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Mates as Wano arc is almost over, I hope that you all will give a serious rating according to your experience
From 10
You can also add some points why you give that rating
I will give
Because good, hyped moments but not very good pacing
Wano 5/10

Crazy how fans anticipated and hype wano at the start of the arc.
Oda really messed this one up aside from the rooftop greatness everything else is a letdown.
everyone dislikes the currently running arc just to later make a soyface and say "sooo much foreshadowing! peak fiction by goda!!"


Throughout Heaven & Earth,I alone am d Honored One
To me it's all about the potential author created to how much proper execution happened.

Wano was laid down nicely but it was full of horrible pacing with some sub plots getting dragged while others getting neglected.

The beginning of wano was great with lots of hypes and sub plots getting laid but as it got progressed execution became a problem.

I am still iffy on Kaido not getting proper backstory like doffy, BM getting defeated without going all out, Jack became another smoothie, King and Queen got done in way more quickly than anticipated, Samurais got way more focus than other SHs or alliance members.

Fake hype was repeatedly used.

And, what's more bothering is haki was touched repeatedly but remained not so well explained topic.

And, GB getting introduced just for momo and Snitch hype has put nail in the coffin.

Oda is good at lore and world building but he is not delivering on the world he builds.

4-5 years of wano arc and we are left with more questions than answers while we have Oda who says OP will end in few years. I am losing faith in Oda wrapping up all the lore and mysteries properly in such less time.

5/10 for me
It 2/10 for Zoro fanboys as Oda had enough of their toxicity and slandering other fanbases, so he put them in their place. 7/10 for the rest of the people.

For me 5/10, he made Luffy a Zoan so he could draw silly fights in the future.

Other problems is we did not get Zoro replacing Sword with Nidai Kitestu.

We also did not have him creating a Blackblade on atleast 1 blade.

We also did not get Zoro's past or origin.

NIka is SIlly. Read Road to Laughtale Part 4. Drawbacks to Zoan is their users personality's are affected.
1/10 there's nothing in this arc that I like, or at least don't hate. Anything before Onigoshim is garbage, the Rooftop BS is disgusting, Luffy vs Kaido is the worst fight Luffy ever had, The rest is so bad that I'm not going to comment on it at all.

Garp the Fist

As someone who’s defended Wano throughout the arc, 5 is the best I can say.

I can forgive a lot if the ending is really good and the ending to Wano (well, Onigashima, post Raid has been decent) really… wasn’t.

A completely schizophrenic mix of high highs and shocking lows. Of post skip Dressrosa is solidly better, and it’s about the same as WCI.