so will lead to him being mod-blocked for the next night.

[Passive - Champion] - Bouya doesn't back down from a fight and has a history as a champion. 26 fights with 21 wins, 4 losses, and 1 draw. Quite an impressive resume. As such, if a role-crush or killing attack is performed on him. Bouya will force his visitor into a duel with him instead. The duel is to see who can make the most posts by the end of the current or next day phase. If Bouya wins, the kill or role crush will fail and he will learn the name of his visitor. If the visitor wins then the action succeeds.

[Active - Greatest Man] - Bouya is widely considered to be the Greatest Man at Suzuran High School. He was the established boss there, even above the teachers. As the boss, Bouya has the authority to do an investigation on the current situation. In the event that someone was killed, Bouya may investigate the players' death and receive a list of names of people that visited that player during the entire game.
--- [Revenge] - Whenever Bouya discovers that one of his friends has been beaten up, he promises to avenge them. As such, Bouya may target one of the players in the list that he received and super-kill them. [1-shot]

[Active - The Legend of Dede] - During Bouya's middle school days, he headbutted his perverted principal, stripped him down butt-naked, then hung him upside down at the school's rooftop. Absolutely ruthless. Bouya may perform this heinous act against a player of his choice. That player will be role-crushed for 2 cycles and Bouya will learn their full role. [1-shot]
--- [Tall Tale] -
This incident has become rather a tall tale, passed down to lower generations getting stretched and stretched. As such, Bouya may perform this action again after already expending that 1-shot, however, it will be weaker this time. The player will be role-crushed for 1 cycle and he will instead learn of 2 random abilities of theirs. [3-shots]

[Active - Bodyguard] - As the Greatest Man in school, it is Bouya's responsibility to protect his fellow students, acting as a bodyguard to them from bullies. He may target a player to protect for 1 cycle. If that player is attacked then the attack will fail and Bouya will strike back, role-crush the attacker for 2 cycles. His protection only stops regular-kills.
--- [Underling] - Bouya's protection doesn't come without a cost. If he successfully protects a target then they will join him as an underling. The player will be fully protected for the remainder of the game. However, they will be unable to vote for Bouya as well.

Wincon: Eliminate all threats to Town.​

"I know you want my help because I'm so good!"

You are Yuffie Kisaragi!
[Passive - Optional] - Due to her status as a secret character, Yuffie will start Day 1 taking a step back. She may not post until a player has mentioned her in the game thread. She also doesn't have any voting power unless voting for the lead wagon.
--- [Recruitment] - Before beginning to post, she will challenge the first player that mentions her in the game thread to a game of [War Card Game]. If she wins, she will gain [Neighbors Chat] with them becoming a party. If she loses...[Secrets]

[Passive - Confidence] - Yuffie boasts non stop about her skills and strength even when defeated. On odd days, she is immune to role-blocks. On even days, her action may not be manipulated through redirections or possessions.

[Passive - Ninja] - While the self bestowed honorific are debatable, Yuffie is a reliable and very skilled Ninja. She avoids the first action targeting her each cycle, and she does not appear on Tracker/Watcher type investigations.

[Passive - Motion Sickness] - Prone to getting hill when on board a moving vehicle, Yuffie actively avoids that mode of transporation. As such, she's unable to move between Groves on the map. Her starting choice will be her only location during the whole game.

[Active - Thief] - Yuffie is an accomplished thief, being able to steal information and treasures alike.. On odd cycle, she can target a player and steal an ability at random from them. She will get a one-shot version of it, summarized as an effect solely. On even cycles, she can target a player and steal any object and/or money they may have. The host will roll a D10, and the results times 10 is the percentage of their money she will steal (if any).

[Active - Materia] - Obsessed with Materia, Yuffie believes that it's the key to accomplishing her goals and restoring Wutai's glory. Occurring naturally in the environment, these items can be used to craft spells and abilities to use in combat. This game, some players have environmental ingredients inside their waist bags, hidden on the player's list. Each day, Yuffie may target a player and attempt to collect their ingredient (if any). After collecting 2 items, she'll be able to craft a 1-shot ability and give it to a player of her choice.

