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Lazy is the way
Why do we love a character ? What makes a character good ?

The strength ? Yes for a part, we all love a badass character that can kick asses while making punch lines.

The looks ? Yes too, design is important.

But like Hemingway said in "Midnight in Paris", the most important thing is that a character is "truth".

Cartoon characters can be nice but only in a cartoon show.

I want a character that we can feel, a character that is human, who can have good and bad sides, who can make mistakes etc, even the worst piece of shit or loser can be an amazing character if it makes sense and if we can feel what he does, understand why and how he lived etc.

Whitebeard is one of the few characters in One piece that has this "thruth" in it.

Whitebeard's heart :

Whitebeard best trait is his heart. He can seem to be rough around the edges but WB cared and loved and could have done anything to protect people he deemed worthy. And he showed it multiple times.

Sphinx island :

WB grew up there. In a island who couldn't pay the heavenly tribute so it was a lawless area and he soon became an orphan. Even if he left this island quite early, he never forgot where he came from and had helped the island for all his live. He never publicly did it, it was a true selfless action.

WB and his family :

More than everything WB wanted to have a family. He wanted something more than a normal pirate life, he wanted to have people he loved around him, people with whom he could built something great. And slowly he built his own family. Growing up as an orphan in a shit island create that desire more than anything.

He took orphans outcasts and hopeless people and made them happy again. Like Teach or like Squardo after Roger killed his crew.
He called them sons and they called him father. (Or brother for Oden).

And even if they did mistakes he protected them and took the blame for them or forgave them. That's what a father does, he takes for himself the children mistakes.

With all the crappy fathers we can see in One piece WB is really something else.
Whitebeard really managed to fulfil his dream. He managed to create a deep bond with his "sons". We can see their reactions when he died.

It is refreshing to have someone who seeks something else that the PK title. Whitebeard was at the top of the ladder power wise and had tons of achievements under his belt but his greatest pride and succes was his family.

Allies :

Whitebeard also had an impressive charisma and had a lot of allies. He had his 43 allied captains and the support of many island. A guy like Jimbe who had spent years as a shishibukai to protect his homeland decided to fight for Whitebeard instead. This shows that Jimbe knew what he owed to Whitebeard, and the old man managed to gain his utter and unwavering respect.

Whitebeard managed along the road to make friends out of enemies :

We can see it with his allied captains :

For exemple with Karma. Karma attacked Oden and Toki and WB slapped him. But years later we can see that he is a loyal ally.
Same for Decalvans brothers who attacked the WBP pirates, and after Ace beat them the became ally.

Fishmen island :

WB also protected Fishmen island. WB was friend with Neptune and FI was constantly attacked. WB decided to make the island one of his territories. With this move he saved the island.
Fishemen island move that amazing. It is not just Whitebeard deciding to save a no name island because there were problems, but he knew the fishmen situation, he knew the discrimination, he knew that Fishmen were victims of pirates all time, slave trade, human traffic etc. He knew that Fishmen island was at a central place in the One piece world.

By declaring it his territory he saved an entire race.

Squardo :

A great exmple of WB heart can be seen with Squardo. Squardo was manipulated by Akainu and stabbed WB.

WB forgave Squardo even if he was a fool and even if he stabbed him. He was his son and even a stupid son needed love.

This is Whitebeard heart.

The cracks in the shell :

But Whitebeard is not perfect far from it. The guy is amazing, has a huge heart but he has his complexity and failures (and it is a great thing).

The Pride of a king :

Whitebeard sailed during all his life, during 50+ years he roamed in the sea, seeing incredible things, fighting the best of the best, winning, losing, and in the end he became the king of his era.

Whitebeard was proud of what he did, of what he managed to build, and he saw too much for other to tell him what to do.

Did Whitebeard really had nothing to fear ? I don't think so. WB knew that it was a mistake to let Ace go after BB.
But Shanks even if was a fellow Yonko, he was still a youngling in WB eyes, and no one can come into his ship and tell him what do to with his crew, his family and his life. And he also did that to protect his son's choice.

Same when his nurse told him to stop drinking because of his illness. Or when he told Rockstar that Shanks has to come in person to talk to him.
There is also that time before Marineford when Whitebeard didn't want to be seen with his medical support and removed them even if his health would suffer from it.
Rocks time :

This is still one mystery in Whitebeard life but he was part of Rocks crew during years and was seemingly one of the main commanders on board.

Why did Whitebeard accept to sail under Rocks flag ?

We know that Whitebeard has a big heart, cares about others, about his nakamas, protects the ones he is close of, so how the hell did he end up in that bastard crew ?

Here is what Sengoku said about Rocks crew : in this crew there were murder even between nakamas, everyone hated each other, and it seems that only Rocks himself managed to stick this wild bunch together. How can this be farther than anything WB ever fought for ?

Why did Wb joined such a crew ?

