Speculations She’s coming back next chapter

That’s how it should be. You would be really naive to think otherwise. It’s the only logical outcome.
Why would she even be in wano in the first place ?
It’s also April fools
The end of chapter too like why not show us her sinking?

This is the woman that normal logic didn’t apply to her. She’s gonna come back next chapter and all of you will look like clowns that’s big mom for you each time she gets clowned she actually comes back more impressive

Last thing last before anyone jumps, NO zoro wasn’t impressive compared to even Luffy, yes overall he was but I mean 1 second ? And that’s is with help with others still lol...he would have been dead by not if no one saved his ass.
It was 4 supernova teamwork and linlin was really underestimating them to the extreme

Can not wait till she maker all of her haters cry next chapter...just like she did the chapter before