[Active - Quarantine Hut] - Yuffie has extensive experience with contagious diseases... [Secrets]

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​


You are Ryomen Sukuna!
Ryomen Sukuna is a role whose power is fragmented in preserved fingers as a Cursed Object. The first player to come across Sukuna's first finger will eat it and as a result, Sukuna will lie dormant inside of them using them as a vessel. At first, he'll be too weak to do anything, but as the player eats more and more fingers, Sukuna's power will increase and the player's control over themselves will lessen. He'll gain different upgrades to the abilities he has already possessed or gain new ones entirely. Once he gains all 5 fingers, he will be fully awakened and take complete control of the host body. The player will change their alignment into a Serial Killer.

[Finger 1]
-After eating just a player eats the first finger, Sukuna will inhabit their body as a vessel. He is currently too weak to do anything significant. However, he has one ability at his disposal.

[Chatterbox] - Sukuna can casually talk to those around him whenever he wishes from the vessel's body. During odd day phases, Sukuna may talk in the game-thread through the host. The vessel-body will be possessed by Sukuna on the odd days. To speak as Sukuna, they simply post their message in their role pm and the host will relay it to the game-thread as a message from Sukuna. The player will be unable to use the abilities from their original role during this phase.

[Finger 2]
-Now that a second finger has been eaten, Sukuna has gained a bit more power and can finally start doing some damage. The host-body will slowly lose control as Sukuna will take over on odd nights from then on. The host-player will have to play this role during those odd nights. Sukuna has gained two more abilities to use.

[Active - Dismantle] - This is Sukuna's default slashing technique. He may use it to role crush a player for one cycle.

[Active - Reverse Cursed Technique] - Sukuna may use a reverse technique to regenerate from any and all regular attacks done to him that night. Super-kills will bypass this.

[Finger 3]
-Brimming with energy as he now has over half of the fingers he needs, Sukuna's glee is bursting! He now controls the host-body every cycle with a 1-phase cool-down in between. So...Day 3 and Night 3 he controls, then Day 4 it's a break. Then on Night 4 and Day 5, he controls again.

[Passive - Know Your Place] - You dare touch my soul? Since we both heartily ridiculed that brat, I'll allow it this once. There won't be a second time. Know your place, fool. During that cycle, the first player to visit Sukuna will have their action fail in fright and he will gain permanent immunity to their actions. If they visit again later during the game, then Sukuna will immediately kill them. Sukuna will automatically have immunity to players who have visited the vessel-body prior to eating Sukuna's finger.

[Passive - Reverse Cursed Technique] - Sukuna can now automatically reverse any attack done on him and regenerate from them. Super-kills will bypass this.

[Active - Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine] - Sukuna unleashes his domain expansion to a target of his. The player will immediately be regular-killed.

[Finger 4]
-He is now extremely close to full form. The power within him just ready to implode. Sukuna will now take over for 2 straight cycles with a 1-phase cooldown in between.

[Conditional Active - Binding Vows] - Sukuna may choose a player to create a Binding Vow with. In order to properly activate this ability, Sukuna must propose to that player at least one thing. X player does B and in return, Sukuna will do C. This offer must be done in the day phase with a post from Sukuna. If the player agrees to the offer then the vow is set. Sukuna will learn the full role of the player and as a result, be able to control their actions for one cycle.

[Active - Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine] - Malevolent will now super-kill the target and regular-kill any other player that visits the target.

[Finger 5]
-The King of Curses is back! Now in his full form, the host-body will be completely taken over for the remainder of the game. This is Sukuna's full role:

[Passive - King of Curses] - 1000 years ago in his full-fledged form, it took hundreds of Jujutsu Sorcerers to finally seal Sukuna into fragmented cursed objects. They gave him the epithet "King of Curses." Sukuna will investigate innocent and be immune to lie detectors.