2 or 3 answers maybe : a debt : maybe at one point Rocks saved WB life and WB had to pay his debt to Rocks joining. But I don't think so.
I think that Rocks was one of the most charismatic pirate who ever lived, that he could instil fire into people even just by talking and with his strength and will. He managed to somewhat convince WB to come with him. And WB was young at that time, unexperienced, he was likely easier to handle and manipulate.

And we have to remember that Rocks goal was to take over the world, and topple the WG and the CD. And I think WB was totally on board with that. WB early life was shit because of the World government. Sphinx Island was too poor, and they couldn't pay the heavenly tribute so it was not protected by the World Government. I think it was enough for WB to hate the WG, we have to remember that he became an orphan likely because of the island povertu and danger. And someone like Rocks just had to push him the right way to let the fury out.

During his Rocks time I think WB lost himself a bit.

And that Rocks experience changed him. It made him focus again on creating his own crew and building his own family. But it also had an impact about his nakama policy. Being strong was not important anymore. The thing that mattered for WB was the capacity to put yourself and your ambition behind the safety of the crew, creating bounds that matters and not just staying on the crew because of power or interests.

We can see how Rocks time changed him with his early relationship with Oden.

So Whitebeard was not perfect at all, had rough moments, sometimes lost himself but in the end managed to become what he always wanted to be. This is this good and bad that makes him great.

The end of the road :

One of the best thing about Whitebeard was his end.

One the most incredible thing about Whitebard is that he lived long enough to see his decline. Roger died at his peak, chose the place and hour of his death, he died as a legend, a myth, something too bright to be true. While WB died as a man.

Whitebeard grew old, he grew sick and he saw bit by bit his old cherish strength go away. He was still a monster obviously but he was not the man he was before. He had to take medecines, he had medical support, his haki was all over the place, had heart attack etc.

He even said it himself :

Whitebeard also lived long enough to see one of his son murder an other one, and to see Ace death.

As the opposite of a shonen end he didn't manage to save his son, he lost the war, and wasn't able to stop Blackbeard.

Does this painful end mean he failed as a man, a father ? Does that mean he failed his way out ?

No. Like his whole character this is more complicated than that. Like WB character, his end was not perfect but legendary.

Even if he wasn't the strongest anymore he gave it all, fought like a lion to protect his own and save Ace.

WB fought the whole navy to save his own, he took all the risks and even if he failed this is wonderful and tells a lot about his character.

Whitebeard even at death door put Akainu in the dirt, put BB on his knees, and finally died standing like a legend after one epic speech.

But as legendary as it was I think one of WB greatest shame was that Ace died before him, and that he didn't manage to save him. A child shouldn't die before his parent.

Whitebeard life was a travel and an experience.

Whitebeard had a long and eventful life, so rich of content, of good, of bad, of crying and laugh, of victories and defeats. This is what makes him an exceptional character the complexity, the grey, the feeling he gave to the readers. Whitebeard was one of the most fleshed out character, and of of the most human character in One piece.

He was and stays one of the best Oda has ever created.

To conclude this first post : Whitebeard RAP !
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A wonderful presentation of Whitebeard's greatness as a character by @RayanOO and I can't say I disagree with much. Edward Newgate is embodiment of an Alpha Male and one of my favorite characters ever so this would not be an attempt to discredit Whitebeard's greatness as a character, rather to show that of Red Hair Shanks.
With that siad..

Alright, lets get this bitch goin

In many pieces of great fiction, especially those of Shounen Manga, there are characters who are are the catalysts of the story, the individuals, who either positively or negatively inspire the protagonist to kick start his or her journey that the readers would follow. Naruto had Iruka, Shin has Hyou, Zoro has Kuina and Luffy has none other than Red Haired Shanks. But unlike all the other names, Shanks is much more than a device to kick start the protagonist of the story, he is the back bone of the story itself and this would be my attempt to convince you why Red Hair Shanks is one of the greatest characters in the history of Shounen Manga.

Character Arc
Red Hair Shanks is one of the four pirate emperors who rule the most fearsome part of the Sea, the new world. Based on that description, you would imagine Shanks as some scary no nonsense criminal, but that is far from true. Red Hair is an extremely compassionate, down to earth and peace loving individual who leads his crew with benevolence, and is respected even by his enemies like Fleet Admiral of Navy Sengoku due to his attempts to keep peace in the world.

His role in protagonist's journey
Monkey D Luffy, the main protagonist of the story did not belong to back ground of piracy, as a matter of fact his Grand Father who raised him is regarded by many denizens of One Piece world Greatest Naval officer in history. It is Luffy's friendship with Red Hair Shanks as child which lead to him developing such an unwavering desire to attain the peak of piracy. But initially becoming the King of pirates was just a pipe dream for Luffy, it was one particular moment with Red Hair Shanks that truly inspired Luffy to go above and beyond and leave nothing on the table en route to his journey towards becoming Pirate King. It was a moment which for many defined One Piece, it was the moment when Red Hair Shanks lost his arm to a Sea Monster to save Monkey D Luffy.
After this moment Luffy had decided to be a pirate just like Red Hair Shanks and then eventually surpass him by becoming King of Pirates.

