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Most lewd message?

  • "I wish TAC was mine . I bet he is sexy in real life <3 "

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The Panda Bear Mod
The WG Valentine's Day Post Office is open and accepting messages!

The purpose of this is to send a message to another user while keeping your identity anonymous. This event is supposed to be for fun and encourage positive interaction so please don't abuse it

How does it work?
1. Use the google form below to write your message
2. At the end of each day, I will post the messages received in this thread and tag the users that receive messages
3. Any offensive messages will not be delivered
4. Feel free to discuss in this thread

Here is the google form link to start sending messages:

> If you want to add in emojis, type in the code for the emoji on WG
> If you want to add gif/image, make sure to leave a direct link to said image
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