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Most lewd message?

  • "I wish TAC was mine . I bet he is sexy in real life <3 "

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A love hate relationship. Adorable. I ship it
I would ship it too, if only we knew who did it. I am assuming its a Zoro fan that hates me. Of course that narrows that down to half the forum. But at least thats something:feelscryingman:
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It's ok everyone who is popular is hated and liked at the same time

Focus on the ones who appreciate u tho :owo:
Like you....Nana chan:feelsokeman:
It realistically could be anyone. You were exiled from the Sanji discord group, too.
I wasnt exiled. I just left. Felt like they didnt want me there anymore. Even though I was one of the founders. :kayneshrug:

Yes true

Even tho u are a snek sometimes , u are still fun :catsure:
:feelscryingman: :sweat:

@Chrono as long as I’m here, I won’t let anyone ban you from the Sanji fc
Thank you. Hear that TAC:hihihi:

Lmfao. I don't have the whole story, but poor @Chrono got the boot. It might've been that Rayleigh = Sanji and Zoro business that pushed them over the edge.
There was a funny meme someone sent about that once. I think I still have it on my phone.:mihanha:. Honestly dont care if I put the reputation of Sanji fans down. I know I am an outlier and no one believes in my opinion. But it isnt fair to generalise the entire fanbase.
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