Holding on to Roger's will
Passing of wills is one of the most prevalent themes in the story of One Piece and the most important will was naturally there to be passed to Monkey D Luffy from former Pirate King Gol D Roger. Based on words of Whitebeard, Roger is waiting for someone to go to Raftel but at that point those words were rather vague because what exactly is he expecting from individual he is waiting for. But recently with the idea of "Dawn Bringer" and Kozuki Oden claiming Joy Boy is coming, he was indeed waiting for an individual who would visit Raftel, learn about the secret of voice century and changing the very face of the world. While Shanks, just like Teach as not that individual, Roger did entrust Shanks to find that worthy individual to pass the straw hat, and in turn Roger's will to Monkey D Luffy, the man who would indeed change the world, who is reincarnation of Joy Boy, who would indeed "Bring the dawn"

Shanks' role in world of One Piece
Shanks holds a very important position in the world of One Piece as one of the four emperors of the sea. But even more than that, more than someone like Kaido and Big Mom, he is very much involved in political affairs of the One Piece. Perhaps the most important and note worthy events in recent One Piece history was Paramount War between Edward Newgate and Marines and Red Hair Shanks was the one to stop that war.
Prior to stopping that war, Red Hair also prevented Emperor Kaido from interfering in the site of the war and causing chaos.
Most recently in the Reverie Arc, Red Hair Met with Gorosei, making them aware of potential chaos to be caused by a "Certain pirate"

Character Dimensions
One of the most admirable things about Red Hair Shanks is that despite having an exceptionally limit amount of on screen presence, he has proven himself to be one of the most multidimensional and compelling characters in the entire story. Now in the midst of scarcity of time, it would be rather hard for me to truly do justice to greatness of red hair, I would still give it my best attempt to highlight core qualities of Shanks, that makes him such an admirable character.

A Laid Back and down to earth Individual
When I started watching One Piece, what really made me fan of Red Hair right off the bat was his down to earth and pacifist nature. In the chapter one of One Piece, Red Hair Shanks met a mountain bandit Higuma whose status in the world of One Piece and combat ability is far beneath that of Shanks' own. Yet when Higuma had a conflict with Red Hair, instead of showing him the might of Great Pirate, he decide to respect the peacefulness of the town and let that bandit spill the drink in his face

It takes a great man to let a man to let someone far beneath him both in combat ability and status treat him poorly just for the sake of peace but Red Hair is embodiment of Greatness. It is sheer contrast to Whitebeard whose immense pride and in some respects even an ago, would never allow him to lower himself to that level.

A Demon to those who hurt his friends
While showing himself to be model of peacefulness and pacifism in the previous chapter, he showed a whole different dimension of his character. He showed that that there is one thing that he would not tolerate at any cost and that is the prospect of any individual hurting his friends. When you hurt his friends of Red Hair Hair Shanks will bring Hailstorm of violence on you and drag you to the gates of hell.

A True Warrior
One of the things that often gets overlooked when discussing character qualities of Red Hair Shanks, is the role combat plays in his life and how he truly has will of a great warrior. We need to understand Red Hair Shanks, is very definition of hard work and perseverance trumping over greatest of natural talent. Red Hair Shanks is renowned for having one and only battle that is etched in history as "Stuff of Legend", and the battle is legendary just for being a battle, with no strings attached. Red Hair Shanks also has combat ability to rival Marvels of natural gifts, the giants such as Kaido and Big Mom, the holder of the most overpowered devil fruit Ability in Whitebeard with nothing but a sword. For a man of such an average physical stature, reaching the level of combat prowess that Red Hair did, can only be result of exceptional dedication to combat from a very young age.

This dedication is apparent even when he was a teenager, an apprentice in the ship of Pirate King Gol D Roger, he was shown using two blades in combat

Shanks' affinity to combat is all the more evident when first thing he asks his former rival and current friend Dracule Mihawk, is if he is there to have a duel with him.

A Party Animal
Just when you think you have Shanks' figured out, he shows you another dimension of his character and this one, for me as someone who started watching One Piece in beginning of my college life, that included getting drunk and partying like at least twice every week, was instantly relatable.
When Mihawk told Shanks, he is not willing to have a duel with a man with one arm, instead he is there to talk about a certain pirate, said pirate being Luffy, in the excitement of Luffy attaining success as a pirate, he wanted to celebrate with his friend Mihawk over some Sake. Never mind the fact that man has already been drinking for hours

A Man of Magnetic Charisma
This one goes without saying, as Shanks is not someone who, as I describe born with special gifts like Kaido is, he is not an ultimate opportunist the way Marshall D Teach is, he does not have an army of sons and daughters the Charlotte Linlin does, instead all he is, is a normal human being with a magnetic personality and abundance of charisma much like the protagonist of the story and man Red Hair Inspired Monkey D Luffy.

