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@Robin what was that claim?

@DynaMight just facepalm

@Alibaba you are the lowest of the low

@Rheanael you should of never used those bombs but otherwise good stuff

@AL sama not townie enough, I can see why you got killed out of nowhere

@Lindltaylor you tabooed the wrong words, only scum would taboo lynch, vote etc etc

@Midnight Delight another facepalm

@jinri you did good for what you had but never admit you are scum

@Queen also never admit you are scum, always keep them doubting

@Typo I understand your frustration

@Go D. Usopp you never gave up but you made some horrible decisions

@Noctis so you just threw Lara Croft under the bus "to even the playing field" when town was miles ahead of both of teams together. I suspect you deliberately threw for town

@Missy you did really well for your first game being this game
Where is my tag :josad:
I don't, did you notice that out of all of those townies that were saying Mango MVP or revive Mango not a single one of them admitted they were Phantom Troupe. He threw for a bunch of people that used him and never had any intention of helping him win
I was not. I kept asking for refills to revive him. You don’t know anything.
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