[Passive - Know Your Place] - You dare touch my soul? Since we both heartily ridiculed that brat, I'll allow it this once. There won't be a second time. Know your place, fool. During that cycle, the first player to visit Sukuna will have their action fail in fright and he will gain permanent immunity to their actions. If they visit again later during the game, then Sukuna will immediately kill them. Sukuna will automatically have immunity to players who have visited the vessel-body prior to eating Sukuna's finger.

[Passive - Reverse Cursed Technique] - As a curse, Sukuna has extraordinary regenerative power. Not even the best of cursed techniques can kill him. Sukuna is super-bulletproof. If attacked, he will gain the killing ability as a one-shot to use the following cycle.

[Active - Dismantle] - This is Sukuna's default slashing technique. He may use it to kill a player of his choice.

[Active - Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine] - Malevolent Shrine differs from other domain expansions in that it doesn't create a separate space using a barrier. The ability to realize one's innate domain without using a barrier is akin to an artist painting a masterpiece not on a canvas but on air. A truly divine technique. During the day, Sukuna may bring forth his innate domain, Malevolent Shrine, into the game-thread. Players will be informed that they have now entered Sukuna's domain and are susceptible to being killed at a moment's notice. All roles will be role-crushed bypassing role-crush immunity. At the end of the phase, the two players adjacent to Sukuna in the player list will be super-killed. [2-shots]

[Conditional Active - Binding Vows] - Sukuna may choose a player to create a Binding Vow with. In order to properly activate this ability, Sukuna must propose to that player at least one thing. X player does B and in return, Sukuna will do C. This offer must be done in the day phase with a post from Sukuna. If the player agrees to the offer then the vow is set. Sukuna will learn the full role of the player and as a result, be able to control their actions for one cycle.

[Active - Throughout Heaven & Earth, He Alone is the Honored One] - "Only his pleasure and displeasure exist." Whether you die or you die, doesn't matter. Aside from him, I truly don't care. If Sukuna activates this ability, the location that he is in will be permanently destroyed. Those in it will be role-crushed for the remainder of the game. A guarantee of 2 players from that location will be super-killed. He truly doesn't care. [1-shot]

Wincon: Eliminate all the players in the game.​

“Of what worth is a king who fails to protect the powerless?”
You are Artoria Pendragon!
[Passive - The Servant's Life] - Saber has no life without a Master. She must be summoned... [HIDDEN] The first Town player to challenge or invite her will summon her into the game, and gain a chat with her where they may communicate at all times. She will gain access to her abilities and her summoner will also gain the status as her [Master] that she must protect. If her [Master] dies, she will leave the game.
--- [Untouchable King] - Before her summoning, Saber isn't physically present in the game. She may post and vote, however she doesn't have any abilities and she can not be targeted by any action whatsoever except the ones that would summon her.
--- [A Tool] - Saber's master has access to her abilities, and may order her to use 1 action per cycle how they see fit. As the game progress, she may slowly become aware of herself as more than a servant...[HIDDEN] - If they disagree in their chat about the target of one of her abilities, the action will not be performed as she will never reject her morals and beliefs. If they disagree a second time during the game, she will lose this passive.
--- [HIDDEN] [Saber Alter] - If Saber isn't summoned by the end of Day 4, she will comes to the realization that the duty of a hero is to be hated and ostracized, that a hero's only duty is to cut down foes using all their strength. She must cleanse this game by her own hands. As such, she will appear in the game as her alternate version [Saber Alter] and gain the win condition of eliminating all players in the game.

[Passive - Code Of Honor] - Resolute in following her morals, Saber may not lie in the game about anything. She will always respond truthfully when asked a question in the thread. Failure to comply will see her have trouble live down the shame her actions brought on her causing her to not perform an action the following night. This strong belief in her morals and indomitable grants her immunity against vote and action manipulation. Her actions may not be tampered with, and will always find their target.

[Passive - Magic Core] - Born with the magical energy of a Dragon, Artoria possesses magic circuits in her body that transcend normal human beings. She is bulletproof and she is immune to role-crushes and poisoning.
--- [Servant-Master Connection] - Artoria will gain any immunity that her [Master] possesses through the spiritual line connecting them when she was summoned into the game.