With this magnetic charisma, he was able to accumulate one of the most notorious pirate crews in the history of One Piece world. Said Pirate Crew was able to create such an impact that Red Hair Shanks would eventually would go on to be recognized as one of the four emperors of the sea. But it is even deeper than that, as his relationship with his top officers is not that of Linlin or Whitebeard, they are not his biological or adopted children, rather a group of friends with almost a similar stature to his own. It is all the more evident when Red Hair's crew members are the only one's to be mentioned when Sengoku was giving readers an account of red hair's bounty and greatness as a pirate.

A man who cares about the future even if it goes against his pride
One of the things that made Shanks an instant fan favorite despite his limited on screen presence is him loosing an arm to Lord of the coast just so he can inspire Luffy and pass down the the hat Gol D Roger entrusted to him.
Shanks is not someone who is incapable of saving Luffy on time from Sea Monster, without loosing anything but it was, what loosing the arm represented. It was, as he told Whitebeard, him wagering his arm to the next era, to inspire the man who would not just lead the next generation of pirates, but truly fulfill the purpose of the hat and bring dawn to the World.
Talking about Whitebeard, the very reason why he visited Whitebeard, his enemy in a technical sense, was because he was concerned about future implications of Ace pursing Marshall D Teach.
Of course recently him putting his pride as a pirate on the side, and visiting Gorosei, people who represent top of World Government, an entity who opposes pirates and even enslaves them, just so he can warn them about future implications of a certain pirate is truly an act of benevolence.

Why Shanks is essential
One thing that makes Shanks an edge when it comes to importance of every majority of One Piece characters including even Great Whitebeard is the role he plays in Luffy's journey. With presence of Red Hair Shanks many land mark events of past and present caused by Monkey D Luffy would not take place
-Straw hat Crew would not be formed
-Enies Lobby would not be infiltrated
-Impel Down's defense would not be breached
-5th Emperor would not arrive
-In the Future Emperor Kaido would not be taken down
-Most importantly the Dawn would not be brought to World of One Piece

But beyond just his importance due to his role in Luffy's journey, without Shanks, the only known combat legend in history of One Piece, his battle with Dracule Mihawk would not take place, the Paramoung War would not be stopped, Kaido would not be prevented from causing chaos in the world of One Piece and Gorosei would not be made aware of imminent danger. Obviously being an emperor by itself grants him massive amount of importance in One Piece world.

Some direct rebuttal
Whitebeard also had an impressive charisma and had a lot of allies. He had his 43 allied captains and the support of many island. A guy like Jimbe who had spent years as a shishibukai to protect his homeland decided to fight for Whitebeard instead. This shows that Jimbe knew what he owed to Whitebeard, and the old man managed to gain his utter and unwavering respect.
Whitebeard indeed has an impressive Charisma as evident by the number of allies he has made over the years, Shanks has a direct edge on Whitebeard in this department as I described. While yes charisma does play a factor, Whitebeard seem to offer his crew mates what most individuals cherish, the feeling of having a family. Whitebeard acts as a father and all his crew members act as his sons and in turn each other's brothers, and with Kozuki Oden, Whitebeard considered him his younger brother.

Shanks on the other hand, much like Luffy has been able to have people of similar stature to him, especially in the case of Benn Beckman, Yasopp and Lucky, follow him unconditionally due to his magnetic charisma. I think Shanks much like Luffy, is supposed to be embodiment of charisma in One Piece.

You yourself would support my point with this sentiment

2 or 3 answers maybe : a debt : maybe at one point Rocks saved WB life and WB had to pay his debt to Rocks joining. But I don't think so.
I think that Rocks was one of the most charismatic pirate who ever lived, that he could instil fire into people even just by talking and with his strength and will. He managed to somewhat convince WB to come with him. And WB was young at that time, unexperienced, he was likely easier to handle and manipulate.
Where as details of what led to man as great as Whitebeard joining Rox Crew is unknown, it seems to be some sort of magnetic charisma. Shanks in the place of Whitebeard, would not join a special captain's crew, Shanks himself would be that special captain, who like Luffy attracted Zoro, attracts exceptionally special people of similar stature to his own.

Shanks did indeed follow Gol D Roger but as an apprentice and a teenager, when he didn't know about ins and outs about piracy where as Whitebeard was in his late 30s during the time he spent with Rocks D Xebec.

But as legendary as it was I think one of WB greatest shame was that Ace died before him, and that he didn't manage to save him. A child shouldn't die before his parent.
That is the only negative thing I have to say about Whitebeard as a father. He was an exceptionally benevolent and compassionate father who went above and beyond for his sons, one thing he could not manage to do is step up when his son, Ace is about to make one of the biggest mistakes of his life.
It was Whitebeard's respect and trust in Ace and his decision and his contempt towards Teach that kept him from stopping Ace in his quest to hunt down Teach, there comes a time when a parent needs to put his love for his child aside to make a tough decision. Whitebeard should have listened to Shanks', he should have made attempts to stop Ace who didn't know any better, who was about to cause not only himself but his family a whole a lot of trouble.

