Speculations Shanks twin theory and former rock pirate clones are Holy knights

So untill now i was inclining towards shanks buddying with Gorosei. After latest chapter we get revealation he is heir to God valley and son of Garling.

Now why i think Shanks may have had clone twin ? Considering Garlings attitude towards commoner i conclude he may not have positive relation with his son considering he is pirate.

Evil twin Shanks theory :

Now why i think this theory is gaining positive traction there is likelyhood the evil twin stopped kaido and king from entering Marineford .

There was panel of marines speaking how Shanks stopped kaido and reached marineford immediately. There is possibility shanks never really stopped kaido it was his evil twin who stopped him and it made look like shanks was in both place at same time.

Considering looking at how far Mariejoa and wano are its impossible for Shanks to magically teleport himself to be with Gorosei and keeping an eye on blackbeard near wano.

Also it makes no sense why he would stop an Admiral from capturing luffy ?? Wont his daddy and gorosei's get report about their agent Shanks has stopped the admiral and it would look complete stupid for them to trust a pirate.

Last case Shanks still has bounty on him so world govt still want him dead its not same with Sanji where Judge used his infulence and want his son only alive.

Overall i think Evil clone is definately gaining traction for me. I also believe along with Shanks and other yonko are created in lab. We may see prime kaido, big mom , shiki as well as former rocks pirates who fought against Garling on God valley will be appearing soon they are adult prototypes created by Vegapunk .
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I Still say that Lookalike of Shanks we saw talking to the Gorosei; wasn't Shanks[After all; WE NEVER GOT TO SEE THE OTHER EYE with the Scar he(Somehow) got from Blackbeard] and is either an Evil Twin Brother; Or a Clone of him; who serves as a member of the Holy Knights

It's Rather Suspicious that We ONLY see the Side of his face WITHOUT the Scar. . .
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