[Active - Saber Class] - Famed for its great power, Saber Class is one of the Servant classes and the one Artoria was summoned into. Each cycle, Artoria may target a player and protects them against negative actions, excluding super-kills, targeting them for the duration of a phase. Twice during the game, she may upgrade her protection which will include protection against super-kills.

[Active - Noble Phantasms] - As a Heroic Spirit, Artoria has access to several of these armaments as weapons.
--- [Invisible Air] - Saber may activate this ability to conceal herself. She will evade any actions targeting her during that phase. Alternatively, she may use it to release a compresses wind and destroy an ability of her target. She may not use the same effect more than twice. [4-shots]
--- [Excalibur] -
A divine construct forged by the planet, Saber wields this sword that convert her sword into light. Each cycle, Artoria can target a player to kill by converting her voting power and access to her other abilities as the light needed. She may channel the 'light' of her [Master] to upgrade this kill into a super-kill. For every three dead Townies, she will harness enough mana to convert into light without sacrificing her abilities and vote for the cycle. Alternatively, she may sacrifice them to upgrade it into a super-kill that cycle. [Excalibur] may not be upgraded two cycles in a row.
--- [Rhongomyniad] - Granting her the authority of the Tower of Light, Saber may use this lance to automatically lynch a player that has 3 votes in any given day phase. The 3 votes required may not be those of Artoria nor her master. This lynch will bypass any immunity, and end the phase immediately. [1-shot]
[Human Illusion] -
Also known as 'Crystalized Mysteries', [Noble Phantasms] are made using human imagination as their core...[Secrets] - [HIDDEN] - It is impossible for myths and legends to start from nothing, the anecdotes about the prowess and weaponry of any Heroic Spirit all become part of the very "symbol" of their existence. As such, any time a player in the game mentions an ability that Artoria may have, it will materialize a cycle later as a crystal that Artoria may use. This is affected by legends about Artoria the role, and the player holding it as well.

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​

"Take care of this little one. Or I'll take care of you."
You are Baby Yoda!

[Passive - Retrieval] - Baby Yoda must sit tight, and look cute. There is a contract on his head. The first player to contact the host interested in the contract will receive instructions regarding tracking and retrieving Baby Yoda. Once the retrieval is complete, the player will receive two choices.
--- [Complete Assignment] - They may bring you back and collect the money. They will earn 1 Million Berry. However, branded as a [Child Trafficker], their voting power will permanently be 0 and they will be unable to be affected by positive actions throughout the game. You will unlock your [Force Abilities] the first time you are attacked.
--- [Protect The Baby] - If they choose to abandon the mission and protect you instead, they will gain a [The Mandalorian] ability buffing their role and acquire the task of protecting you. A chat will be open between you two where you may talk at all times. You will partially unlock some of your abilities.

[Passive - Baby Yoda] - With his big round eyes and small claws, Baby Yoda is a cuteness sensation. He is immune to lynches, and each cycle he will charm one random player that has voted or visited him. He is immune to the votes and actions of charmed players.

[Passive - The Child] - As force sensitive being, Baby Yoda is being hunted by Imperial officers and bounty hunters alike. As such, he may not reveal his identity to protect himself.

[Active - The Force] - Baby Yoda is able to harness the mystic energy of the Force on account of his force sensitivity. During the day, Baby Yoda may target a player and heal them with the force. He will protect them against kill for the remainder of the phase and heal them from any ailments they suffer from (if any). At night, Baby Yoda may telekinetically target a player and redirect their actions to a target of his choice. As the game progress and by using his force powers, Baby Yoda may grow more skilled in his use of the Force...

Wincon - Eliminate all threats to Town.​
Yes, both Sukuna and Gojo were in the game. For the future, the rule isn't that ONLY one submission made it into the game. It's entirely possible for both submissions to have made it in. That being said, N'Zoth didn't exist and all those actions were fake write-ups. It was fun as hell to watch you guys fuss over it though lol.
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