The Conclusion
So I will end this by once again reiterating this is not an attempt to disrespect Whitebeard in any way. He was very essential to the World of One Piece, Red Hair Shanks matters just a little bit more due to his role in Luffy's journey and what it means to the future of One Piece world. Whitebeard is a great character as @RayanOO described, Red Hair is just a little bit greater.

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Lazy is the way
Whitebeard relationships

Here I will talk about 3 great relationships Wb had. Those relations can help us understand again who WB was.

Whitebeard and Roger :

The One piece :

Whitebeard never shared Roger dream. Whitebeard wanted to have a family, being a pirate king or discovering the One piece wasn't at all his goal.

But he respected Roger enough and was smart enough to know that the One piece was important. That someone worthy had to find this treasure and the destiny of the world was at risk if someone dangerous discovered this. WB was not oblivious of the mysteries of the world and asked himself questions about the Ds etc.

And Roger revealed to WB what was the One piece.
WB then put himself in front of the throne and blocked it for everyone else to grab it. It was his era, he could have been king too but he didn't care less. In one sense he protected Roger legacy from others he deemed unworthy.

We can see that even if it wasn't his goal WB thought that the One piece was important : He told to Teach that he was unworthy of Roger legacy and that Luffy will carry Roger's will.
He saw potential into Luffy and thought that Luffy will be good enough to protect and fulfil Roger's dream.

This whole thing shows that WB was open to other things than his own goal. And the respect he had for Roger made him want to protect his legacy. He let his rival touched his heart and decided in his memory to protect his treasure.

Their rivalry :

Roger and WB were rival. They didn't have the same goal at all but they had some clash during their lives and Wb and Roger were seen and most likely equal.

But this rivalry wasn't unhealthy or with hatred.

Roger helped to destroy Rocks crew, the crew WB was part of. Yet Wb didn't have hate or bad feelings about that. Even if he had a lot of respect for Rocks, I think WB knew that Rocks wasn't in the right path and that this crew must be defeated.

Later they fought crew vs crew and clashed against each other. But once again in a "friendly" rivalry.

But we can see that character wise they were really differents. While Roger had Luffy like personalities saying stupid things sometimes etc WB was much more grounded. Roger said that he wanted to become the Pirate king and Whitebeard said that Roger was just a kid. That is also what makes WB awesome as a character. He doesn't want to be the number 1 hero, the pirate king, Hokage, or other things that shonen MC can brag all days, and this is extremely refreshing. Wanting to be at the top is not bad in itself but the childish way everyone say that is annoying.
In the end of his life Roger wanted to meet WB once again because he respected him a lot and he wanted to see him a last time before his death.

And not only Roger but Rayleigh also respected WB a lot and cried when he died.

The WB/Roger rivalry can show us a lot about Whitebeard characters, his heart again, his more grounded personality, the respect he had for his rival and the respect they had for him etc.

Whitebeard and Oden :

Whitebeard and Oden relationship was the best part of the flashback by a good margin.

During this flashback we can see a lot of Whitebeard character : his big heart, his badass side, the adventure, his family, how Rocks time impacted his mentality etc.

First when Oden asked him to join the crew :
Whitebeard didn't want Oden to join the crew because of his personality. Oden was strong, but Wb didn't care about that, he wanted people who put the family and the crew first and themselves after. Rocks time really had an impact on WB mentality.

Then there was the trial to know if Oden was worthy of being a crewmate :
But what really made Wb changed his mind about that is Oden preferred to save someone's life than to succed the 3 days trial. That alone showed that Oden was worthy and that he could think about other people.
Then WB accepted Oden as his brother (WB line was so awesome here), I also love his moment with Izo.
And then their bound grew during Oden years on the boat.
He didn't want Oden to go with Roger because Oden was family now. As a brother he wanted to have Oden near him and share things with him.
He let Oden go with Roger because he knew it was important for him. It also show that WB was not selfish and put the desire and needs of his children above what he wanted. He could have said no or being harder but he knew that Oden needed to go with Roger.

But even if Oden left him he still loved him and cared for him. He refused Roger supplies and gave them to Oden and his family. (WB and his big fat heart).

You can also see WB charisma in action with Izo. Izo was one of the scabbards and retainers of Oden. He owes him a lot, and we can see that in the current chapters when Izo is fighting in Oden's name for Wano. But after a rough start, Izo even said he wouldn't ever forgive WB, Izo said that he will stay with WB. And we can see 20 years later that he became a commander and was still loyal to WB.
This flashback really embodies WB personality.

Now there is one problem, the elephant in the room about Oden : Did Wb know about Oden death ? About how Oden was treated by Kaido ? About Wano ? About everything that happened ?
What was WB reaction ? Did he think that Oden made his own choices and that was his life ? Did WB want to avenge Oden but couldn't ? Was he oblivious at all of what happened ?

