Questions & Mysteries Shanks was Rocks D Xebec’s son????

what if his meeting with the gorosei of this certain pirate that he wants to have a conversation with the gorosei is xebec?

what if he had a complicated relationship with xebec, which is similar to Kaido and Yamato? Shanks probably knew about everything even when he was a kid And he saw how great roger is because of their fights with xebec before the god valley incident and thats why he joined him or probably after Rock’s death Roger took him and gave him his hat becase he saw something to shanks

what do you guys think?

Jew D. Boy

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God Valley happened 38 years ago, and Shanks is 39…if he’s the son of Rocks (and I don’t think he is), I doubt anything that happened in that epic battle left any kind of imprint on a 1 year old :endthis:
I’ve been thinking for a while that Shanks might be Xebec’s son and Xebec is Blackbeard’s Shanks. I def believe whatever Shanks had to report about Blackbeard has got to be Xebec related, it feels like he’s inheriting that will.