That part is weird and I hope Marco will give us a clear explaination.

Whitebeard and Ace :

This relationship is also quite important in Whitebeard's life. Their bound was great, and the feelings were on point.

Here the relationship really did a 180° and started "badly"

Ace wanted to kill WB in a desesperate attemp to prove something to himself and to deal a bit with Roger shadow.
The little rookie looked for WB to fight him but he didn't know that WB already had his eyes on him.

Ace and Wb met each other and Ace fought him but obviously was crushed.

During the "duel" WB said one of his best and famous punchlines :

Then Ace sailed with the WBP. But he wasn't completly fine with that and if everyone was nice and cool with him, he was still mad and tried to kill WB almost everyday, I think it was said that he tried to kill him more than 100 times. (Ace was mentally unstable at that time).

This doesn't add much to Wb character here but it is always nice to see him flexing a little :
At one moment Ace accepted to take WB mark on his back and Ace became a new man. Becoming a WB pirate and calling WB pops really helped him to feel accepted somewhere. He already had a brother, Daddan and Garp but he needed a father figure. And WB became that.

Ace still had demons and insecurities but he opened to his new family and accepted to share his burden with them.
He even told to WB that he was Roger's son but Wb couldn't care less. Even if Ace thought that WB could reject him because of that, the fact that Ace opened to WB was a sign of trust.

Once again we can see how Wb changed people's live. He took care of Ace, who was a tortured soul and even if he didn't manage to heal him completely he managed to soften that burden.

Ace and WB had a somilar goal. Not becoming Pk, nor becoming the king of the world or the most powerful but to have a family, somewhere safe where you can feel at home around people you love, and be strong enough to protect them.
Ace became one of the most fanatic and loyal sons of WB. Wanting to make him the PK (even if Wb never wanted that), becoming mad at the single insult of threat or disrespect toward WB (Akainu...) etc. This also lead Ace to take sea looking for Teach. he couldn't support that someone killed a nakama and spit on WB face.
Then WB protected Ace pride and took the blame for Ace capture.

We can see the deep bond they were sharing here, at the very end after Ace rescue WB said to his crew to go away without him and to save themselves. And one of the best moment feeling wise happened :
Here we can show how great Wb was. He didn't need Ace to say thank you or other words, he only needed to know if he had done enough for his family, if even after everything he was a good father.

And then fate hit like a hammer and Ace died, but not before saying that Luffy and the WBP saved him from himself and now he could die with a smile on his face.

Thanks to WB (Luffy too but WB really played a big part) Ace managed to answer his question and fulfill his own goal even if he died too soon.

That relationship was great. Full of feelings and deep moments. And once again here we can see WB character in its splendor.
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Credit where credit is due, @RayanOO described monumental relationships that Whitebeard has developed over the years with great deal of eloquence. Now it is worth noting, Whitebeard is significantly more fleshed out character, and it is rather daunting task to give an account of Shanks' relationships in a similar fashion. Regardless of that, just in the midst of remarkably scarce amount of panel time, Shanks has shown readers some great relationships with fellow One Piece characters.

Shanks' Relationship with Monkey D Luffy
Naturally I will start out by describing the most fleshed out and clearly most monumental relationship Red Hair Shanks has in One Piece story and that is his relationship with none other than the main protagonist himself Monkey D Luffy.

Shanks has friendship Monkey D Luffy and cares deeply for him
In the very first chapter of One Piece, the friendship between Red Hair Shanks and Monkey D Luffy was shown, they would have good laughs, Luffy would ask him about tales of Shanks' piracy etc. But more than that, Shanks also deeply cared about Luffy as his little brother, and showed great deal of concern when Luffy tried cutting himself.

He was also concerned when Luffy ate the devil fruit, obviously not being aware of it not being a normal fruit and it preventing Luffy from being able to swim. And he finally stepped up to Higuma when he Kidnapped Luffy and took him as a hostage.

Shanks inspired Monkey D Luffy
As previously described, Red Hair Shanks is the man responsible for the beginning of Monkey D Luffy's journey as a pirate. Monkey D Luffy is not someone who has natural affinity towards piracy, he is not off spring of a notorious pirate captain like Portgas D Ace, he did not have "grief to madness" situation that Donquixote Doflamingo had due to circumstances Instead Luffy was raised by a man who is polar opposite of a pirate, he is raised by Monkey D Garp, the hero of a marine.

So in the midst of all this, the only reason why Luffy became Pirate to began with was because Red Hair was in a sense Luffy's All Might, he was that "cool figure" Luffy had as a kid, a man like whom Luffy wanted to become. Like some kids look up to celebrities and want to be like them, some kids look up to athletes, some even wanna be astronauts, to Luffy, due to red hair, becoming Pirate was the coolest thing ever and he would constantly ask Red Hair to let him join his crew.

But sooner it became much more than just a pipe dream, it became an unwavering resolve for Luffy to reach the absolute zenith of piracy, to become Pirate King and that's all due to red Hair Shanks and him loosing his arm to save Luffy, symbolically through his own words, "Betting his arm on the new era", which would be led by none other than Luffy himself.

And that leads to my next point..

Shanks has great deal of confidence in Luffy
Roger has left his true treasure, his straw hat to Shanks' to be passed on to the man who would change the world forever and that man is Luffy because of whom Shanks lost his arm. This leads to a moment that would define One Piece as a story, the moment where Red Hair put Roger's straw hat on Luffy's head and ask him to return the straw hat when he has became a Great Pirate just like Red Hair.

Just look at the way he reacts when he learns about Luffy's very first bounty

And very recently, when Luffy received bounty of 1.5 Billion, he was like "We will meet Soon!"

Shanks' Relationship with Gol D Roger
Not much was shown of inner dynamics between Roger and Shanks in their crew to gt a clear picture, but there is one extremely important and one not as important aspect of Roger's relationship with Rayleigh that I would attempt to give an account of.

Shanks having combat spirit of Roger
but we know that Shanks' would show no fear stepping in battles with the most feared rivals of Roger, even as a teenager. As a matter of fact, he would seemingly go above and beyond to get into battles

Which seems like a quality he picked up from his captain Roger as it would seem like Roger would go above and beyond to get into battles as we saw in Oden's flashback, Roger would dash right past Rayleigh and Gaban to attack Oden.

Roger entrusting his hat to Shanks showing immense trust
Getting into more nitty gritty, Gol D Roger entrusted his straw hat which would symbolically represent his will to Red Hair Shanks. It is essential because the lore of One Piece seems to have more clear picture now with Monkey D Luffy being essentially child of prophecy bringing the dawn to the One Piece world, and being reincarnation of Joy Boy. Well how does that all connect to the hat?
For this we would have to go back to the Reverie Arc, an arc dedicated to political structure of One Piece world

It would seem like this hat belongs to Joy Boy as Luffy is second coming of Joy Boy and Joy Boy seems to be central figure of Void Century, and Roger himself referred to Joy Boy when he went to Raftel, or rather Laugh Tale

I feel like I have diverted from the topic at hand a little bit, but point is Roger is waiting for Joy Boy's incarnation to come to Raftel to find out what Joy Boy has left in the Raftel and then act on it and change the world forever and that man would obviously be Monkey D Luffy. Roger chose none other than Red Hair Shanks to find the child of destiny and to pass the straw hat to him.

Shanks' Relationship with Silvers Rayleigh
Although Shanks had Roger's straw hat generally it would seem like Shanks is significantly more similar to Silvers Rayleigh then he is to Gol D Roger. It does make sense as since his teenage years, in the very beginning of his journey as a pirate Dark King was Red Hair's teacher and it would make sense that Rayleigh has inspired Shanks and Shanks has picked up many of his qualities both as a combatant and as a human being.

Similarities between Shanks and Rayleigh can be seen in..
The way Shanks Dresseses
Shanks seems to dress up almost the same away Rayleigh does

The way Shanks Fights
Shanks does not seem to have any form of devil fruit, instead just like his master Silvers Rayleigh, Red Hair fights with a sword. It is worth noting in the flash back Rayleigh' blade was of similar nature to Gryphon

Similar types of Haki users
Shanks also seems to use Barrier Haki the same way Rayleigh does which would make sense as Rayleigh could have taught him the same way he taught Luffy

And both Shanks and Rayleigh have great mastery and control over conqueror's Haki and Oda directly compared both their conqueror's Haki in one of the SBS which I am sure most of you are aware of.

Their paralleled role in Monkey D Luffy's journey
Shanks also shares one interesting parallel with Rayleigh and that is the one which matters the most in my opinion is that Shanks and Rayleigh are two pillars that groomed Monkey D Luffy the most towards his ultimate destination which is becoming pirate king. I would go on a limb and say both Shanks and Rayleigh have great understanding of Roger's will and him waiting for the incarnation of Joy Boy to go to Raftel and learn the truth and both Shanks and Rayleigh play an optimal and parallel role in that destiny.

While Shanks got Luffy ready en route his journey his a pirate, he made him realize what it means to be a pirate, gave him a perspective on what difficulties he would face on the seas when he saved Luffy from Lord of the coast, Silvers Rayleigh played his role in the destiny by getting Luffy ready for his toughest test as a pirate, his journey in the most fearsome part of grand line, the New World

Shanks' Relationship with Dracule Hawk Eye Mihawk
One of the most prevalent archetype in all forms of fiction is existence of legendary rivalries, a lot of great characters have great rivals. Goku has Vegeta, Batman has Joker, Luke Sky Walker has Dart Vader and Red Hair Shanks has Dracule Mihawk. But even more than their legendary rivalry, their relationship is often underappreciated due to scarcity of on screen presence. But I will attempt to show case why it is one of the most important rivalries and overall relationships in One Piece.

The legendary duel
Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about Shanks and Mihawk's rivalry is their legendary duel that put the entire grand line in the state of shock. According to Whitebeard, their battle is stuff of legend, and the battle is portrayed as one of the land mark moments in history of One Piece. That in itself is huge because there are great battles in the history of One Piece, there are battles between Roger and Whitebeard, there was an 9 day long battle between two Akainu and Aokiji, there was a battle between Big Mom and Kaido but none of those battles have been put on pedestal that Mihawk's battle with Shanks has.

While Aokiji and Akainu did put the world in state of awe and shock, the primary reason for the stakes, the battle was to determine next highest ranking naval officer.

While Roger and Whitebeard's battle was legendary, it was legendary because it was fought by two most important entities in recent One Piece history.

But Shanks and Mihawk's battle, shook the grand line, it is legendary just for the sake of battle itself, there were no stakes, Shanks and Mihawk weren't nearly as important entities as Roger and Whitebeard are, at the time of their duel.

The friendship and respect
Despite having fierce battles and receiving scars at the hands (or rather swords) of each other, both Mihawk and Shanks have great deal of respect and friendship for each other.
It was evident when Mihawk came to Shanks' island to talk about Monkey D Luffy, later they were shown drinking with each other as buddies.
The respect Mihawk has for Shanks is also evident in the fact that he would not challenge Shanks at the situation where he is at a disadvantage with loss of an arm. And the fact that Mihawk apologized internally to red hair before attacking Luffy in Marine Ford.

How Shanks has changed Mihawk and why its important
We know about Dracule Mihawk is bored, and the reason for his boredom is lack of competition. The competition that was once provided to him by none other than his biggest rival Red Hair Shanks.
But in the boredom, Mihawk has developed innate desire to search for a rival, for someone who can take place of Red Hair and give him the thrill of the battle that he desires and that he believes Shanks with only one arm can not give him. That is very important because due to Mihawk's search of worthy rival, the "Surpass me Roronoa Zoro!!" moment happened that would in a way define Zoro's journey towards the throne of Strongest Swordsman in the World. If Red Hair still had both his arms, who knows what would have happened, perhaps Mihawk would have killed Zoro in that moment, perhaps he would have never met Zoro to begin with.

Shanks' in this regard not only is essential Monkey D Luffy, the most important character in the series but also to Roronoa Zoro, the second most important character in the series.

Shanks' Relationship with Blackbeard
While his rivalry with Mihawk is more healthy, with great deal of mutual respect, the exchange of pride and ideals, about the legendary battles that put the entirety of world in state of awe and shock, Blackbeard is a villain in Shanks' story just as much as he is a villain in Luffy's story.

Scar on Red Hair's face
Although there are many scars Shanks has received in his journey as a pirate, in his battles with Dracule Mihawk, according to Shanks the one that aches the most, perhaps psychologically more than physically, is the one on his left eye given to him by none other than Marshal D Teach.

Shanks understands what Teach is capable of
No one in manga seems to be aware of just how dangerous Blackbeard has potential to be than Red Hair Shanks.
Shanks went to Whitebeard's ship to warn him about how pursuing Blackbeard would be perhaps biggest mistake of Ace's life that would have catastrophic consequences.

Shanks would even go as far as putting his pride as a pirate on the line, to meet Gorosei to warn them about a "Certain Pirate" and although its not actually stated, I think its fairly obviously he is referring to Blackbeard here.

Shanks and Blackbeard's battle and why it matters
I am not sure if it is fair to talk about certain moment that as of now falls in the realm of head canon rather than an actual occurrence in the story, the eventual confrontation between Red Hair and Marshall D Teach is very heavily foreshadowed and it is too important to the plot to not talk about.

Blackbeard is meant to be Luffy's pirate foil, that much was established during Luffy's very first meeting with Blackbeard in Drum Island where they would literally contrast each other, by ordering the opposite things. While that is a good start, it is not enough to truly develop a compelling rivalry, especially the one between a villain and a hero. There need to be stakes, there needs to be an emotional appeal, there needs to be a deep rooted reason, there needs to be moment of satisfaction where Monkey D Luffy kicks Blackbeard's ass.

And while we have that to a certain degree with Ace, it is mostly overshadowed by Akainu punching a hole in Ace's chest, that is what Luffy saw in front of his own eyes. Ace was there to create a personal and emotional conflict between Akainu and Luffy, it is Red Hair whose death at the hands of Blackbeard would create emotional conflict between ultimate villain of story and main hero of the story.

While its true Edward Newgate has developed some great relationships in his journey and its all the more evident in the great deal of on screen presence he has received, Red Hair despite having significantly less panel time has developed even greater relationships. Those relationships also show different dimensions of Red Hair's character even more than Whitebeard's relationships that you mentioned do for Whitebeard. And relationships that red Hair has developed impact the plot more than the ones that Whitebeard has developed.

Due to all this I would say, once again that while Whitebeard is great, Red Hair Shanks is greater.
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